Image exhibits Hunter had access to Biden’s Corvette


Thank you so much with that let's bring in former FBI special agent and former Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam Jonathan good morning to you so you saw that picture of the president holding the classified document inside the White House that photo was taken in 2013. what do you think about that is that appropriate is that careless Behavior by the president.

What's going on there well first of all the two sound bites he had from the Democrats the skiff is not a Washington Insider term a skiff is a secret compartmentalized room where you can handle these types of documents and by and large I don't know any Skiffs that have Windows and they don't allow the Press inside of them so any handling.

Of classified information in an area where it can be viewed by others is going to be an improper handling of that information and so we see in this picture uh evidence of what later is a pattern of mishandling this classified information and the other Democrat the sound bite that you played when he says that things these things just happen.

Well we don't elect people to just uh kind of willy-nilly handle classified information they're elected to represent us they swear an oath to the Constitution and they should be uh handling this information the same way that any other General employee of the federal government is going to be required to handle and will be punished.

If they do not handle it correctly Jonathan at this point I think I'd settle for a modicum of care I mean everything we've seen from now President Biden then Vice President Biden shows a a lack of Duty of care with regard to the classification level of these documents he was sloppy Point Blank he was sloppy and then also that picture.

That we showed in Lucas's Report with Hunter Biden in the car that was in the garage where the documents were stored with two individuals that we're not identifying it just shows that it wasn't just President Biden with access to those documents it was Hunter it was who presumably was in that car it was whoever Hunter potentially brought into.

That garage so what is the end game here what needs to be done to make sure that one Joe Biden and Hunter Biden potentially I don't want to say get prosecuted but get shown the proper legal process but also that this doesn't happen again well first of all I believe they should be investigated for prosecution I think.

Anyone that is given the responsibility of proper handling of classified information that can reveal sources and methods and cause National Security issues to this nation they should be held to the same standard I don't care if they're politicians and Todd I'll tell you this is not a first I will say that Trump you know he had these.

Documents in Mar-A-Lago I have no idea what was on those documents but those these two aren't the first presidents or Joe Biden when he was vice president to actually do these things politicians get away with things all the time that injure the National Security of this country and it's time that we hold them to the same standard because what we're.

Seeing now with all of these cases is that Justice is a two-tiered system that ignores or looks away from these individuals who do this same things that people get put in jail for that are in a lower rank in the federal government and that's wrong that we all need to be held to the same standard Jonathan Switching gears here to that story out of.

Massachusetts Brian Walsh was formerly charged with murder yesterday in The Disappearance of his wife Anna and the D.A provided more information on the Google searches that started on December 27th Brian Googled what's the best state to divorce for a man then on January 1st and 2nd he Googled things like how long before a body starts to smell 10 ways to.

Dispose of a dead body if you need to hacksaw best tool to dismemberment can you be charged with murder without a body can you identify a body with broken teeth he pled not guilty what's your response to that so this is not a funny thing but it is uh I'm telling you I've never seen anything like this if you look at the.

Google searches uh starting on January 1st when most people at 5am most people are asleep because they've been either having fun or they're just they just want to start the new year off right this guy was searching for things uh that show that the murder had probably just happened that progressed throughout most of the day and then on January 2nd.

The searches changed a little bit they actually changed to show the fact that he was now dealing with a body that was started that he was trying to figure out how to dispose of it and then on January 3rd he's actually looking for does it decompose differently in the woods than it would in a plastic bag I mean he gives a timeline where I was wondering.

When he would have disposed of this body now I'm starting to think around January 3rd between January 3rd and January 4th when the police were alerted that's where he he when he disposed of this body so it's somewhere within a 24-hour time span and probably closer than that from their home so I don't think if the body can be found it's going to be found.

Relatively close to their house right Jonathan Gilliam thank you so much for your Insight on all of these topics we appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis

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