Glenn Youngkin: US wants a chief and Biden is a follower


Want to bring the Republican Governor out of Virginia Glenn Younkin who is a very very busy man he lives his life in a hurry good morning Governor good morning thank you so much for having me um I think we have to recognize two things the competition is here and the consensus in Washington is here too Republicans and Democrats participating.

In the hearing last night with that being said what should in your view be the relationship between Beijing and Washington we first have to identify the fact that what China's Chinese government's role is is to dominate the world and to do it at the expense of the United States and we are seeing bipartisan support for that view but.

Unfortunately the Democrats tend to pull up short right when it gets difficult then they compromise and we have to have Unity on this point even Chuck Schumer said it the other day that's big stop number one is that this is not a friendly rivalry this is this is in fact a race to win the future of the globe and China is trying to do it at the.

Expense of the United States what that means is that we cannot be weak and what the bite Administration has been at every step along the way with China is weak I mean we see the way that they handled handled Democratic protests in Hong Kong they crushed them they're using every Avenue possible in surveillance between Tick Tock which we.

Banned in Virginia and and finally the Federal Government after 30 states have banned Tick Tock has finally waking up I don't call that leadership I call that following in Virginia we have banned Bad actors from buying our farmland and finally we have to recognize that the the most coercive step of the Chinese government is through economic.

Imperialism and it was a protectionist market of old and in the last five years they have fundamentally shift and they are projecting their communist ideology through economics around the world and we've got to recognize this and stand up for those most trusted industries that we know are the future of the United States semiconductors the supply chains.

Around electric vehicle electric vehicles and batteries our energy Supply broadly which yes includes traditional energy supplies we have to protect these industries and make sure that we have trusted Supply chains that are American-owned and American dominated or with trusted International Partners but it's been clear.

China North Korea Iran Russia these aren't trusted International Partners we have to make sure they're not part of our supply chains you come from the world of the private sector and I we I think we can all agree and that's what the committee is talking about is that the government needs to do something different with China but do you think.

That the business community in Wall Street is on the same page with that or do they also want to continue to try to do some business with China even if there is an economic and National Security conflict that's coming yeah I think this is this has been the the footsie that the business Community has played with China for so long the.

Reality is China has changed dramatically in the last five to ten years and what used to be a very China focused strategy to protect their Market I mean in 2016 General Motors is trying to sell electric vehicles in China and they're using a Korean battery and the Chinese government says no no no no you must use a Chinese manufacturer they.

Pushed in a company called cattle into that so that is wildly protectionist for Chinese economy and now they're pushing it outside of China and so businesses just need to wake up this is what they're going to do this is how they're acting it's it's it is an imperialistic capitalistic approach and I think businesses need to step back and say is.

This a market that I really am comfortable playing we need to Define that relationship we absolutely do we absolutely real quick though Bill real quick but which is why we have to identify these most important industries that are key to our national security that we cannot compromise on and unfortunately the Biden Administration.

Is willing to compromise on anything they they stand up and as soon as it gets tough they will step back and allow China to do what they need to do they have got to stand up and we need to do it let's get into politics a little bit here you mentioned Joe Biden you the other day he went to Virginia uh you said he should go to East Palestine Ohio.

He chose Virginia and said the following um about how he characterizes the Republican Party watch an awful lot of really good Republicans but the mighty Republicans are a different breed of cat no they're not bad or good Edition very they're very different it's kind of like in my view sort of two Republican parties.

Unfortunately first of all you're from Ohio he should go to Ohio and when there's Americans in need and they're in need of leadership our President should show up and what he's demonstrating is he's going to choose politics over people he's going to come come to Virginia I understand why he wants to come to Virginia Virginia is rocking and.

Rolling I mean when I when I was elected in 2021 and been in office for a little over a year we've got Virginia moving economically we're fixing education we're standing up for law enforcement I know why he wants to come to Virginia because we are rocking and rolling but the flip side is you have to lead when you're president and he is a follower.

