Jesse Watters: Spring breakers are headed to a warzone


Nothing used to say luxury getaway like a vacation a beautiful Acapulco Mexico and no one loved Acapulco more than Hollywood it was a place where all the stars used to flock to from Frank Sinatra to the Kennedys to even Elvis Acapulco was Hollywood's playground but.

Then the cartels came in and the celebrities book trips to Monaco and Saint Barts and Mexico was forced to start selling itself at a discount they went from catering to the Rich and Famous to hosting spring break dude there's gonna be chicks walking around a bikini in front of us I don't know how we're gonna pull it off it's.

Gonna be insane spring break in Mexico has become the biggest event of the year at least 30 000 college kids fly in every March and April and go all out every parent especially every parent of daughters when they hear Hey Dad a bunch.

Of us are going to go to Mexico for spring break I promise I'll be good daddy we're not even going to leave the resort I don't know but I know better than anybody that after a few drinks sometimes it's fun to leave the resort it's an adventure but the worst decisions Spring Breakers.

Can make is to talk to somebody like me your prices have gone up what about you beer prices have gone up so deep I didn't bring my car to college how did you get down here I dreamed okay that's my collar it's good what do you mean I thought I was hip now if you were going down to Panama.

City Beach all you had to worry about was Waters but if you're going to go to Mexico you're walking into a war zone if you think the Mexican government's going to protect an 18 year old from the University of Alabama good luck they're on their own the only thing protecting college kids.

In Mexico is the security at the Ritz Carlton and some of the hottest spring break locations are smack dab in the middle of cartel territory like Cabo which is right in the middle of the Sinaloa cartel's turf Puerto Vallarta is controlled by the Jalisco cartels and the Juarez cartel.

Owns Cancun in Rivera Maya hey Susie your mother and I thought you should bring down some Travelers checks you know just in case you need to pay off your kidnappers and if you leave the resort you're out of the will now just on Friday in metamoros Mexico golf cartel foot soldiers opened fire on.

A van with four Americans inside it they killed two of our people they stacked their bodies into the back of their trucks and left them to rot on the side of the road the survivors were viciously kidnapped and held in a stash house for days one of the guys had a bullet wound in his leg.

All over a Mexican discount for a tummy tuck but Waters the state department says some spots are safe ah yeah the state department the guys who left Americans behind in Afghanistan in Acapulco tourists were sipping pina coladas when three butchered bodies washed up on the shore.

Hey honey is that a dolphin no deer head back to the room and sometimes it rains lead during happy hour the shootout in Mexico had guests at a five-star Resort jumping for cover authorities say it involved two rival gangs on a beach near Cancun yesterday leaving two suspected drug dealers dead.

Chaos gripped the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun Resort as staff told terrified guests to find places to hide so that was a five-star Resort you imagine this spray bullets at a three-star where college kids can afford so the question Americans are asking themselves tonight is is spring break safe moms dads Sons and Daughters all.

Asking the same question we report you decide and I don't want to hear from the Mexican tourist board prove me wrong Mexico fly me down there first class and put me up at a five star and if nothing happens to Waters and I come back in one piece I'll say it's safe but until then primetime's issuing a travel advisory to all of Mexico our neighbors can't be.

Trusted I'm not vacationing in a failed Narco state if there's other options mini Madoff tells me the Bahamas are nice and it's a shorter flight the only crime down there is White Collar but despite all the drugs the violence the human trafficking Biden's top intelligence officials laser focused on.

You guessed it white supremacy transnational racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists continue to pose the most lethal threat to U.S persons and interests are you serious how many people were killed by racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists in the United States last.

Year I don't have the exact number for you right here but I will get it for you how many people were killed by fentanyl in the United States last year as you know it's over a hundred thousand for fentanyl but so isn't that a more lethal threat uh yeah so what's the strategy to.

Pulverize the cartels because Biden doesn't have one Senator Lindsey Graham wants to go on offense says he wants the military option on the table drug cartels in Mexico have been terrorizing Americans for decades we're going to unleash the fury and might of the United States against these cartels we know where you live and we.

Know how you make your money so my goal is to make sure you don't sleep well at night that the cost of doing business when it comes to poisoning America goes up that when you try to get somebody to join your cartel they'll say no thank you the last guy got killed or went to jail until you do that nothing's going to.

Change if Lindsay wants War Lindsay's gonna get War everybody should know that by now but Texas Senator Ted Cruz said not so fast lens the answer is not just go to war with Mexico the answer is put pressure on Mexico and have the Mexican Army show up arrest these guys extra item to the.

United States they need to be prosecuted and face the full force of American Justice and if we had a president with with a scintilla of willingness to stand up to other nations that's exactly what would be happening right now so Senator Cruz wants more pressure on the Mexican Army but can we trust the Mexican Army and what would be the consequences of a.

Missile strike inside of Mexico the most pro-american portions of Mexico are the Northern Tier of states where it would be likely to launch these strikes so we'd be taking our regional allies who are not just political allies but economic partners launching military assaults on what is the location of our most important most tightly integrated.

Supply chain networks would be a disaster for Aerospace and automotive and Manufacturing the solution is to stop using so much cocaine cocaine's the second most popular drug in the United States behind cannabis it's a party drug women go crazy over it meant to so while we all try cutting down on the blow we need an immediate solution the.

Human trafficking is making more money for the cartels than the cocaine trafficking so if Biden could control the Border he'd cut cartel profits in half so until Joe Biden either gets Hunter to stop doing so much coke or shuts down the Border Spring Breakers you're on your own hey Sean Hannity here.

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