Important supermarket chains push suppliers to diminish grocery prices


Supermarket Shoppers sick of high prices are started to reach a boiling point I am not paying 479 for an apple but yeah I've lost your mind shelling out eight or nine bucks for a dozen eggs and for two butternut squash wanna guess how much 15 bucks perhaps the surest sign of the times a.

Now viral video from Tick Tock user Amy way to save towards the end of 2020 I went to Walmart and I purchased all of these things for ten dollars and nine cents who documented how the same items including rice beans and potatoes jumped a whopping 50 percent by the start of 2023 the video now viewed more than 2 million times what do you think it is.

About that clip that is speaking to people right now I think I just hit a nerve I think that it's something that a lot of people are struggling with right now how prices have increased so rapidly grocery stores are trying to pump the brakes on food inflation that was up 11.8 percent year over year in December actually down slightly from the previous.

Two months the Wall Street Journal reporting Whole Foods is asking suppliers to lower prices so the company declined comment to NBC News consultant Bobby Gibbs tracks the industry we're seeing some pressure from retailers on suppliers and that's true especially for some of the larger players but we're also seeing some of the suppliers.

Proactively try to lower the cost of goods to be more competitive Gibb says premium retailers are trying to prevent Shoppers from moving to Conventional chains and conventional companies want to stop their customers from moving to Discount locations something industry research shows is already happening don't understand how families are going.

To keep doing this as for whether the pressure strategy is working Gibb says it really depends on what kind of deals Grocers can negotiate with their suppliers thankfully packaged products are definitely dropping in price as supply chain issues improve meanwhile some important tips for saving keep an eye on unit prices so you know.

What size is really cheaper make a list and stick to it so you don't go over budget and keep a spending journal to track how much prices go up as for the future outlook it's a mixed bag or basket I'm sad to say I don't think that the grocery bills are going to come back to what they were in 2020 2019. if we look at kind of past periods of high.

Inflation the prices don't come down they just stop going up this is the new reality this is the new reality Sam you also heard about some more creative ways people are saving money what can you tell us yeah Chanel we talked about the conventional ways that people are doing it other folks are kind of thinking a.

Little bit more outside the box they're going in and buying a share of an animal like a pig for example and then splitting up the meat or they're buying their own chickens but this is my favorite one right here there's a three-year-old girl in Kentucky she is selling her own eggs that's her right there Aubry Joe toon the Rebecca is.

Three dollars for a dozen eggs they were a little bit cheaper but obviously you know inflation is kicked in still a heck of a lot cheaper than what you're going to find at a nearby grocery store she has 13 hens a rooster and five ducks and we are told by her mom that actually the demand is so high right now they can't satisfy all of the people who want I.

Believe that farm fresh eggs you go a delight yeah yeah a lot of folks are actually doing that I've been reading stories about that Sam thank you Sam that little girl's gonna be able to put herself through college I know I like that real spirit hey thanks for watching don't miss the.

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