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Both the Biden administration andlawmakers from both sides of the aisle have expressed concern that TikTokcould have negative national security implications. The White House revealed newguidance for federal agencies, saying that they needed to remove TikTokfrom all government issued devices. The company that owns it,ByteDance, is a Chinese company. And so there are concerns that theChinese Communist Party could be using the app to gather information aboutAmerican customers or that it could be used to spread misinformation.

TikTok has been very open about the factthat they're not pleased about these conversations or these bans. A TikTok spokesperson told us that it'slittle more than political theater. China has acted similarly. The Chinese Foreign Ministry saidthat the U.S. government is sort of overstretching the c oncept ofnational security and encroaching on Americans' rightsto engage with the app. Some universities have banned TikTok. Some states have also bannedTikTok on state issued.

Devices. And so there hasn't beenany sweeping TikTok ban yet. Legislators have indicated thatit's definitely not off the table. It's unclear whether Congress or Bidenadministration would move to ban all access to the app across the country. There have been bills introducedin both Chambers of Congress, one by Republican SenatorJosh Hawley of Missouri, and the other by CongressmanKen Buck of Colorado, which would ban the app from beingdownloaded on any U.S. device.

This is not a topic that's going away, and I think that TikTok isin for a bit of a bumpy road.

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