Joe: Trump’s imaginative and prescient of The united states is being a Putin-devour chief


Uh former president Trump speaking of this is laying out his plan to in his words stop World War III he says hit in the war in Ukraine and here's one of his points finally we have to finish the process we began under my administration of fundamentally revaluating NATO's purpose and NATO's Mission a foreign policy.

Establishment keeps trying to pull the world into conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia based on the LIE that Russia represents our greatest threat but the greatest threat to Western civilization today is not Russia it's probably more than anything else ourselves and some of the horrible usa-hating people that represent us it's.

The abolition of our national borders it's the failure to police our own cities it's the destruction of the rule of law from within it's the collapse of the nuclear family and fertility rates like nobody can believe is happening it's the marxists who would have us become a Godless Nation worshiping at the altar of race.

You know it's boring to me what's boring to me is the hatred for America the hatred from America that you hear spewing from Donald Trump's mouth Donald Trump hated America before he became president of the United States talked about how the American dream was dead yeah try telling that to the immigrants the migrants the refugees risking their.

Lives to come to the United States of America because what do they believe in the American dream in fact talk to immigrants that get here they will tell you about the American dream it's it's talked about all over the world all over the world and here's Donald Trump Jin saki it's crazy I mean.

Donald Trump hates America you listen to him talking about the United States the United States the country as Fox News anchors used to remind us the country that has fed and free wait a second that was Roger elves who would say this country has fed and freed more people than any other planet in the history of the world and Roger was right.

On that one we have and we continue to the United States we won World War one we won World War II with the help of our allies we were the driving force we were the arsenal of democracy look what we're doing helping Ukraine push back against war crimes daily and yet all Donald Trump does all other people do is they bash the.

United States of America they attack the United States military or men and women in Armed Forces they attack or Intel Community they hate America by by their own words and if they hate it so much why don't they move to Russia Russia will Russia will take them they've taken Steven Seagal they'll take they'll take Donald Trump and everybody else saying.

That the U.S military is going to use helicopters that are used in Afghanistan to kill Americans who voted for Trump like they hate us they hate America so why are they still here well you heard of her first you're sending people to Russia so Putin welcome some Republican candidates um look I think Joe it's Trump as you said.

It's DeSantis it's Sarah Huckabee Sanders if you listen to the rhetoric from the most powerful voices and the Republican right wing of the party they are painting the country and painting the future as this dark depressing ominous dystopia right that everything is terrible all things are terrible everything is dark it's all I think.

Rhonda Santos actually called it a woke upcracy which I don't even know what that means but I just feel like I needed to use that phrase and that is not who the country is of course but that's also not people not what people in the country want to vote for we're always a work in progress but people want optimism they want solutions they want.

Something that they can get excited about and support that's going to make their lives better and instead it's this this race to a darker dystopia on the right which is kind of fascinating um and I also don't think is the right strategy to win well it's also it's just a lie and how crazy Donald Trump says America the.

American dream is dead and America is a horrible place then he's elected and then he he loses and then suddenly America is this horrible place again um you know David Ignatius you've been you've been across the world you've seen the good that America does we make mistakes we talk about it here uh and uh we are are are struggling towards.

Becoming a more perfect union every day uh at the same time you know Abraham Lincoln said America was the last best hope for a Dying World Ronald Reagan said that America was a city shining on a hill brightly for all the world to see and yes maybe inside America sometimes we don't recognize it but go around the world and there are.

Millions and millions of people who do and yet Donald Trump says instead of a city shining brightly on the hill for all the world to say he says America is the greatest threat to Western civilization those are words taken straight out of the mouth of orbine well yeah I absolutely agree that that the Trump's Christian of the United.

States is misplaced and and can be very harmful to to us I I would say Joe that um the biggest threat to our future in my judgment does not lie outside our borders it lies within America unless we can make our democracy work better unless we can get our economy going reliably strongly unless we can make people feel they're all part of one.

Country that they believe in we're in trouble and so I think in that sense looking inward taking care of our country of our economy does make sense uh something that I that I think Joe Biden has tried to do it's been a centerpiece of his foreign policy from the beginning he said I want a foreign policy for the middle class meaning that.

