Grisly near-pass over between passenger planes at JFK Airport


Until 1943 cancel takeoff clearance a terrifying near Miss between two passenger planes on the runway at New York's JFK Airport we're talking all split seconds here but the initial cognition was this is not going to end well this animation shows a Delta jet on the bottom of your screen in red about to.

Take off Friday the 13th the pilot breaks moments before a possible collision with an American Airlines plane American 106 heavy FAA released a statement saying Delta flight 1943 stopped its takeoff roll approximately one thousand feet before reaching the American Airlines aircraft where was the miscommunication between.

The American Crew and the air traffic controllers the Delta crew was doing exact everything they were told to do how rare is something like this to happen this happens occasionally where there'll be a misunderst anding about an air traffic control clearance and somebody will end up having to reject to take off no one was hurt in the incident.

But the Delta flight returned to the gate where 145 passengers and six crew members deplane Brian Healey was on board during the close call it was like a split second of of panic um that resulted in this audible reaction on the plane I felt then adrenaline and there was total quiet on the plane and then there was relief when.

The plane came to a stop Delta issued an apology to customers provided overnight accommodations and is now investigating the incident along with the FAA and NTSB a potential tragedy averted with just seconds to spare Kathy Park NBC News thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking news by downloading the NBC News app.

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