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Hello good afternoon this is your News 4 Now update I'm Kay Ingram and we're staying on top of breaking news out of Westchester where there are traffic backups after a tractor trailer falls off an overpass Tom's wires and Chopper 4 over the scene in Harrison so this tractor trailer was traveling on the eastbound side of 287 taking the.

Ramp to Northbound 684 when it ran right through the guardrail and then landed on the westbound Lanes of Route 287 upside down so right now we've got this horror this horrible scene with a tractor trailer upside down on the roadway there are other vehicles uh presumably underneath we have not gotten any word as yet as to any injuries or the extent.

Of those injuries we've got fire department working here emergency crews as well a full shutdown on the westbound side of 287 in through this area in Harrison and I'm Tom's wiretapper four just a frightening image there thank you Tom now investigators are looking into another plane problem at JFK airport this is the second one in less than a.

Week this morning a plane bumped into another news 4's Gabi Acevedo is at JFK with the update no one was hurt on these scary close call when an airplane bumped into another one the second close call that happens at JFK this week the FAA confirmed this one went down at seven this morning when JetBlue flight 1603.

Was about to depart on its way to San Juan Puerto Rico it appears that as the aircraft was pushing out of the gate it hit the tail of an unoccupied airplane on the tarmac both planes were Airbus a320s but JetBlue flight 1603 which was loaded had to return to the terminal and a passenger shared his photos on social media of people waiting at the gate.

After the accident happened we were told those passengers were assigned to another aircraft Chopper 4 was over the area giving us a view of the tower on tarmac at JFK where last Friday there was also a similar incident although in that case a Delta flight had to stop its takeoff as an American Airlines flight was crossing the runway in today's.

Incident that other aircraft the one that got hit on its tail was on unoccupied and park at the time of the month JetBlue says that both planes involved are now out of service while the FAA is investigating the cause of this accident reporting from JFK Gabby Acevedo News 4 New York Gabby thank you for bringing us the latest there next.

The NYPD is looking for two teams on scooters who they say are targeting seniors in Manhattan police say they've struck at least twice the first time was January 2nd in Midtown that's when police say they took an 85 year old woman's purse then on Saturday they approached a 76 year old woman in the East Village on East 6th Street they.

Tried to take her purse but she fought back falling in the process she was taken to the hospital but should be okay starting today women who developed uterine cancer from their work at Ground Zero will be covered under the World Trade Center health program officials say their treatment will come with no out-of-pocket costs and they will.

Qualify for monitoring screenings and counseling the director of the World Trade Center health program says with this Edition all forms of cancers are now covered and that it provides women with equal access to the treatment they deserve happening soon a monument in lower Manhattan honoring the people lost in the Titanic disaster could be getting.

A makeover this is the Titanic Memorial lighthouse in the South Street Seaport it's 109 years old the project if approved would involve repairing painting and cleaning the memorial it could happen just in time for the 25th anniversary of Titanic the movie The Lighthouse was the world's first Monument dedicated to the over 1500.

Victims killed when the ship sank back in 1913. time to take a look at our weather picture we do have mostly cloudy skies outside right now temperatures all the way up at 51 we've got a steady Breeze at 15 miles per hour as we look outside this is the radar picture showing us the rain which is coming in our Direction.

That's going to arrive here as we head into tomorrow it's going to be a day to get your umbrella out and maybe that extra layer it's going to be a raw cold rainy day from beginning to end I think the heavier rain will begin to push on in around the nine o'clock hour high temperature Trend well above average conditions even tomorrow close to 50.

Degrees once again as we head into Friday and Saturday we are also warmer than normal 52 degrees in New York today that's what we're expecting and the above average conditions continue back to you Dave thanks for that and that's it for now I'm Kate Ingram

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