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foreign with the cover-up of the origins of covid-19 and the GOP investigation now underway the U.S energy Department last week confirmed what we first reported to you on this program back in February of 2020 that covid-19 most likely originated from a laboratory Lake in.

China not from a wet Market which communist China continues to claim this follows the same conclusion reached by the FBI Arkansas Republican senator Tom Cotton was first to break the news on the origins of covid-19 right here on this program this virus did not originate in the Wuhan animal Market epidemiologists who.

Are widely respected from China who have published or studied in the international Journal of the Lancet have demonstrated that several of the original cases did not have any contact with that food market the virus went into that food market before it came out we also know that just a few miles away from that food market is China's only.

Biosafety level 4 super laboratory that researches human infectious diseases following Cotton's appearance the pushback from the mainstream media to the lab leak theory was immediate major news Publications such as the New York Times And The Washington Post were quick to dismiss it and attack Senator cotton instead of standing up to the Chinese.

Communist party which at the time was refuting it while also refusing any investigators into that Wuhan lab the CCP also had cornered the market for protective equipment such as masks and plastic gloves which we also reported at that time on television CNN and MSNBC were also quick to attack Tom Cotton's comments instead backing The Narrative.

From the CCP Tom Cotton a couple of days ago spouting and conspiracy theory to the Chinese made this virus up the 1980s I remember when the farm left trafficked and rumors about HIV having been invented in CIA labs the far right has now found its own virus conspiracy theory Senator Tom Cotton actually.

Closed his office this morning uh calling uh calling it The Wuhan virus as as he did so um and he has of course been out uh in public talking about uh conspiracy theories frankly as to where the virus came from I've seen this kind of you know stuff peddled in the right-wing media and I still try to keep an eye on but it's still stunning to.

Read it in a triple byline piece of reporting about the intelligence Community being asked to go make it true because Trump wants it true we are left with the reality that fauci opens his mouth with facts and Trump opens his mouth to say anything that makes the virus seem small and not a problem despite the conclusions reached by both.

The energy department and the FBI Dr fauci still insists covid-19 did not originate from a lab telling the Boston Globe quote I don't see any data for a lab leak this after the nih-funded Eco Health Alliance which sent that money the funding to the Wuhan lab for gain of function research Senator cotton spoke with me on Thursday over on Fox.

Businesses mornings with Maria about the initial response by the federal government and the mainstream media to the origins of covid you're the only conspiracy uh back in the early of early part of 2020 was a conspiracy of Silence among liberals in the media uh in the federal bureaucracy and Democrats in Congress to try to.

Suppress the common sense evidence-based conclusion that so many arkansans had reached is that the Chinese Communists were responsible because of their negligent practices in this lab for unleashing this pandemic on the world that's the only conspiracy theorist theory that was circulating around and unfortunately you still see in some.

Degree that conspiracy of Silence yes to this day communist China has not been forthcoming and providing evidence in the origins of covid-19 and has not been held accountable for the virus which has killed nearly 7 million people worldwide according to the World Health Organization joining me now is the chairman of the house Judiciary.

Committee he is Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan Mr chairman thanks very much for being here good to be with you you've got two upcoming hearings this week the subcommittee on covid and then of course the weaponization of government what are we going to learn this week do you think well first on the on the covet issue.

Understand that on January 31st 10 32 PM 2020. so right at the get-go Dr fauci gets an email from Dr Christian Anderson which says virus looks engineered virus not consistent with evolutionary theory the next day he gets another email from Dr Gary now these are doctors he's handed out our tax dollars to over the years Dr Gary's email says I don't know.

How this happens in nature it would be easy to do in a lab that same day February 1st 2020. so again right at the start that same day Dr fauci organizes a conference call him and Dr Collins get on there with Dr Gary Dr Anderson all these other virologists they get on there and three days later everybody changes their story the same guy who.

Said this would be easy to do in the lab says oh now you're crazy if you think it came from a lab the same guy that says I don't know how this that this would uh this does that looks engineered he changes his story and then the kicker is three months later those same two doctors Dr Anderson and Dr Gary get a seven million uh several million dollar.

Grant from Dr fauci to continue their research so the fundamental question is why was Dr fauci so consumed with making sure the narrative wasn't about the lab I think it's because they were doing gain of function research there he didn't want that out and and that was the narrative that everyone on the left bought into even though the facts and.

