Greg Gutfeld: This is how the media incites conflict


Here we go there we go there we are look at that look at that mother yeah somebody should have told me about my collar I'm firing somebody I don't know who it is happy Thursday everyone I'm super excited I'm welcoming Russell Brand to the show yes band of brand for decades ever since his.

Talk show Big Brother's big mouth it's a show that was so outrageous legal wouldn't even let us show it which sucks but even at the start of his career he was a brilliant brain in search of food at a time when the shelves were bare but now brand has made the most abrupt change in his career in any career since O.J Simpson.

Brad was a great comedian successful actor bigger than most rock stars it helped that he looked like Rasputin had sex with Janice Joplin they even had to play rock stars in movies because he was better at it than they before he got sober he proved no amount of drugs could take him down so he's a.

Comedian TV star movie star married to pop stars hyper articulate dresses like a Shabby hypnotist tall and handsome the hippest guy in Shangri-La I mean he inspired me to get hair plugs on my chest and what does he do he walks away from it he walks away from it like Hunter Biden strolling away from a stripper's.

Baby literally he lets it Go and for what to do a podcast because you know we don't have enough of them but he wasn't pushed he wasn't a victim of cancel culture no it's the opposite they didn't cancel him he canceled them and no one does that ever he dumped stardom so who was the side piece he.

Couldn't resist something called Truth here's a taste missing BC mate it was propagandist not crackery just give me up give me the specific examples ludicrous outrageous criticisms of Joe Rogan around Ivermectin who deliberately referring to as a horse medicine.

If you take this vaccine you're not gonna get it when it has been clinically but you're participating in the same game I feel so bad for him he it's like he wore that Joy Division shirt for nothing but it's not like brand was knocking just MSNBC he was knocking us as well but I can take it I'm a big boy even.

Though I buy my shoes at Baby Gap because I know that I am biased just like I know that I'm short or strikingly handsome that's the difference I don't pretend you'd mistake me for Edward R Murrow mainly because he's dead and still gets better ratings than Don Lemon so what could drive a movie star to.

Leave it all behind to join an uncertain future one that may in fact offer a way out well today we're watching a narrative pumped up by algorithms and media corporations that incite conflict because it makes money and it preserves the power of such algorithms in corporate bosses it directs our Behavior by spiking our anger with every headline.

And missing fact and as long as we as a nation fight amongst ourselves we can't fight them it's genius really if only someone had said this three years ago we're watching a narrative pumped up by algorithms and media corporations and citing conflict because it makes money and it preserves the power of such algorithms and corporate bosses it.

Directs our Behavior by spiking our anger with every headline and missing fact and as long as we as a nation fight amongst ourselves we can't fight them it's genius really wow it's almost like I age backward five years from now I'll be doing this show in a diaper so that's how I feel about Russell how.

Does he feel about me I bet Greg Gutfeld vibrates as a human being in hatred Greg gutfield vibrates as a human being in hatred creates a bit of a swine and a bit of a snide you're a silly sausage you're stealing oxygen and you're wasting time your name your weird facial orifice looks looks like a caving in anus and most importantly your views.

Your espousing of hatred your emptiness your the echoing tub of your mind very good FYI after describing my face as an anus he received thousands of complaint letters but from anuses by the way I considered that a compliment the anus is very important I can crack a stalk of celery in half.

So did I burn all my posters of him in a bonfire no because I remember that I had it coming you know it's bad when a left-wing Kami scum named Russell Brand actually weighs in while Russell Brand is lecturing the United States on bigotry the deadliest form of bigotry radical Islam is spewing.

From his homeland but he's too much of a coward to actually focus on that you should talk about what's going on in his in his home and not in ours so there you go I'm bad if not worse which is why I'm grateful bran came here because he didn't have to he doesn't need me that's for sure meanwhile as bran visits us and Bill Maher and Joe.

