Joe on requires GOP states to secede: What’s it that offends them so phenomenal?


Surgery Taylor green I mean you know whatever that doesn't matter talk again Charlie Sykes talking about secession uh which of course we've looked at all the numbers when and by the way not a back venture somebody who's responsible for Kevin McCarthy's rise somebody who Kevin McCarthy said he would stand next to to.

The Bitter End said that red states needed to secede from America of course this is so laughable because blue States as we all know are the donor States are the states where taxpayers take it on the chin to take care of districts like Marge.

Retailer greens to take care of districts across Texas where Ted Cruz talks about you know it talks about secession not all of Texas there's there's a lot of taxes that actually contributes very well but look at the dark blue States uh Alabama Mississippi Louisiana South Carolina Kentucky West Virginia you're talking about the states.

That Alaska the biggest supporters of Donald Trump and trumpism and and you know and of course um you know what can you say what what what can you say we always hear about this and you know secession uh and I've got to ask what what is it that so deeply offends them that like three trans.

Athletes in Utah want to swim Is that real I mean uh are military stronger than it's ever been are our opponents on the Run Russia on the Run China uh in Decline at least for now um or Iran uh facing uh facing protests day in and day out again it's it it's fascinating that that they're so.

Desperate to raise money that they're willing from small donors they're actually willing to say we need to have a civil war well it is deeply unserious as you'd expect from Marjorie Taylor green who by the way sits on the homeland security committee so we've seen this Transit we've seen the transition from sedition.

To secession in in a very short period of time look um a year ago Joe um I actually called the shot I said look um the next big Maga play is going to be National divorce they're going to talk about it not because they're going to do it uh but because they have to keep ratcheting up the outrage look this is.

Still the far right but one of the things that we have learned is the way that the crazy ideas from the far right become mainstream because there are no longer guard rails it'll be interesting to see if Kevin McCarthy has anything to say about all of this look there's not going to be a national um uh divorce but this kind of rhetoric.

Is dangerous and also you know while I think that you know we you know have the leadership of both parties uh showing Unity uh don't don't neglect the fact that people like Marjorie Taylor green um and Ron DeSantis are appealing to the ID of the party the ID of the right which is anti-ukraine which is willing to tolerate this sort of notion that our.

Real Enemy is not Vladimir Putin our Real Enemy is other Americans that we need to that we need to pit red States versus blue States and so unfortunately there is an audience for this it'll be interesting to see whether whether and how much pushback there is to this kind of crazy rhetoric well and will we've talked about it before but but they.

Don't hate Russia they hate Americans they don't attack Vladimir Putin they attack the United States military senior Senators say they wish American troops were more like Russian troops you have you have them saying that that helicopters are coming from Afghanistan that were used in the Afghanistan war.

U.S military helicopters to hunt down Americans here at home that the FBI is going to kick down The Doors of Americans who voted for Donald Trump and dragged them off to jail that the IRS a senior Republican senator I think the most senior Republican senator saying that IRS agents were going to go to his home state kick in the doors with.

AR-15s and shoot and kill middle class Iowans I could keep going down the list but it's one after another after another and it's all about hating America now why would they do this it's it's it's it's it's baffling to me I can't imagine it this is the sort of thing that conservatives used to get angry about when the radical left would do it.

And would say America love it or leave it not so sure why they hate America so much but I do know this it raises them a lot of money yeah so at the end of the day just like Jim and Tammy fake Baker taking my Grandmom's Social Security checks in the 1980s they they take 25 here 25 there by.

Preaching Hate by preaching conspiracy theories by talking about how they are being hunted down by their own government the NRA Senate masterfully and cynically for the past 30 years talking about Jack booted thugs and so why why would they do it well you look and see how much the craziest members of the house will raise and the.

Small dollar donors that that from across the country that give them money and it's it's all a grift they're literally willing to burn the American flag with their rhetoric to raise 25 across the night it's it's really just sick thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Joe on requires GOP states to secede: What’s it that offends them so phenomenal?

  1. It's comic because of the states don't maintain the superior form to unilaterally secede from the union. If MTG wants to divorce the US, she'll need to hand over the house and journey in along with her new esteem, Putin.

  2. Any Scream whose Reps recommend for secession and civil warfare might per chance merely restful lose defense pressure bases and defense pressure manufacturing contracts in the present day. These traitors received't compile to again federal authorities property.

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