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Foreign We are following breaking news U.S military forces shot down a second object over U.S airspace earlier today this comes less than one week after the Biden Administration ordered a Chinese spy balloon to be shot down National Security Council coordinator for strategic Communications John Kirby.

Announced today the Department of Defense had been tracking a high altitude object flying over Alaska now its exact location was not immediately specified but the Federal Aviation Administration issued a flight restriction notice for the area near prudho Bay on Alaska's North Slope the object was flying at an altitude of.

Forty thousand feet and posed a reasonable threat to the safety of Civilian flight out of an abundance of caution and at the recommendation of the Pentagon President Biden ordered the military to down the object and they did and it came and inside our territorial Waters those Waters right.

Now are frozen but inside territorial airspace and over territorial Waters joining us now is Michael J Santo he's a foreign policy expert and has been following these updates today thanks for being with us there's very little we know about this specific object as the U.S government now aims to gather what has been shut down but the communication.

Seems to be um more rapid from the White House and the Pentagon now less than a week after the Chinese object was shot down after some debate when it flew over U.S airspace what are your thoughts on this object the announcement and what we know so far well we don't know a lot yet the.

Pentagon hasn't released that much information but what we are seeing is that the US military is really looking for these objects and being very diligent Vigilant sorry Vigilant and proactive on it and so that's why I think they took rapid action here did it surprise you at all the announcement made Friday.

Um no I mean I think that we're in a different world today uh the Pentagon realized that there is a potential Gap in our ability to detect these things and so it's working on addressing it because uh adversaries and enemies could do all kinds of things with us so they're looking for these things um in this case it's a little bit lower.

So it could pose a threat to civilian Aviation and um the US military did not and the Biden Administration didn't want anyone's mistake the fact that we allowed the the balloon before uh to go across our country as some sign of weakness so they wanted to show don't try it we can shoot it down immediately and have only been crossed over Alaska.

So they wanted to send a signal for of strength and then also address any gaps in our ability to monitor for these kind of objects how rare is it for the U.S to shoot down a second object less than a week after shooting down the first oh my God I mean uh it's incredibly rare um I I I'm not sure that we have seen shootdowns of objects.

Um in the proximity of American airspace uh God we could probably vote for decades I could be forgetting about something but I don't think there is really a precedent for this but the thing that was disturbing about the Chinese surveillance uh balloon is appeared to be going after and targeting all of her strategic sites possibly even.

Whereas Subs which are most important part of a strategic track and also strategic bomber base and strategic missiles so that was very disturbing um apparently we're able to neutralize and mitigate and gather intelligence about that abilities but we don't want to create impression there's an open door for such objects to survey us or.

Commit other acts of Mischief against their country so I think it sends a powerful signal um and now we have to find out the as we get information exactly what this object was and we should be transparent and acknowledge that the US certainly has covert operations by operations in many other countries surely China as well I.

Think what's jarring is that while often this is the type of thing that happens behind the scenes this is all spilling out into public view now as there appears to be some type of deterioration and relationship between the U.S and China what's your view and and where do you rank the relationship between the two Nations right now.

Well for one thing we have to be sure it's China I I don't know that we're entirely sure it is China um right we have to also make sure that it's military this time it could be a weather balloon there's there's some military analysts you can question that just because it's very early on but the.

US military is not taking any chances and last time there was a little bit of a dilemma if you shoot down um an object over the continental United States would have got forbid the the fragments of that object kills somebody an American or anyone else on their territory um if this is in fact a military object.

From China and let's say not sure we can rule out even um Russia even passively run although the geography there would be China or Russia primarily but these balloons can go very far this is not necessarily as advanced a balloon it is a violation of international law um we have in the past long high.

Altitude planes over hostile countries including U2 possibly the Blackbird and sometimes that could be under stealth but you really are by violating another country's airspace and that's actually fundamentally a hostile act that's why Americans buy planes overwhelmingly operate from international waters so I'm not sure.

That we would be flying planets over countries that were not in open hostility with um it's sort of a subtle precedent that in orbit even low earth orbit that's okay we all have spice Outlets but to actually intrude upon the country's airspace it's the best of my knowledge is a violation of international law.

Um um and and basically I would say an act of hostility to violate without permission and and the United States responded with a reciprocal Act of hostility obviously to respond to what is sort of attack we shut down the balloon so um the first object that is and that was a very very large very Advanced balloon.

We need to find out what this object is though and we don't have that much information yet given the uncertainty that we still have regarding that second object overall though what do you think this says about the current state of our national security should Americans be concerned because as you point out this second object if it turns out that it is.

Attached to a country that it was in fact deliberately sort of sent for whatever purpose as you say it could be construed as an act of hostility I mean should Americans be concerned about that um yes I mean an overt Act of hostility we should be concerned I would actually be shocked but you know we don't know what's going on if it is in fact Chinese.

And it turns out that they deliberately sent an object into our airspace now over the last um seven to ten years we've seen overt acts of hostility from Russia we saw things in terms of Syria and elsewhere um probably the sabotaging and explosion of the pipeline which was Norwegian but that's actually a NATO Ally.

Um we are seeing very overt acts and covert acts of hostility in the part of the Russians um the balloon technically I would say was a hostile act by the Chinese targeting our most sensitive sites intruding Upon Our airspace I think it is concerning and and there is a change in the geopolitical situation which is.

For the first time in history the United States is increasingly facing off with two nuclear superpowers China really never constituted a nuclear superpower but they're starting to become one economic superpower perhaps large conventional forces but they are engaged in a large military nuclear buildup and so we are in a concerning situation.

Militarily in today's world all right so much to continue to keep an eye on Michael zanto Michael thanks very much for sharing your Insight with us you're very welcome you're very welcome

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