Everything we do needs to benefit ordinary Americans uh and I I think that's that's that's right so I'm I I'm in sympathy with the with the idea that our problems aren't just overseas they're here too yeah but you know John John Hallman so much of it or problems that agenda by people who say they want a Civil War by.

People say they want two Americas you know unemployment 50-year low dollar at a generational High childhood poverty at 60-year lows teen pregnancy at 60-year lows you look at the U.S economy we're still the standard Still Still the strongest economy are military relative for the rest of the world stronger than it's been since.

1945. uh and yet all these Republicans do when they're not in power if they lose one election they hate America they hate our military they hate our Intel Services they say America is going to hell when in fact you look at the numbers we're doing pretty darn well yeah and look I mean Joe I I it's the.

Out of power party is going to uh they're not going to say hey America's doing great uh it's morning again in America that's an argument for sticking with Joe Biden and Democrats so there's going to be a critique the question is kind of what the the kind of tenor of the critique is and what the proposed uh uh vision for for for making America.

Better both parties are going to have competing Visions I think you know what what you guys are all what you've been we've been talking about this for months is if if the the thing for Donald Trump and for Rhonda Sanders and the rest of the Republicans who want to be their first Republican standard Bearer and then uh the the next president United.

States on the Republican side is you know what's the what's the path to to being able to win that Republican nomination fight and you know it's then the case that Trump's base has been a grievance caucus you know for for for since 20 since the 2015 2016 uh experience for Trump got him the nomination made him the president uh it.

Didn't keep him the president 2020 the grievance caucus was not enough to win then it hasn't been enough for Republicans to win ever since as we pointed out repeatedly in 2020 uh down ballot it wasn't if you were with trump it didn't help it didn't help the election deniers in 2022 I didn't help Republicans uh to to fare better and the.

Midterm elections more broadly and the question right now is for the Republican party you know making a saying that there that there are things that Republicans think that Joe Biden's not good at that's they're not doing well that's going to be that's what the election's gonna be about that's all right the question is just whether the.

Rage caucus and the snowflake caucus and the grievance caucus is going to dominate this Republican nominating fight or not and if and right now if you believe as to go back to our first Topic in this in this morning uh this morning a block here is that it's a two-person fight really only two people right now could Randy I think could be the.

Republican nominee DeSantis and Donald Trump and they're both racing further and further not just to the right because I don't think that's the right way to describe it they're already further and further into the dystopian as Jen saki put it sketching out the dystopian view of America and not putting forward any kind of an.

Optimistic vision for how to fix it it's just going to be all complaint all grievance all rage all snowflakeism if that's where the Republican party is going those are the two main guys I'll say that there's an opening for somebody else who can come in and make a different kind of critique of Biden and a different kind of vision for it to.

Take the country yeah I mean and also you you forget a little bit of autocracy or maybe a lot of autocracy sprinkled in there uh and and just look at their words look at their actions look what they've done and and yeah and yes criticized Joe Biden I mean they're they're things to criticize Joe Biden about you can go after whether you're.

Republican and you you you you you want to go after Afghanistan his Retreat from Afghanistan do you want to talk about him spending too much money on this program or that program you want to blame him for inflation with with the coveted Relief act you want to talk about the Border talk about all of those things we've talked about them on the.

Show here right so there are legitimate things to criticize Joe Biden about and have a debate over but talking about how America is the greatest threat to Western civilization I just think it's really important to keep things in perspective here Maura we have a guy who talked about American Carnage.

At his inaugural address when crime was at a 50-year low uh illegal Crossings across the southern border I was at a 50-year low the economy was doing pretty darn well a hell of a lot better than when he left uh but he talked about American Carnage because he was in an office and and at the same time he was talking about on our show.

On our show how he respected Vladimir Putin so much more than Barack Obama that Putin was a strong leader and we kept saying well he kills journalists he killed uh politicians he's a strong leader and so he respects Vladimir Putin while attacking the United States and then of course at the beginning of the the the.

Russian invasion what did he say he said it was beautiful his words said Putin was Savvy for doing it and he said we need that here in the United States this is Donald Trump's vision of America you talk about dystopian his vision of America is being a putin-like leader don't trust me trust Donald Trump's own words.

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