Gutfeld: This made trans activists ‘boiling angry’


today everybody I am so excited Mike Pompeo is here tonight wow we even get a little USA chant there a lot of guys in suits around here looking at me eyeballing me so you know what that means an entire a block on Harry Potter.

Mike said do it or he'd walk who knew Pompeo was a hairy pothead although I did overhear him talking about his Hogwarts so next month there's a new game coming out called Hogwarts Legacy now for all you non-dorks dweebs nerds and men who have never touched a woman who wasn't a relative.

The game is set in the World of Harry Potter and it seems like fun but according to the outrage who are always outraged if you buy this game you are a bigoted monster see for the past year trans activists have been pushing a boycott of the game over its association with author J.K Rowling of course she's got nothing to do with making the game.

At all women don't know computers oh sexist would say of course she'll profit from the licensing rights which has certain pro-trans groups boiling mad but they've been that way for years she was absent from the Harry Potter film's 20th anniversary special fan sites have stopped covering her in One gaming site.

Even banned mention of the new game entirely essentially proving what she suggested about the trans movement they're better at deleting women than Ted Bundy but what is her actual crime Beyond forcing me to do a monologue on Harry Potter well once she retweeted an op-ed piece that talked about people who menstruate.

That's right it was a period piece well done thank you all done but rallying there correctly pointed out that the actual word for this is women and after the shrieking subsided she wrote in a follow-up quote if sex isn't real there's no same-sex attraction if sex isn't real the lived reality of women globally is erased I know and love.

Trans people but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives it isn't hate to speak the truth and that is true she also echoed a concern that we here to have warned about many myself included believe we are watching a new kind of conversion therapy for young gay people who are being set on a lifelong.

Path of medicalization that may result in the loss of their fertility and or full sexual function so the only winners here are whack job therapists surgical butchers and big Pharma which sounds like three bands I might like and for that she's been targeted threatened and banned activists says she's a bigot who's using her Fame to.

Hurt trans people and that she's contributed to anti-trans rhetoric but it's hard to find evidence of that anywhere I haven't seen any videos where someone sneaks up behind a trans person and strangles them with piano wire and Whispers JK Rowling says hello I haven't seen anything like that and I watch a lot of Fox and Friends.

That's where I get all my news meanwhile rallying has stood her ground last year someone asked her how she sleeps at night knowing she's lost an audience she replied I read my most recent royalty checks I know if only Jesse Waters could say the same about his book.

Anyway this video game is going to sell millions of course but the reason we're talking about it is this fake boycott not only has she not done anything wrong she's nothing compared to those who have done real wrong yet still have Legions of support how about Michael Jackson you know the guy with a ferris wheel in his backyard now I'm no detective but that.

Should have been a red flag that guy's music is still played everywhere hell I was dancing to it in front of my bedroom window last night until the cops arrived and made me put on a robe same for Kudlow too how about all the movies Harvey Weinstein produced you're gonna skip.

Pulp Fiction the next time you're flipping through the channels because that movie and many other great ones would never been made without that scumbag seen there or how about Rosemary's Baby or Chinatown directed by none other than Roman Polanski and how about Chuck Berry Google it if you want to find out what.

He did let's just say Johnny wasn't being good in the John so not only are the attacks on rallying a joke their Solutions worse for if you were to boycott every product that could be traced to some perceived problematic stance what would you have left you couldn't go to the movies you couldn't read novels you couldn't watch TV all.

You'd have left are books by Dana Perino and those things are filthy periods welcome tonight's guest he can't talk to terrorists mostly because he had them all killed former Secretary of State and author of the great new book never give an inch Mike Pompeo sees the anchor with the ranker Fox News.

Anchor Julie Bandera she's got a lot of fans mostly because she sweats Fox News contributor Kat Tim and he uses the Great Wall of China for calf raises my master sidekick in the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tyrus do you know do I call you Mr secretary no Mike please Mike yes Mr secretary's more fun though go go with it but I.

Think I'm going to need Mike to get me out of here tonight anyway let's get right to it who killed JFK somebody watches the show Absolutely he watches the show are you a Harry Potter fan uh no I don't have any Harry Potter at my house because there's nothing.

