Judge Jeanine: This is the takeaway in the Alec 1st Earl 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley of Bewdley ‘Rust’ case


All right good afternoon everybody I'm Martha McCallum and this is the story actor Alec Baldwin an armorer Hannah Gutierrez read will be charged with involuntary manslaughter in this horrific and tragic case the killing of Helena Hutchins and on Baldwin's film set for the movie rust now the prosecutor is now speaking with Fox news.

About the case Judge Jeanine Pirro just wrapped that interview a short time ago and she is here to tell us what she learned also an expert legal panel standing by Geraldo Rivera Brian clay Poole and Mark garrigus all of whom have a lot of experience with celebrity cases such as these now the D.A Mary Carmack altwise says that the set played quote.

Fast and loose with safety and that she quote absolutely believes that Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger that faithful day something that the actor when he spoke out about the case shortly after it happened denied watch this it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled well the trigger wasn't pulled I didn't.

Pull the trigger so you never pulled the trigger no no no no no no I would never point the gun and pull a trigger at them never no okay I mean they're going to go back to that time and time again here Baldwin Gutierrez read and the assistant director David Halls who he he's signed the last person I mentioned has signed a.

Plea agreement quote did not do their jobs that day says this special special prosecutor if they had Helena Hutchins would be alive today so let's bring in Judge Jeanine Pirro who just spoke with the D.A uh Janine great to have you here and great that you were able to get this interview with them what was your what was your biggest.

Takeaway what'd you learn here the big takeaway for me was that the D.A here Mary uh uh Carmack altwise along with a special prosecutor on the case it were very clear and very definite in terms of how they came to their decision one of the things that you focus on just now about the pulling of the trigger they were absolutely certain in in spite of.

The denials by you know Baldwin that he never pulled the trigger they were like absolutely that trigger was pulled they're very confident in their case and I think that they have done all of the investigation they are clear on pretty much everything they made a decision and you'll hear about this on the interview on the five about who to take the plea.

From that person Dave Halls the second armorer is is the one who's going to be testifying against both the defendant Alec Baldwin and Hannah guterres Reed the first armorer Hannah gutera's reason in my estimate is the person who was more culpable in terms of the armorers because she was one who actually set off some of the live rounds on this set the.

DA's were absolutely clear about the fact that this set was not safe that what they did was they prioritized money over safety people were quitting they were leaving they were complaining about live rounds and nobody seemed to listen so Baldwin is charged both as a the actor and as the producer and he faces up to six and a half years Martha yeah.

That's a long time uh six and a half years in prison and it is a possibility when you add up these charges and I would imagine that we're going to hear from these other individuals who were on the set in this trial who are going to be testifying that it was an unsafe workplace that they were scared they had worked on movies before this you know.

They're not following the safety protocols on this set and I don't really want to take my life into my hands so I'm gonna quit now there never should have been live rounds there so who is responsible for the fact that there were live rounds and we've heard reports about people doing sort of you know fun shooting practice shooting things off of.

A fence the night before right well there never should have been live rounds the armorer is responsible for that the second armorer took a plea he's admitted his guilt he's agreed to testify against both and the interesting part of this is not just in terms of the unsafe said it's people are actually leaving they're complaining this is not a safe place.

This is not the way movies are done but even more interesting to me Martha and you'll see this on the interview on the five today is I asked if he cooperated you know we kept reading reports about whether or not he was handing over the phone wasn't he handing over the phone did he delete archives did he not uh it'll be interesting for you to watch.

The DA's response to that the answer to whether or not Alex was cooperative it's a it's a very important Point here's a piece of the interview let's play this we've heard that there were real problems on this set including discharges of two live rounds people walking off the set saying it was unsafe they didn't want to work there did.

Baldwin know about this and did he do anything about it well we believe Baldwin as a producer knows everything that goes on on this set and so that yeah there was a lot of problems there was a lot of there are a couple accidental discharges um there was a lot of safety concerns that were brought to the attention of.

Management and and he did nothing about it so um there were just this was a loose and Reckless scene where safety was compromised just to save money so I want to play for you Janine and for everyone at home this is an interview that we did with Steve Wolfe way back when this happened he's a special effects supervisor who has worked with.

Guns on Films such as the firm with Tom Cruise um here's he he's explaining this exact same model of gun and how it works and the only way to get a bullet to come out of it watch this this is actually the same gun that was used on the set the same model the trigger will do nothing.

Unless you have first cocked the gun so you have to pull the hammer back it sets and then the trigger will activate the dropping of the hammer okay so you have to do two deliberate actions in order to fire this gun yep so one of my questions here is you know we're on a film set right is there a video of every single second of what happened here because you.

Would see whether or not it was handed to him cocked and you would see whether or not you can see him pull that trigger pull the trigger on it my understanding is that's like a 45 single action you have to pull the trigger uh and you know whether it's cocked or not cocked when you when you when it's cocked and your fingers on the.

Trigger obviously it's going to go off but also if your fingers on the trigger and then you it it goes off as well so um the the the safety and whether or not anyone was following that whether anyone was videotaping I don't know I suspect that they know and you know I'm sure there are people on set who can tell us.

Yeah one more for you before we turn to the rest of the panel here with regard to the order of these charges there's a civil case that was already settled in this and Hannah um Helena excuse me Helena Hutchins husband part of that agreement was that he'll be an executive producer on Rust when it does come out and that would put him in a position to.

Make some money off of the movie if possible for his family it's very unusual isn't it for the civil case to come first and then criminal charges after I suspect that with Baldwin as the defendant in the civil case at both as an individual and as the producer that he would do everything in his power to settle that case so that there would be.

No testimony so that there would be no inconsistent statements which we already know is made based upon interviews that he's done uh on air but it was in his benefit to his benefit that he settled that case whether or not the husband being on the set I don't know and will probably never know what the terms of that settlement are but it's different.

But then this case is very different Martha were you surprised no not at all it look she died she was a mother that set was not safe he pulled the trigger I don't care if it's on a film set or if it's outside on Sixth Avenue you don't point a gun at someone and pull the trigger unless you have checked it and his argument is going to be that.

It was other people's responsibility and according to the reports that we got Dave Halls the assistant director who is the person who's now testifying in this in this trial um Hance said that it was a cold gun yes but anyone anyone who is a gun owner knows that you don't rely on that you know how to handle a gun A gun is a.

Killing machine you don't say oh okay let me put my finger on the trigger let me aim it at her and pull the trigger and several people is an actor you know a bunch of people behind the camera a whole lot of people were on the other side well I think you'll get a better sense of this when you see the interview on the five yeah DA's were great well um.

Great get and we're thank you very much looking forward to seeing the whole thing on the five Janine so thank you for coming by and uh getting us a little preview here and we'll look forward to seeing that later on always good to have you with us thanks Janine hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our.

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