And unfortunately the Ohio situation particularly screams for leadership he has not done it the challenge we've got is Joe Biden would rather try to divide us as a nation and try to put people in this box or that box as opposed to right now bring us together and recognize that we have to have Unity against China that's what Chuck Schumer said we in.

Fact need Unity on the border because we must fix this border it's it's it a national security crisis where we're seeing not only not only people's lives put in Jeopardy but we're seeing the free flow of fentanyl poisoning people all over America Virginia is a border state today Virginia is a border state we have to we have to be lock armed in.

Our economy right now Joe Biden's driving inflation and then he says he says he's going to raise taxes I mean in Virginia we're lowering taxes because people need more access to their money at a time when the economy is so tough well with regard to the Border all he has to do is listen to the Chris Ray interview with Brett that was conducted.

Last night someone you know well one of your political Consultants jeffrow is on the Sunday show this weekend with Shannon bream talking about 2024 here's what he said the reality is this this is a two-person race between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis I think it's gonna be a small field because the money's not there the.

Debate stage rules will keep it very limited you have to have a donor threshold you have to have National polling and there's simply no room for for a third or fourth or even fifth person in this race is that how you see it well I I am not looking at 2024 right now I'm looking at 2023 and we just got through our legislative session and I've.

Still got a budget to negotiate and our priorities in Virginia I believe are representative of the priorities for America we've got to get taxes down and allow people to keep more of their own money we've got to invest in education and stand for excellence in education not watered down priorities but if you've got to stand up for long but if.

You were going to get into the 2024 race you can't do that at the end of 2023 that is happening now well I have said to everyone because this question I get asked quite a bit and first I'm humbled by it I mean I was a kid 40 years ago he was washing dishes and taking out trash and three years ago I was in the business world and so while I'm.

Reasonably new to this what I know is that I've got to stay focused on the job I've been hired to do and the job I've been hired to do is to make sure that Virginia continues to drive towards that excellent position where businesses come where people whose parents feel confident that their children are going to receive a great education and where.

Our communities are safe and these are the issues that Americans are focused about and this is why I think Virginia gets so much attention is because we came in at a time when Virginia had moved so far to the left and all of these key principles were compromised and in the little over a year that I've been Governor we've taken them all.

Head-on and we have in fact delivered on what we said sounds like a campaign in progress in the works here uh jeffrow is strategist for you um came back on Monday and called you a unicorn in American politics and then he said with regard to the comments that he gave to Shannon on Sunday uh you will make a lane for yourself you don't need.

A lane created for you describe that lane for us today as we sit here on the first of March 2023. so so again thank you those are comments that that Jeff made I I not talked to Jeff about about this these comments over the weekend um what I have been so focused on is delivering for Virginia and you see there's a there's a reality which is uh.

People elect you because they want to trust you to deliver and I believe I was elected at a time when trust had been eroded in the political system in Virginia and they wanted a governor who was going to deliver on tax cuts and standing up for law enforcement and fixing education and making government work better and delivering Behavioral.

Health outcomes that that could deliver for all Virginians and I believe that's my job and if I deliver well on those those priorities then Virginians will be happy that they elected Glenn young in his Governor last year do you think the Virginians are going to wish that a governor could run for re-election well part of part of the part of the.

Uniqueness of the Commonwealth of Virginia is we have one term one shot we get one term which means we better get going and yeah I hear you and I I bring a real a real sense of of urgency to the job um we work hard our Administration works hard I told everybody at our at a cabinet meeting I know everybody's.

Working hard but we have a whole nother gear we can accelerate what we're doing and deliver more and do it faster I think this is a whole new approach to government and we're proven that it works I think it just takes a different mindset and I think it it takes a different kind of leader one who understands how to not just scope out.

Where we want to go but to get us there yeah all right your State Constitution limits you to one term so you're going to have some decisions to make eventually Governor thank you thank you very much okay I appreciate you we'll stay in contact thank you great to have you thank you so much I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and.

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