Gutfeld: That is maybe doubtlessly the costliest carnival game in history


But make no mistake if any object presents a threat to the safety security of the American people I will take it down tough talking President Biden finally addressing the American public on what the hell is going on in our skies he tried to clear things up but in true Biden fashion only made them worse the.

White House started the week floating the idea the Pentagon may have shot down UFOs or aliens but now it could just be junk from private companies we don't yet know exactly what these three objects were but nothing nothing right now suggests they were related to China's spy balloon program or that there were surveillance vehicles from.

Other any other country the intelligence community's current assessment is that these three objects were most likely balloons tied to private companies I want to be clear we don't have any evidence that there has been a sudden increase in the number of objects in the sky we're now just seeing more of them.

But it could be more ridiculous than that a hobby Club in Illinois thinks that one of its small balloons is quote missing in action and they're worried Biden shot it down if true that means we just wasted four hundred thousand dollars to take out a 12 balloon and earlier this week the Geniuses at the White House suggested they were used to.

Car Lot balloons and after reacting incredibly slowly the president pretended that he's been on top of the situation since the beginning when I came into office I instructed our intelligence Community to take a broad look at the phenomenon of unidentified aerial objects okay.

Um the president made it clear today in his presser three weeks after they say they knew that that spycraft flew over the illusions that their three balloons are innocuous they're either recreational or they may be testing the uh the weather uh and they shoot them down to the tune of 1.2 million dollars the one that they knew was a Chinese.

Spycraft they allowed it to kind of hover over our sensitive middle size of missile sites and they they didn't shoot it down until after it did its Mission so what is our policy if we don't know what it is we shoot it down and if we know it's China we let it do its work and then shoot it down right so if you're a hobbyist you better watch out.

But if you're China spying on us you know you can go all the way to South Carolina this is the bottleneck balloon Brigade Janine out of Northern Illinois a few Fathers and Sons get together on the weekends and this is what they do they buy a 12 balloon and when you go to a birthday party you know those canisters of helium they get a canister.

And they inflate the balloon the size of maybe two Greg gutfelds and then they put a little device for tracking on it twist it and then they let it fly and then they go on their phones and then they see a little red dot and then they follow the Red Dot around and see where it goes they're literally seeing where the wind blows Janine.

But to Biden these people are kamikazes and he will not rest until every father-son hobby balloon outfit paranoid Jesse he will not rest until they're all shot out of the sky so he spent four hundred thousand dollars on a missile to kill a 12 balloon but if you're China fly all you want but he claims judge that they didn't get.

Anything now how long have we been claiming the Chinese didn't see anything every time the Chinese do anything we claim whether it's Hunter small well whether it's Diane in California that they didn't get anything yet China continues to grow from all of our technology it's just a coincidence that everything they steal winds up back in.

Beijing at half price and do you believe also that Joe Biden his first act as commander-in-chief gathered the generals around the situation report gentlemen I want our first mission to be not a single balloon will enter American airspace until we know exactly what it is he didn't know I did Joe Biden he's not.

Even known as a UFO guy he's not even known as an Air Force guy that never happens so you were suggesting that he was not telling the truth I'm suggesting whoever wrote that for him it would have been prescient he could have known that this it would be the first time okay so why is no one taking credit for these three balloons other than the hobby.

Company uh or the club and uh how is it that Joe Biden is so sure uh Jessica that it's that that quote it's it's he says that nothing suggests that it those balloons are from China when we haven't even retrieved those three balloons yet why is he so sure I assume someone told him he wasn't on the ground.

No I don't think Xi Jinping called him up and said you've been shooting down toy balloons and don't worry they're not ours uh I assume someone who wears a uniform has told him that that's the case and it is we're leaving on one hand to know that we're sure and we are tracking these spy balloons that are coming from China it.

Feels less relieving to say to look at it as that we're essentially taking them at their word that they didn't pick up anything again that this was inadvertent and John tester who's one of President Biden's biggest allies in the Senate came out and just said that there's nothing inadvertent about anything that China does so we really have to lose.

