Hear NATO chief’s message to Russia following tank cargo announcement


NATO's secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, live from Brussels. Secretary General, thank you for being here on what is becoming a very impor in these announcements coming from the United States and NATO's allies.

What is your reaction to these tank announcements? How big of a moment is this at the moment? These are important announcement And what Chancellor Schultz, the German chancellor, said toda really is important.

Because it makes it possible for Germany, but also for other Euro allies to provide a little prod to battle tanks to and that will significantly stre their combat capabilities. And it demonstrates also the unity and the resolve of NAT in the partners in providing sup.

To Ukraine. Secretary General, the introduction of tanks has lo been discussed. What did it take to get here? What you have seen is that the front lines in Ukraine has stabilized,.

And we have seen how the Russian digging in and and are building fortificati So if we want Ukraine to be able both to defend against the upcoming Russian off so we know that the Russians are for new offenses.

And also, if you want Ukraine to be able to retake the territory, we need to give them more armor, more heavy and modern weapons. And therefore, I welcome the U.S leadership and the announcement that was made last week of armored personnel.

Carriers, of infantry fighting v and now the announcements of bat that all together will strengthen significantly the strength to combat the strength of the Ukrainian armed forces and we need that to ensure that President Putin doesn't win this.

There has been a view that what NATO allies have provi this point has been enough to keep Ukraine in the fight, but not enough for you, Ukraine, to win this war. I have heard that from retired.

Generals, military experts for quite some time. Do you think the introduction of these tanks finally provides the capability to actually win so NATO's allies and partners have provided unprecede level of support to Ukraine since the start of th.

And actually many allies, including the United States, trained and supported the Ukrain before the invasion. We have done that since 2014. And this has enabled them to push the Russian forces out first of the territory in the north aroun.

Then in the east, around Kharkiv and then in the south against a heartsong. Now we see that the Russian of the Russians, President Putin, has mobilized more than 200,000 more troops there are ramping up production of ammunition, weapons.

And they are planning a new offe So then we need to provide even more support not only to ensure that Ukraine survives but acts to ensure that is able to liberate more territo and win and prevail as a sovereign, independent nation in Ukraine.

And that's exactly what NATO all are doing with the announcements we saw last week. But also with the announcement of battle tanks today, I'm hearing from some military experts already, secretary general, that the number of tanks.

All put together. And while it's not entirely know what the total amount will be, but the scope of what is being promised in terms that it is still inadequate for what Ukraine needs. What do you say to that? So, first.

Of all, I will leave it to individual alli to make the specific announcements. But the German announcement today is important and not least also because it opens up for other European allies.

That have leopard tanks to provi a leopard thanks to Ukraine. And there are many European alli that have leopard tanks. And many of them have made it cl that they are ready to provide battle tanks to to Ukraine. And I spoke just now with President Zelensky,.

And of course, he welcomed the announcement made not only from Germany, but also from many other allies to provide tanks, but also provide training, ammun maintenance, spare parts, the whole logistical support for these new heavy, modern NATO.

Standard battle tanks. Russia's response today is that these tanks, quote, will burn just like all the othe What is your message to Russia today? Ukrainians have proven extremely skilled an in operating the equipment,.

The weapons need to allies and partners have absolutely certain that they will able to do that. Also with the main battle tanks from NATO's allied countri especially because many of them.

Have a lot of experience already in from the frontlines operating Soviet era armored vehicles, battle tanks. But of course, that is a useful background when they then start training on and NATO's battle tanks We have to remember what this is.

This is a war of aggression. President Putin invading another sovereign, independent nation in Europe, Uk Ukraine, has the right for self- and we have the right to support in upholding that right. Because if President Putin wins, it's.

A tragedy for Ukrainians. But it's a little dangerous for because the message is that when authoritarian leade use military power, they get what they want and then the world becomes even more dangerous and we are more vulnerable.

Therefore, it is in our security to support the Ukrainians. Secretary General Jens Stoltenbe thank you so much for coming on to react to all of these announc happening today. I sincerely appreciate it. Thank

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