Rogan and Tucker we see how Corporate media in the government it protects go after all four we know how CNN accused Rogan of advocating taking horse pills it was a lie so bold even horses said nay but it was a direct attack on someone threatening their power and now here's a headline from the new.

Statesman about Russell Brand we have lost Russell Brand and why you know I didn't read the article because it was behind a paywall and if I want to give money to progressives I'll tip a barista but their reason he's no longer saying what they want him to say just using the.

Word lost implies they owned him in the first place but now he's what Elizabeth Warren would call off the reservation and of course there's Tucker who adds more and not less information to a story that the media claims is bigger than 911 and yet when they get all this new stuff they go after him instead and why because he undermined their corrupt.

Narrative and there's this an actual senator last night millions of Americans tuned into one of the most shameful hours we have ever seen on cable television he's going to come back tonight with another segment Fox News should tell him not to I urge Fox News to order Carlson to cease.

Propagating the big lie on his network and to level with their viewers about the truth that's one of our oldest Senators you can smell him before he enters the room it's a combo of Ben Gay and he's calling a private company to censor an employee I think it's good to hear that out in.

The open because you know they always say the First Amendment only applies to the public sphere but when the government puts its thumb on a private company that's censorship too and now the FTC is asking Elon Musk to identify all journalists who had access to Twitter files any word from any media reporters nope I haven't seen a media.

This speechless since the view discovered an old Donut enjoy behar's armpit foreign and today this is from today watch how these Democrats treat Matt taibi first time that Mr musk approach you about writing uh the Twitter files you're asking a journalist.

To reveal you consider Mr must to be the direct source of all this no no you're you're trying to get me to say that he is the source if you're telling me you can't answer because it's your Source well then Dad the only logical conclusion is that he is in fact your Source well you're free to conclude that well sir I just don't understand.

You can't have it both ways no he can he's a journalist he can't I guess if democracy dies in darkness they're the ones turning off the lights so it's an implosion of a two-party system but not in government it's the media we've been stuck in the prison of two ideas for so long you have two choices left or right but now it's falling apart people like.

Bran Tucker Rogan Glenn Greenwald mataiibi their voices that identify with no one and yet Millions identify with them if that's how the future looks we should all be happy and it's thanks to no small part to the epic journey of Mr Russell Brand may continue says this flapping anus.

Like a scone in a volcano he's as hot as he is British actor and comedian Russell Brand truck drivers blush which he start to cuss outnumbered co-host Emily capagno she's like a hair dryer full of hot air and electrocutes people in bathtubs Fox News contributor captain and his pronouns are bite and me my.

Massive sidekick in the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Tyrese Russell welcome to the show finally you know do I still look like an anus I've been looking at you throughout that throughout that monologue yeah and if you resemble any body part at all it is the most valued one ah from a male perspective okay.

Also at that point we were in albeit abstractly at loggerheads with one another discussing some issues around which we thought we were deeply at odds but I can see over time we've come to agree that broadly speaking decentralization and meaningful attacks of systemic power are the only way that America and the world can progress to.

Allow people to organize their own communities to have as much individual and communal Freedom as possible to permit people to live as traditional or Progressive Lifestyles as they want to and form new alliances is the only way that we'll be able to confront centralized institutionalized power and these are more necessary now than ever.

And I don't usually say that to people if I think that they look like a bottom hole Greg so you should be flattered why thank you Emily do you think I look like an anus that's it this whole block is going to be about yeah what do you make of this do you think the two-party system of the media.

Is dead I think it's dying in terms of its credibility and I think we've learned that a long time ago I agree with Russell that the new alliances you spoke about decentralizing these alliances and the the Points of Power um we've seen how strong the liberal woke left refuses to let go of it right.

How strong they're attached to it the largest amount of prosecutions of journalists in terms of trying to identify those sources occurred in the Obama Administration here we have City and Senator Schumer that's to your point to crying in the First Amendment the fourth estate the access to transparency and Freedom of Information that's the.