Common Sense maybe most importantly pointed to the lab leak Theory this is something that we should all agree on let's get to the bottom of this disease this this you know virus that killed seven million people across the world I don't understand the media and immediately going with this Democrat narrative and the CCP narrative rather.

Than forcing for an investigation yeah why not just just give us the facts be transparent with us but understand with this virus they have told us all kinds of things that turned out to be false I mean they told us it didn't come from a lab now again it looks like it sure did because the department of energy FBI everyone says it came from a lab now.

They said it wasn't gain of function research sure looks like it was they said it wasn't our tax dollars used at that Wuhan Institute of virology yes they were through Eco Health they went there and then of course they told us that the vaccinated couldn't get it the vaccinated couldn't transmit it they told us that there was no such thing as.

Natural immunity this would be the first virus in history where there's no such thing as National so time and time again they told us things that were not accurate again the fundamental question is why what was the pot was it politics motivating or what um but I always tell people I always say we're Americans we're big boys and girls.

We can handle it it's supposed to be a government of the People by the people for the people so tell We the People the truth quit trying to to quit quit lying to us one but this subject dovetails into your other investigations because you've got the weaponization of government and you see how the narrative on all of these subjects is just driven.

By potentially a compromised Administration or federal agencies what are you expecting in terms of this Twitter files uh hearing that you're also holding next week well we're gonna have two journalists uh Matt taibi and and Mr sellenberg are going to come in and and talk about what they've seen and understand Elon Musk made available uh.

What he described as a crime scene where you could talk about how government was pressuring the big tech companies to to Prime and prep them and shape the narrative and that's exactly what they did maybe the best example is the is the laptop story in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election because Joel Roth the head of trust and safety at Twitter.

He has testified sworn declaration where he said in the run-up to that election I had weekly meetings with OD and I FBI and the Department of Homeland Security in those meetings they told me that there was likely going to be a hack and dump operation it was likely to come in October of 2020 and it was likely to involve Hunter Biden now think about.

That they told him what was going to happen when it was going to happen and who it was going to involve and then of course Along Comes the New York Post story on October 14th just days before the most important election we have a presidential election now for me the fundamental maybe they get the time right because we're used to an October.

Surprise every four years but they got the time the method and the person how did they know that this like these guys are Clairvoyant this is this is amazing how did they get it because they had the laptop in their possession and they are prepping all a big Tech and frankly all of mainstream media to buy into what inevitably is going to happen.

Something's going to leak on the hunter Biden laptop issue and then when it comes they suppress that story and everyone the big Tech big media all join in and the and the Clincher on the deal was five days after that New York Post story guess what happens the 51 form marintel officials October 19th five days later signed the now famous letter.

Where it says this story has all the earmarks all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation and the deal was still sealed and that that whole story got suppressed and we all know it would have impacted the outcome I believe of that most important election we have the presidential election so election interference.

When when you talk about the FBI having the laptop if they had the laptop then they knew about the evidence of influence peddling they knew about the Biden family taking tens of millions of dollars from communist China how much of this is a China story as well I think I think I think it is and that's exactly what chairman Comer is working on the.

Oversight committee what we're working on in in the Judiciary Committee is the link with with these agencies that I think were suppressing Free Speech rights of the American people and using big Tech to to accomplish that but yeah this is this is as as wrong as it gets and understand this isn't the first time it seems that the FBI meddled in an.

Election 2016 we know about the dossier and spying on President Trump's campaign 2018 it was the Mueller investigation that was going on 2020 is what we just talked about the Biden laptop story and in 2022 91 days before the election they raid president Trump's home and they know about Joe Biden having the same having a a classified document concerned.

Before the election and they don't tell us about that so maybe just stay out of the elections FBI and let the American people decide who we want representing but you're getting stonewalled again the AG will not put a special counsel you've been calling for a special Counsel on this influence peddling story you're not getting it you're waiting on what from.

From your request all we've said is why isn't there a special counsel for the hunter Biden issue uh there's a number of us had had inquired because you know if these are special counselor when there's a conflict and and there certainly seems to be a conflict when you're you've got a U.S attorney investigating the son of the of the you.

Know the former candidate for president current president United States why isn't there a special counsel we want to know what what how was that decision made that there's not a special counsel there because it seems like there probably should be so that's what we were asking in the letter we sent this uh this past week I want to ask you what.

You're going to do about all of this because I know that you've gotten Stonewall James Comer is getting stonewalled in oversight let's take a short break and then talk about that we continue our conversation with the chairman of the house Judiciary Committee here on set Congressman Jim Jordan we'll be right back.

