Identify Jeanine: I’m in unfortunate health of Karine Jean-Pierre and her note salads


President Biden resisting calls to tell Americans what he knows about those mysterious unidentified objects he has ordered the military to shoot down Senators finally getting a classified briefing but they left frustrated with the lack of answers so far from the Biden Administration President Biden should speak on camera.

Directly to the American people today the American people need and deserve to know more there is a lot of information presented to us this morning that could be totally American people 99 of the information we were just briefed on there's no reason it can't be shared with the American people it was a.

Bipartisan view down there and it's pretty simple they can say what they know what they don't know and don't reveal sources and methods right and right on cue the White House Press Secretary dismissing bipartisan concerns while saying President Biden while he's doing a stellar job.

Great the president is taking this very seriously and he's receiving briefings regularly from his National Security advisors and he's going to continue to do that we are sharing as much information as we can there's no need to panic the president took this action as I mentioned earlier because of the objects were indeed flying at low lower.

Elevation and they were in civilian airspace and we wanted to make sure that we protected that airspace one of the reasons that people are saying the commander-in-chief should speak is one uh for reassurance I'm not sure that's reassurance right especially if they're mocking people for having concerns they're the ones who said that the.

Chinese spy flight was not a problem then they shot it down then all of a sudden they're shooting things out of the sky and they don't give an explanation for it and Jesse There was a pretty bad inflation report today so between that and the balloon now that maybe have the president stay home like in the East wing for a month you won't.

Hear from him or the train yeah a lot going on what president could get away with shooting down unidentified flying objects all over North America and then not talk about it for days could bush get away with that imagine but he wouldn't try none of them would try none of them.

Would try right but it makes you think why why is he doing because he's not in command that's why he doesn't know what he's doing he doesn't even know what these objects are it looks like these might have just been weather balloons he got trigger happy because his pollsters said he looked like an idiot for letting the Chinese.

Balloon spy on us the entire way across the continent and so now it's like anything that flies dies but he's keeping you quiet no I heard it from Greg and missiles are missing the balloons like we're missing stuff and we can't find the debris The debris floating over and he's called the lid Dana the man is.

Called the lid I I I I just I just can't and all the country wants is come out five seconds and tell us what's going on what's the strategy because at first they said we're going to be patient and shoot it later and now they're not patient at all they're just shooting anything right and then they're saying well don't worry about it it's not.

Aliens don't worry also it's like why not take the opportunity to talk to the American people they could people can take a judge if you say we're not sure what they are but we're on top of it and as soon as we know we'll give you more information isn't that the reason he was elected because he was so sensitive about coven he was so.

Reassuring Americans could count on his sensitivity here's the bottom line never in American history if we have we had F-22 Raptors shooting off Sidewinders over the continental United States this is unheard of in in the in the in the United States these are air battles this president has an obligation to tell us what he knows and what he doesn't know.

And I am so sick and tired of karee Jean-Pierre and her word salads she says that three objects are now being recovered the weather prevents them from being recovered but we're going to get those objects we're going to continue to try we're going to continue to be vigilant but we think they may be benign what the hell what that what did that.

Mean and here's the bottom line if there are air battles going on he has an obligation to talk to the American people whether it is we don't know what it is or we shot too often or we shouldn't have done it right he is too weak and I'll tell you what they what the worry is in the White House according to a source that I have.

They're afraid he's going to go out and say stupid things because they can't trust him to talk to the American people that and or they're waiting for someone to blame that could be it all I know is it feels like we're in this era where it's again not against the law but you're shamed if you notice things yeah it's like where are you since when is.

There like is it wrong to be curious about the government blowing stuff up in the sky it's like how dare you ask it's okay to ask We're not gonna give you an answer but when they've given us so much BS on inflation remember inflation was good for a while it's actually healthy and crime where they denied that there was a crime epidemic we can talk about.

War we can talk about covid there are so many times the government has lied to us and then they dismiss our curiosity and while they're doing it they're still not explaining it I'm thinking about this like if you if a parent talks about drag queen Story Hour which is they don't have a problem with it they just don't think it's age appropriate you know how.

Do you're a homophobe if you're talking about the balloons you must be a conspiracy freak if you talk about the train duramet conspiracy freak if you talk about food plants blowing up you're a real freak you know voting discrepancies you could get sued right FBI informants don't say that sex you know sex Advocate anything that you.

Actually go like hey I just want to know I just want to know I'm not saying there's something wrong there I just want to know what's going on then they go you're an idiot stop listening to the to those podcasts right so Geraldo do you think you'll hear from him what we have to it's leading to rampant.

Speculation and I've only seen one UFO I've sailed around the world I've been in uh 140 countries I've only seen one at UFO and I was stoned was it a weather I had no idea it was in the in the waters of uh the nation of Bahamas uh but what is interesting to me is this silence is leading to more talk of UFOs than I have heard it but not in a in a.

Disrespectful or or a condescending way but you know ordinary reasonable normal people talking about unidentified flying objects and aliens and so forth yeah you can't let that spread you've got to tell us what the hell is it it should not be if you could brief 90 I don't know how many senators they were at that meeting today but you know it's going to leak if.

You tell a senator anything eventually today so far it hasn't all day and I'm surprised by that but it will I mean why not tell us what the hell it is it's got to be surveillance over Americans these are surveillance balloons and they have to figure out the story to feed it to us because these balloons are actually ours we're shooting down our balloons because.

They're watching you and they're no longer necessary that has to be the story but what if it's uh something that is so benign and they use two Sidewinders they miss with one and it's like euron it's beautiful pristine wonderful wonderful part of the Great Lakes what if it's us what if it's like some kids science project and they're.

Four hundred thousand dollars a piece 400 000 each missile plus I hear Sidewinders don't miss that all about yeah what if it's a guy in a lawn chair remember that there were those guys who used to like put balloons and just fly remember the kid that was supposedly went swept away yeah boom boy I went on.

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