Very last person on the planet that should be attacking what is disseminating video of something that we've spent hundreds of millions of dollars on Prosecuting and the left always eats their own we see it in Twitter we see it on social media if you dare to not have that group think if you dare to be an African-American senator.

Who's Conservative then you call names I can't say on television if you dare to not operate in lockstep the left will eat you alive recently Reuters and Oxford conducted a poll were they those two men they're two animals exactly assume but they asked who people trust and the top 10 journalists or sources that Americans trusted five of.

Them work at this network and the articulates on that list no but not at that time but the but the the point that people articulated was because it infused fact with strong opinion so it's not about the the lies that we keep seeing perpetuated by the left now you've point you've pointed out that is a game that both sides play but.

It's about those who bring you the fact and then say this is what I think this is my free thinking analysis Joe Rogan Glenn Greenwald and the like and people respect and appreciate that because otherwise they're fed a talking point and a script well done cat you know what I'm going to ask you if you look like a butthole yeah.

I mean yeah I mean it's true I'm all right with it yeah you know if you're gonna look look at look like something I mean like what everybody has yeah so some people are into that so uh so look I I agree I'm way more interested in this point at.

Conversations about like the people versus the system then partisan conversations of Republican versus Democrat I'm obviously I'm not either one of those things I'm not a Republican or a Democrat I never have been and it's just become so clear to me that it's more about party than principles and the one thing that's made that so clear to.

Me lately is the views on the military I've always been really anti-war I've always been a huge critic of the military industrial complex I think the Department of Defense is more like the department War makes money uh and you know just you can see how many times they've lied to us for those kinds of you know ambitious and money reasons but.

That's something in the past that people on the right would scream at me about right and now I would scream including you yeah especially you and now it's people on the left are screaming at me about it yeah uh and I think that it's any conversation that we can have I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing I think more free thinking and I.

Can sometimes have a conversation that's better with someone who's like super left-wing for example rather than a party line Democrat for example because at least they agree that the system and people in power kind of lie to you and we should be confronting that and be honestly searching for truth based on principles well I stopped listening when.

She said I look like an anus you asked yeah last word Tyrus what do you think you do yeah thank you um nice unfortunately man it's we've become like the mob you know and this is hot right now that people are blasting each other but we're just one street attack away from falling right.

Back in line they're just waiting for the next so-called racist police attacked or or celebrity decides to go on a yacht trip with his wife and she falls over and we'll follow that for six months and not pay attention to all the good that's being put out there to people to pay attention to I would just say this you don't have to pick sides.

But whenever someone whenever you come to somebody with something and be like we have this photo here that shows this and their answer is where'd you get that from who's your Source I want to know not oh I can explain that or oh so that's their angle well bring out ours I mean they literally had a whole production team.

I'm sure there's some B footage left of their version of January 6 but instead it was you get that from who is it we want to know we want to get rid of them tell us now that comes from somebody who's corrupt because when and just like if you were cheating on your wife and they're like we have this photo it's not.

Oh I'm sorry I shouldn't cheat on my wife how did you find out none of your business were you looking at my phone honey how dare you violate my trust see this is the same yeah unfortunately but it all sounded good though you guys were all on a roll thank you I dug that it's true we need another weird controversial uh Celebrity Death we're.

Just coming off the Murdoch thing yeah you know what if you were to perish at Fox News that would be an amazing story I don't want to give up the gift of Life simply to provide more fodder for the media we all agree with that the sweetness of humanity yes just to give you a bit of a laugh Greg yes just.

So that you can pucker up the sweet sphincter that is your Visage yes it's not just about laughs it's about ratings hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it anywhere else.

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  1. I’m in a position to expose you why. Because Russell price has a coronary heart. Humanity. Intellect. A sense of justice and fairness. A willingness to buck the machine, hard , in the pursuits of humanity. I love him, yet disagree with several of his views. Bigger than several. Admire.

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