Kamala Harris calls mass shooting in Monterey Park ‘senseless’ | USA TODAY


Before we, before we, um, talk about the subject forwhich we are all conven ing, I do want to address the tragedyof what happened in my home state in Monterey Park, California. Um, a time of a cultural celebration, and yet another community has beentorn apart by senseless gun violence. So Doug and I joined the presidentand Dr. Biden and I know everyone here in mourning for those who were killed. As we pray for those who were injured,.

And as we grieve for those manypeople whose lives are forever changed, all of us in this room and in ourcountry understand this violence must stop, and President Biden and Iand our administration willcontinue to provide full support to the localauthorities as we learn more.

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3 thoughts on “Kamala Harris calls mass shooting in Monterey Park ‘senseless’ | USA TODAY

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