Classified in it no that's right are you worried have you been going through your stuff I I as soon as I get out of here yes exactly we're going to do that in the next block by the way so what do you think about this idea of boycotting things and and uh and this whole movement against it seems kind of bizarre that she's become the the focal.

Point for all this yeah like we've all seen this before where someone says something uh the left the progressive book left kind of picks it up yeah and then they they try to just use economics to drive more it's crazy stuff um a lot of folks want to read her stuff people should read her stuff and frankly what she said is pretty accurate we.

Pretty confident there's just two genders and most of the babies are had by women yeah that is true that is true you know that's a joke all of them by the way I'm just chapter 13. it is true there are aliens and they live among us wow that's uh that's pretty powerful I've just made that up I just made that.

Up I like doing that oh I'm reading it yes I thought I thought I took that part out yes exactly it's been redacted so Julie um your kids read Harry Potter no no we're not a Harry Potter family I never quite understood the fascination of it but if my kids are going to play a video game I don't think that the author or the creator of that video game is.

Going to make a difference as to whether I think they should be playing the video game but I got to give it to JK um in 2020 she posted a series of tweets arguing that transgender women should not be counted as women and this is a quote if sex isn't real the lived reality of women globally is erased finally a woman who agrees with me that.

Sex isn't real I always heard about it I think you got it backwards I'm saying it is real I know she is but wait I'm just talking about let's go with this not real and we're not bad at it yeah that is true well at least that's what his wife says it's just going are you.

Regretting we're just the fastest regret that you've ever had to I am pretty sure I know why you have Secretary of State on before I think I just figured it out he's going to make a code red call yes yeah I find it ironic that your title is called never give an inch and yet you've given away how many 20 inches a couple yeah yeah see the weight loss connection.

This is why I'm sitting here and those other people are one of the theories yes yeah and the pictures cat um you know this are you a fan of JK Rowling you're a weird kid you probably were 20 years ago like reading those books that's why it's so weird to me that JK Rowling is this conservative icon now because my mom wouldn't let me read Harry Potter.

Because Witchcraft and Wizardry were of the devil yeah exactly I'm completely serious imagine how easy it was for me to fit in and but now like in you know now she's the insert of Icon because like the devil I feel like I have heard is not conservative like he's more of a bad boy yeah.

Um but it's just all kind of flipped now and that's why it's super super interesting to me but Harry Potter I some of the quotes in this article I could not handle like it was like lgbtq community roiling over Harry Potter video game I don't think that's true no I can't no I always wonder that's true some of the quotes in the article people.

Are like so and like they're calling it a crisis I'm like but if you think that's a crisis like boy do I have some stories for you yeah yes it must be nice to have a life where this is the biggest problem that you have that people don't have exactly in your family you're not suffering from any debilitating issues you're allowed to read Harry Potter yeah.

Exactly exactly how many of these outraged people are actually outraged or is this an attention-seeking device for Trump well their definition of outrage this was probably originally they thought this would be a good Shakedown they'd come to her and she would donate all kinds of money to their fund and their cause and when she didn't oh well.

Now we'll cancel you because first of all she's gangster JK I didn't read Harry Potter but I'm buying all the books I'm getting paper bag hardcover if there's an audio I'm in it you know the video game didn't look with my speed downloaded it today on my Xbox so I'm all in a thousand percent why don't really care for the books and the fact.

That she was just being a normal adult woman defending herself and defending feminism and being successful is not a crime yeah they try to invent these crimes to take us down and I'm glad the kids are going to keep buying the book the people who none of them are buying the book yeah like that's the thing like they're not won't go broke you how many.

Woke movies did you see this year when it came out I'll tell you none yeah they all failed miserably the new woke Scooby-Doo the worst cartoon debut in the history of cartoons that means they lost to when the guy took a piece of paper it went like this yeah you saw the guy running beat the whoa that's great is that.

Thomas Edison Hocus Pocus kiss her ass and enjoy your royalty checks ma that is yeah that's so true Thelma yeah is it called Thelma the new Scooby-Doo nobody knows what it's called because nobody saw that yeah it's Thelma oh I know what it's called canceled.

Thelma yeah all right the guy told me I knew that I didn't care yes he was uh yeah he went on sarcasm hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it anywhere else

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