Oh welcome back we continue our conversation this morning with the chairman of the house Judiciary Committee Congressman Jim Jordan is with me this morning Congressman before we went to the break talks about what you're going to do about the stonewalling I should point out that Tennessee senator Marsha Blackburn asked.

Merrick Garland why he's stonewalling uh your efforts and he denied it what are you going to do if you continue to get stonewalled well we've we think we laid a lot of the groundwork you have to do this accommodation process send lots of letters before you ever even go to the compulsory of the subpoena process and so we've been laying it out I think we.

Probably sent more subpoenas than maybe the rest of Congress combined thus far I mean not that we're trying to send subpoenas we're just trying to get the information so we're trying to lay it all out and and do what we have to do to get that information but we just want to get the facts on the table so that we can propose legislation and then then.

Also use the Appropriations process to change the behavior I mean think just about the FBI what we've learned in the past few months first of all we learned last year a year and a half ago actually that they were targeting parents then then a few weeks ago we learned they're targeting traditional Catholics and now we learn the story that fox broke we.

Learned where um the threat tag used after the the threat tag put on people used after the Dobb's decision was actually being turned to go after and investigate pro-lifers now after the Dobb's decision what was happening out there was hundreds of churches in crisis pregnancy centers were being attacked but yet according to whistleblower who.

Talked to us under oath he said they were encouraging him to go look into pro-life leaders for goodness sake that made no sense and that's what he said is it makes no sense to me those aren't the people who are protesting now they they appreciated the Dobbs decision Frank and something they've been working for for a long time so we want to get all the.

Facts for those issues and other things like what we talked about before with the with the uh the Twitter file tell me about the whistleblowers how many whistleblowers are you interviewing and are they going to come public we've taught three of them are those are the one ones we actually who were willing to come public and sit down for a.

Transcribed interview there are actually a couple dozen others who haven't been willing to come public they've met with our staff our staff has interviewed them but if they're willing to come public then we'll do what we call a transcribed interview similar to a deposition which is under oath and you ask some questions you get the transcript and everything.

Else three of them have done that and we've learned some very valuable information from those three like what I just described that Mr O'Boyle told us about how that threat tag was used and actually began to be turned and go after pro-lifers so what are going to do to get to the bottom of this if you're not getting the information that you're.

Requesting Stephen Miller who we're going to speak to in a little while he said the GOP needs to use the Appropriations process is that what your plans are definitely I mean as we go through look we're going to focus on the attacks on the First Amendment and a number of Errors there whether DHS and the disinformation governance board what.

We saw from FBI coordinating and and in colluding with big Tech to suppress information and shape and mold The Narrative we're going to look at all that we're also going to look at this disparate treatment this this different standard that we that we see from the FBI where they treat pro-lifers one way and then protesters a different way in.

Other areas as well we're going to kind of focus there and then we're going to look to propose legislation and in the end the real power of congress the real power of the legislative branch is the power of the purse and we're going to have to use that both on all this issue where we think the government's been targeting the very people it's supposed.

To serve but also frankly On the Border I think we're going to have to look at ways to use the appropriation process to deal with the Border situation which is one of the other key areas the Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction so what you're suggesting is you'll hold back funding to the FBI yeah or say it's this funding can't be used for X this funding.

Can't be used for why or or limit the funding overall those are those are things you have to do or or you don't have the leverage to change again this egregious Behavior we're seeing from these agencies real quick on the border 5 million plus illegals uh apprehended on Joe Biden's watch another one one and a half million gotaways you're going to.

Come out with legislation potential legislation yeah we are that'll be in about a month uh we're working on that we think it'll be multiple bills um that will address the situation and understand this this Administration decided on day one January 20th 2021 they decided they were going to open the Border because Joe Biden announced we're.

Not going to have remain in Mexico we're not we're no longer going to build a wall and we're not going to deport anyone coming in for for an immigration violation and as a result people come they know they won't have to wait in Mexico there's no wall to get over and then when they get in they're not going to be deported and you've seen this you.

Know Shazam you see this influx of people um which was I think uh you know anyone can understand when you have those policies in place you're going to get this and so we're going to try to firm up the policies that were in place under President Trump with legislation all right we will leave it there we'll be.

Watching Mr chairman thank you you bet thank you the chairman of the house Judiciary Committee Ohio Republican Congressman Jim I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis

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