Gymnast Olivia Dunne opens up about her hastily rise to reputation


To compete in division one gymnastics especially at Louisiana State University it takes a childhood of dedication I pretty much sacrificed my Summers you know those pool days those Beach days with their friends I was in the gym training LSU knew Olivia Dunn would be a good gymnast what they didn't anticipate was this.

Libby is Don's social media name that's most likely how these young men who came out to see her at a meet in Utah know her and on social media the 20 year old is a superstar with nearly 10 million followers across Instagram Twitter and Tick Tock what do you make of your following it's enormous it is it's hard.

To wrap my head around at times yeah did you know that those kids were going to be there young men some of them teenagers yeah um so in the past I have had some of my supporters come out to the meets and watch and cheer for LSU but that was insane it really was following that mate Dunn asked fans to be respectful the.

University put in new security measures yeah they gave us some new rules for us athletes just to keep us safe to not go into the stands after meets and we have a new security person that travels with us Coach Jay Clark says the school was already considering increasing security there's an intensity because of social media that just Changes Everything is.

Everything because I think it creates a kind of a false sense of accessibility and familiarity that followers feel as though they know there's a personal sort of connection now that the NCAA allows students to make money on their name and image that influencer status has turned into sponsorship deals and lots of money Don makes more than any.

Other female college athlete are we talking six figures are we talking seven can you say um I'm very grateful to be making seven figures it is very cool that someone in college has the opportunity to do that now but it comes with challenges dun's content is a mix Dance videos behind the scenes with the team and images like.

These which are not that different from some of the most popular influencers Dunn says it sometimes generates threatening comments are there people who are reaching out in a way that is scary yeah sometimes there are some people occasionally that do reach out and it is a bit concerning she tells us last year the university went to the.

Police over an incident for those who may suggest the nature of her content is to blame she has this to say as a woman you're not responsible for how a man looks at you and not justifies you that's not a woman's responsibility Stanford women's basketball coach Tara vanderveer believes some of the content female athletes are posting undermines.

Progress women have made in changing perceptions telling the New York Times this is a step back an argument that coach Clark strongly disagrees with if expression and self-expression is something that we value as a right in this country then we have to be consistent when it doesn't necessarily fit what our own agenda might be I don't.

Think it sets things back in a sport that offers few professional prospects coach Clark and LSU support duns business opportunities while she has her eye on a future after gymnastics foreign tells me she wants to turn her brand into a business when she graduates and she's taking classes to get ready to do.

That guys including marketing now she has competed we see at the Collegiate level but also with names that we know well yeah like Simone biles I mean she is an elite gymnast within this country she had her hopes on the Olympics but she competed in the Nationals in 2018 and she finished 18th but you know to make it where she is on that Collegiate.

Level takes a lot of dedication it does yep all right thank you Steph hey thanks for watching don't miss the Today show every weekday at 11 A.M Eastern 8 Pacific on our streaming Channel today all day to watch head to all day or click the link right here

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  1. that is no longer suporting a sport. they were no longer there to stare her nail a aspect aerial layout step out on balance beam, to explore a righteous pac salto release on uneven barres, or nail a layout plump twist in flooring. they were there for her body and stare at her in her leotard. the world isnt males ogling her essentially, the risk is that its RUINING the event for the various athletes who professional so exhausting to be there and are no longer only distracted, however also place down and when put next to livvy essentially based totally on their beauty and standing. that is school gymnastics, no longer a category festival. these boys were indecent, disrespectful, and made a mockery of female athletics. they are able to cheer and strengthen her thats gorgeous, however there was no reason to reason such hysteria, and compose the various athletes feel much less then for no longer being as popular or “gorgeous.” its also provoking and harmful- gymnastics is a high risk sport and one unsuitable transfer would possibly discontinue a profession or existence. this wished to be addressed with the exception of the various opinions about livvys presentation of her body on social media as a result of it wasnt righteous. whether or no longer you imagine she is sexualized by her delight in methodology or no longer, you may delight in decorum and human decency in direction of the various females there. this crossed the road from fans being chuffed to explore her, to staunch straight debauchery and disrespect for a whole females’s athletic event. every person interesting has to be held to blame. this isnt about guys or girls or being righteous or unsuitable its about respect across all boundaries of existence, and that was forgotten right here. cease gaslighting on both ends: this danger was damaging for all parties. and by the methodology, an attractive blonde lady posing in a leotard would no longer mean she deserves public humiliation and harassment from mobs of strangers. her doing that can influence the of us who note her and their notion of her, which is a whole separate enviornment within itself, however that does NOT mean they’ve the righteous to disrespect various of us attributable to their notion. boys be to blame for the methodology you take care of females in public areas, females be AWARE of what you are posting. you CAN post whatever you feel cherish, however of us are crooked, selfish, and lascivious in nature. we as a collective society should always discontinue better to balance our existence between what’s on social media behavior, what’s gorgeous, and what’s upright behavior in public regardless of someones bodily look and social media presentation.

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