Gen. Keane warns China will have a ‘fatal mistake’ if they provide lethal support to Russia


Russian President Vladimir Putin meanwhal delivering his state of the nation address this morning he announced that Moscow will suspend its participation of the new start nuclear arms treaty Putin also spent time on Russia's invasion of Ukraine which started nearly one year ago watch the responsibility for fermenting the.

Ukrainian conflict for its escalation and for the increasing number of victims lies entirely with Western Elites and of course the current regime in key for which the Ukrainian people are essentially strangers President Biden is scheduled to deliver his own remarks on Russia's War later today one day after his surprise visit.

To Kiev yesterday joining me right now is Fox News a senior strategic analyst chairman of the institute for the study of War General Jack Keane General it's good to see you thanks very much for being here of course our hearts go out to all of the people of Ukraine America has been incredibly supportive but what are your thoughts on what this visit.

Does the president showing up in Kiev and more money sent to Ukraine we're up to 113 billion funds committed well first of all I commend the president for getting there it is significant that he goes into the war zone and and visits uh president zielinski there's nothing like being on the ground certainly I think he should.

Have been there last summer to be frank about it but I'm delighted that that he went um I totally agree with the funding in Ukraine I take issue with your former guest here who made statements that well we've got the problem at the southern border and we got the problem in Ohio we got the problem with fentanyl does.

Anybody really believe that if we pulled the plug on the funding in Ukraine and let Russia China and Iran be Victors there that we will actually somehow solve the problem on the southern border the fentanyl problem and our government will be more responsive to the needs of the American people when they have a catastrophe like what's taking place in.

Ohio I don't think so these things are not mutually exclusive we've got we've got a country a democracy that has been invaded by Russia China has refused to call out the invasion has refused to say it's illegal has refused to oppose the genocide of war crimes that are being committed there they are providing as we know.

Right now commercial drones to help Russia they are thinking about providing military aid to Russia and yes are we concerned about China you betcha and if if the United States and the West loses to political will and the moral compass to stand up for a democracy in Europe what is the message that we are going to send to.

China is that going to be an incentive for them to validate what president XI has already said the United States is a declining power and if we underscore Russia's victory in Ukraine and China and Iran's support of that that will be a seminal event for China to get more aggressive and we know we are outgunned and outmanned in the.

Indo-pacific region we've got to face the world as it really is and face up the sum of the responsibilities we got a six trillion dollar budget Maria and we're talking about a hundred billion dollars here the amount of money that bite Administration spends on other things domestically I'm not an expert on it but most of it I don't particularly.

Agree with I do think this is a return on investment to spend this kind of money to guarantee the freedom of the Ukrainian people but particularly to oppose the aggression of Russia which is being supported by Iran and China yeah all really important points General but why are we funding the expansion of the Chinese Communist party I mean we have.

Done nothing in terms of pushing back on China's provocations we've got China claiming to push back after the U.S said that Beijing is considering sending quote lethal Aid to Russia for its war in Ukraine but here's China's foreign Ministry spokesperson and what he said about this yesterday watch this it is the U.S who kept providing weapons.

To the battlefield not China the U.S is in no position to tell us what to do and we would never accept its finger-pointing and even coercion and pressure on china-russia relations we never accept any bossing around coercing or pressure from the United States on china-russia relations so here we have him once again trying to.

Dress down the United States let's be clear the China issue is not just about Ukraine the China issue is about China's provocations on the United States we've got this spy tool in this you know this spy balloon that was able to hover above military installations our nuclear installations we haven't heard a word from President Biden pushing back to.

China on that and this is after China was able to unleash uh accidentally or not a a virus that killed a million people in America and then try to cover it up we've had no pushback whatsoever in terms of getting to the origins of covet 19. so when you're looking at China I don't think we could only look at China and its support of Russia which.

We know is obvious but it's even more than that what has this Administration done to that counter China's provocations well I've been talking to you for years about Chinese that's right please you were the first person to say we were outgunned and outmanned and that we need to invest in.

Our military because they have a bigger Navy than we are but I don't hear that from this Administration well let's just get to the specifics right in front of us a year ago China was going to provide lethal Aid to Russia this Administration I give them some credit quietly not publicly called them out of that and they didn't do it I.

Actually applaud them calling them out publicly now the EU has come out and said very unequivocally the relationship with China will change if they provide lethal Aid to Russia it will be a red line for us if China provides this lethal Aid the United States and and the EU and Europe will be much more aligned than we have ever been in terms of.

Anti-china policies you know full well that there are countries inside of Europe that have a sweetheart relationship with China they push back publicly on the aggressive policy and increase their economic ties the United States should be trying to decouple some of these ties that make sense we know we're not going to decouple the whole.

Economy but anything that's helping the military anything that is helping the repression of the Chinese people you betcha we got to be decoupling that I think China will make a fatal mistake if they provide these lethal lethal arms and I think it's it's possible they won't because the public reaction that's taken place and I give the.

Administration some credit while I'm very critical of them on how they're dealing with Ukraine and not giving them enough to win the war this factor I think is is a good step to pushing back on China publicly at this time yeah and I'm glad you mentioned companies because that's who I'm referring to Corporate America who is funding the expansion of.

The CCP by investing in these companies in all the indexes and in the thrift fund and all the rest but of course we know that they're not going to stop until policy changes it starts with policy so that's why I have to go back to this Administration and point the finger in terms of the pushback on China and the president keeps calling China.

Competitor uh it's an adversary I think I think that they've made that clear General it's always a pleasure to see you and to speak with you about all of these very important topics thank you sir yeah great talking Maria wonderful ngu General Jack Keane

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