That talking point um I'm disappointed because I love the UFO alien talk and the fact that he's ruling that out at least seemingly is disappointing but I guess there are just hundreds of these floating around all the time and we got nervous because of the Chinese Bible and just started shooting them all down and yeah that's.

What we're going to be doing from now on yes that's pretty much it so they know it's not from China but did Biden Dana miss an opportunity to Define China to the American people and what a relationship is he does all the time like what he said today he could have said on Monday what's the difference they knew they I.

Think they knew pretty quickly oh boy that was that one is by that wasn't a spycraft um I can't wait to see the New York Post cover tomorrow it's going to be delicious I have no idea what it's going to say but I know it's going to be very good I can't believe that Biden didn't come out and say I was right initially.

They should have listened to me because he's according to him he said to the generals immediately when he heard about when he first heard about the balloon over Alaska I guess shoot it down and the generals were the ones who said actually no way that might be too dangerous even though it was over vast Wilderness expanses so he usually would.

Probably maybe on background in the morning we'll see somebody from the White House saying Joe Biden was right and too bad they didn't listen to him the other thing is it wasn't just uh four hundred thousand dollars it was eight hundred thousand dollars for this one hobby balloon yeah balloons that we don't know.

It's the evasive capabilities it's 1.6 million so all of that could have been said on Monday now we have a whole new task force right so now all these guys are gonna have to get together and talk about balloons all the time and but we mentioned the cost what about the cost of losing face around the world this is pretty embarrassing on Sunday when that.

First was reported a friend sent me a note saying oh wow some kids Christmas drone just got blown out of the sky I laughed about it it turns out that it's true but the last thing I want to say is uh so the president is late to give comments he gets pushed into giving comments it gives comments and then he looks like he's going to take questions.

And then he doesn't like it that one that one it was chaotic they were yelling that's because they never get to ask him a question one of the guys was asking about the Chinese relationship and he was they looked like he wanted to answer that question but there was another person over here according to Peter Ducey.

Yelling more loudly about the Biden family relationship with China and that's when the president said oh come on man and they'll come back when people can be more polite I I've read the Constitution the First Amendment there's nothing that says that the reporters have to be polite it's nice when they can be polite but when.

There's never an opportunity to ask the president questions that's the kind of thing that you're going to get yeah he got heated you know Greg Kamala Harris I mean our vice president she says that China's spy balloon situation doesn't damage our relations with China I think that because their balloon wasn't blown up until after it did its work that.

China is a protected class and I think Kamala thinks the same I don't know you know I think this might be the most exciting thing to ever happen to a hobby Club maybe it was when Billy found a Playboy in an abandoned tree house but then all of a sudden you were a national story because of your homemade weather balloon.

Which it probably is and which was all over Twitter there were pictures of it a cartoonist of all people was showing the showing what what it was but then you have the president and it was such a small oppressor like him waddling away grinning like a confused patient who wandered you know out the rest home property and then shaking his fist at.

The clouds I'll get you balloons he's like a a bully who got his butt kicked so he decides to take it out on three smaller people on the way home it's like to try to get the China balloon made him look like a fool so I'm gonna shoot down three weathered balloons just to show you they're just innocent weather balloons minding their own business what.

Kind of monster are you I think the Hobby Lobby is behind this by the way you know what the thing is though uh this might be the most expensive carnival game in history yeah I mean think about it if the pilots land whoever hits a balloon they should get a big giant stuffed animal or a or a like a a a glad bag filled with one goldfish.

One goldfish yes you get two tries you get two tries that's what that's right but the Sidewinder that's pretty special that's a great story I mean it turned out to be it's hilarious I mean we're in an era where there's war and we're talking about balloons not to tell Joy about it and I know that I do this all the time but you'll like my point I.

Think this time so it ended up being funny but you don't want to forget the really serious part that a couple weeks ago there was a Chinese spy below what he can't explain the glamoring contradiction as it just was different she can't say oh why didn't I do that that's why I'm surprised he didn't say they should have listened to me yeah.

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