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Uh watch out for that obviously a lot of graphic potential here so we want to warn you uh viewer discretion advise while we watch this here and hopefully pull up our Fox 11 team that will give you a little bit more context of what's going on in this Los Angeles area high speed chase that's underway uh weaving back between different lines running.

Through lights here you can see helicopter the shadow of a police helicopter overhead in Los Angeles in Southern California now going into a parking lot potentially or a side street there next we can see a police cruiser behind him some distance a we're still piecing together some.

Details but a potential shooting suspect in this silver car going very fast in some residential areas next to the A residential near some apartment complexes our producers here are working to get some details of course what we know is the South Los Angeles potential shooting suspect right now it's uh police pursuit underway right now but.

That's all we really know but you can see a lot of uh movement on this let's see if we can just listen in a little bit here on live now from Fox and see if we can hear anybody from the helicopter and what they're detailing there and I don't want to lose it looks like we are continuing on on to Florence I want to see if he pops out right.

Almost lost him tricky little guy I'm gonna try to put the map up you guys got to understand right now I am you know end of lens and uh trying to keep this shot going here gonna drop some of that information you guys don't need to see that but there you go you cannot get an idea where this is right now and again I'm having trouble keeping an eye on it.

Because he's well into the LAX area this this shot probably about you probably can't even see it out the window with your naked eye but right now we're keeping this shot the best we can LAPD in in Pursuit you know what that actually might be Inglewood nope that's LAPD solid red solid red right there and this is what we don't want to see we.

Don't want to see any more of fatalities at the end of a Pursuit we don't want to even see somebody get hurt at the end of a Pursuit but this suspect definitely a shoot suspect and they want to bring this to an end just make conversation real quick there's a little bit of a filler we don't know if this was a carjacking I don't think this was a.

Carjacking the way it was described was it almost seemed like somebody was waiting for him and he got into that car moving farther and farther away from us right now you can see it he's on Manchester moving very very quickly and again this is uh hopefully he makes a turn it comes up to the north but it's oh oh my goodness it and uh as we made.

Our way through another major intersection right there now on the wrong side of the road and is continuing on on oh my gosh on Manchester making a turn now onto tuxton uh very very busy out there this is a is a area where you can see a lot of shopping a lot of industrial just don't want to see anybody get hurt.

He's making his way through the alley no whoa you're listening here to live now from Fox this police pursuit underway as they are potentially pursuing a shooting suspect in South Los Angeles we want to take you right back out to Stu Mundell and our Fox 11 crew as they have this.

One on their coverage on their air so let's listen in with the shooting suspect then having another vehicle waiting for him and basically switching vehicles ditching his friend or whoever the driver was and now pursuing this in a silver vehicle as we've been following but clearly yes it is a very tricky situation you see a black and white.

Right there going on its tail but for a lot of these police officers law enforcements in the last couple of weeks dealing with Pursuits like this and tragically innocent lives are lost so they have to really make that decision on whether or not to keep pursuing a suspect in these cases or whether to back off.

Well you know this one it's not it's never a no-brainer that that is you know just to think that is is naive in its own self this is a shooting suspect that we clearly heard that in the beginning so this is somebody that was armed at one time shooting at somebody I don't know if that person was actually injured or shot or they were just shots fired.

But nevertheless this is the type of person they want to keep off of the roads and and you know in in behind bars and maybe that person can get the help that they need through at a big parking lot out here is another one of those spots you just don't expect somebody to come tearing through at those high speeds some pedestrians out there as.

Well uh making another looks like a major block here but that one LAPD officer I mean my goodness to stay with this guy so well uh you know that that person clearly did well in the driving classes and definitely gets the gold star of the day but this vehicle right here now ripping through the center divider I would oh my gosh could you.

Just imagine being in that car and having that guy tearing down the center divider right at you I'm making that turn now it looks like we're back onto Manchester and uh but again the speed's never slowing down this car continuing to move at these extremely high speeds and again the person behind the wheel a suspect wanted with in in relation to a.

Shooting a little hard turn right there you know that seems to be I would almost venture to say that that's uh might be a Chevy Impala uh you know and the only reason I'm bringing that up is that you know it's not the newest car not saying anything bad about it but driving at 100 miles an hour hard on the brakes hard turns and through another solid red.

Light right there you just you're wondering how long that that car can continue to make those uh be driven like that on the streets uh of course LAPD behind it the best they can it looks like he's making a turn I got to stay a little bit white there he is making a turn there on Adams and uh and can Aviation sorry on Aviation so he's kind.

