Green Comet to cross over Earth for first time in 50,000 years


Some spectacular images of a rare green Comet that hasn't been this close to Earth in nearly 50 000 years NBC's Tom Costello covers space force he's been following this comment 50 000 years time 50 000 years the last time this Comet visited Earth was in the upper Paleolithic Era during the time of the.

Neanderthals that means cavemen were the last to see this Comet Light Up the Sky it's going to come within 27 million miles of Earth that's still a hundred times further away than the moon so it's no threat to Earth it's essentially a big snowball made of Frozen Rock and dust astronomers think that it let it it they saw it rather last March from an.

Observatory in Southern California and what makes this Comet so unique so cool is that green glow it almost looks like the northern lights in the images that Emerald coloring it comes from the presence of carbon in the cloud of gas that surrounds the comet nucleus so the center of the Comet really it's just beautifully striking isn't it Tom what.

If someone missed it as most folks probably did I mean will people have another another chance to see it for themselves before it moves on you know what hold on hold on hold on Craig I need some theme music here we go if you missed it last night yeah if you're a Trekkie at heart you're in luck.

You can still try to you can still still try to spot the comet again tonight and in the coming days you'll have the best chance to see it out in rural areas where there really isn't much light pollution from major cities Sunday the 5th may be a good time as well and on the 10th by the way it comes close to Mars astronomers say yeah you should go.

Out before Dawn once the moon has set and look toward the northeastern Horizon be sure to bring the binoculars a telescope Mr Spock to help increase your chances of getting a good view after that the next opportunity is going to be 50 000 years from now go don't worry I will be here same town at the same time doing the story that's right live long.

And prosper thank you so much we were laughing my life like could the cavemen see it if they didn't have telescopes and Al you were saying well there was literally no surface and by the way uh Tom Costello uh since you played that music you're on the hook for the 50 000 rights for this yeah oh there you go I was worried about that.

Yeah nice report Todd thanks so much hey thanks for watching don't miss the Today show every weekday at 11 A.M Eastern 8 Pacific on our streaming Channel today all day to watch head to all day or click the link right here

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