Of making his way back towards the airport but right now we're going to keep the shot as best we can and of course very dangerous hopefully if you know anybody that might be out here on the roadway I wouldn't text them but try to get some information to them just tell them there is a crazy Pursuit going on right now this vehicle moving at.

Extremely high speeds and it basically has run every intersection red light another solid red just every intersection that they've uh come up against this morning absolutely terrifying for drivers out there for people going about their day for people transported on those buses that you see where he's driving very dangerously near.

Right there and it looks like he kind of made a circle around that area obviously driving along Manchester Boulevard now turn to Aviation as you mentioned and then kind of making a circle around the Inglewood LAX area so it's obviously anyone's guess as to where this person is no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

Oh avoiding that person again we've seen so many close calls do so many schools calls and you know this person is making it seems to be making their way over to LAX now we're on Century Boulevard it's going to be very difficult for us to keep an eye on it LAPD they are down there you see them.

Actually getting closer and closer as he's making his way over to LAX I'm going to get try to get ahead of it and uh if anybody sees it like it doesn't doesn't realize that I might not be seeing it please shout it out I believe that's it right there so never mind I'm making his way it looks like we're going to be going into LAX this you know you.

Think that oh you know what this is how I'm going to get away not really the best of moves there you go we'll make that U-turn let's get out of the LAX area so now making his way back the other direction still on Century Boulevard uh but uh again the LAPD right there behind him the helicopter just so everybody kind of gets the gets the idea.

Here even the LAPD helicopter not allowed in there right now so it's not just the media that can't follow it is everybody involved keeping an eye out seeing where he comes out but hopefully we didn't lose him behind the buildings oh no there he is there he is there he is and he's driving through the through the uh on the grass right there taking.

Outs trying to get away from the LAPD and trying to get around some of that traffic coming out to another major not a major right there and a lot of traffic that was uh on uh Aviation and continuing on we're going to be going uh eastbound on Century making our way towards the freeway freeway would be great especially if he makes his way.

Northbound if he makes his way southbound it's gonna be difficult for Sky Fox to follow yeah you're seeing increased traffic right there but obviously a desperate situation for the suspect trying to evade officers who are on its tail because of the fact he jumped the curb drove on the sidewalk and then came off the curb so trying to.

Avoid traffic and trying to obviously get cops it's going to be on the other side of the freeway Jeff there we go he is trying to flee the scene and obviously he's on the other side of the freeway yeah pursuing him but right there you see him on Century Boulevard driving erratically speeding and.

Obviously a real danger to motorists and other uh vehicles on the street uh I I hear used to a little frustrated no I'm a little frustrated because I think we may have lost the vehicle or he involved in some sort of collision behind that Motel Six we're going to be making the turn right here see if we can clean it up he was going eastbound right.

There and now I'm not seeing those LAPD Vehicles getting out there and I did see some cars like stopping there for a moment or two we're gonna see if we can find out exactly what happened the lap also not coming out from the other side there he is there oh he's on the it is okay he's on the 405 North or Southbound okay so there you see it uh as we try to.

Find a better picture and a bit better a glimpse of this suspect who is wanting for uh wanted for a shooting that took place beginning in Hyde Park we are over the scene of a Pursuit right now this is kind of in The Lax Inglewood area uh Stu and Sky Fox and crew looking for that suspect LAPD in Pursuit and this was.

Interesting because it looked like he had a vehicle waiting for him and then is that it right there you see a lot of movement from LAPD patrol cars down on the scene right there that looks like there we go Manchester Boulevard on the 405 stew there you go someone's on Manchester on the 405. you got an officer right there.

Running a couple of officers running uh some people were saying he was still on the freeway look he looks like whoa oh oh he's trying to he's trying to take over a pickup truck right there out back out there in LAPD nice tackle nice tackle taking that helping that suspect make the decision to go into custody right there after he tried to take over.

It looked like a lawn truck or a maintenance vehicle right there got into that back real quick sorry about that that we lost it there behind the buildings but we do what we can do but in the end we did get that suspect going into custody LAPD going in for the for the tackle taking that guy down this officer that was right there they were.

Driving with the doors open for a moment so I kind of had a feeling they knew where they were going I didn't see that suspect to the last minute but right there you've got that suspect in custody right now now this was a very Danger Jewish person this is apparently a person that was shooting a weapon or had shot earlier on not sure if he just got.

Stuck but there is the suspect vehicle and that shows you right there if that car wasn't carjacked and don't let your friends borrow your car anyways this coming to an end out here on the Northbound 405 near Manchester all right Stu thank you so much for your coverage for staying on top of that a high-speed pursuit of a shooting suspect.

Is finally concluded right there you see LAPD officers taking that suspect into custody

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