Gaze signifies US militarily unprepared for conflict with China


Meanwhile a new study finds that the United States defense industry is not prepared for a prolonged war with China the center for strategic and International Studies running a war game simulation and that revealed that the U.S would likely exhaust some of its weapons in less than a week of war with Beijing in the Taiwan Straits joining me.

Right now is a man who told us this three to five years ago Fox News senior strategic analyst and chairman of the Institute of study of War General Jack Keane is here General it's good to see you thank you so much for being here I know over and over again we've had this conversation and you have said many times we are outgunned we need to invest.

More in our defense against potential problems with China what is your reaction to this study yeah well it just confirms once again things that we already know we've been playing war games dealing with Taiwan and China for years and the results in most of those war games were unfavorable to the United States and our allies and.

Certainly one of the the critical points is the shortage of stockpiles of ammunition and this has been well known and we've got to move from a peacetime footing to a wartime footing to catch up and really what has accented this Maria is what has taken place in Ukraine and the fact that we are exhausting some of our stockpiles.

To provide to Ukraine has put an added Spotlight on this where the Congress now has visibility of and that is a good thing what we need to do is go to the defense industry with the money that is needed to develop multi-year contracts and accelerate the development of these shortages that we have and then we're in Ukraine in the war over Taiwan would be.

Different in Taiwan as opposed to lots of artillery ammunition and Small Arms ammunition it would be about offensive missiles anti-ship anti-ground anti-aircraft missiles is where our shortages are coming from ground-based units ship units as well as uh Air Force and air power units all significant shortages Precision guided Munitions got.

To fix it sense of urgency is what's needed see one of the problems is the prayer priorities right what are the priorities is our priority at the Pentagon Readiness or is our priority uh transgenderism and woke training you've got this showdown about to happen you know that in June where the debt ceiling.

Is going to have to be raised the Republicans want to go back to 2022 levels of spending but if you go back to 2022 levels of spending that's a 75 billion dollar cut in defense spending so what are you going to cut is the is it enough to cut out woke training and and this you know constant conversation about transgenderism to change the.

Priority to to Readiness and not all this other stuff the Pentagon now is reportedly in the early stages of preparing for house Speaker Kevin McCarthy to visit Taiwan uh as early as this spring McCarthy vowed to travel to Taiwan if Republicans took control of the house he's going to keep that promise General I mean what about that.

What is that going to trigger a response from China and how are we going to spend our money in the pen Pentagon and keep to these debt ceiling limitations well first of all yes speaker McCarthy will likely go he advertised he would and I'm sure that as you indicated plans are being made listen he has every right to go to Taiwan I mean to show political.

Support to the Taiwanese as he would for other countries and also to commit to them that the Congress of the United States at least a portion that he's in charge of is going to support Taiwan with military assistance but what we've been doing for Years Maria being self-deterring ourselves from making these visits and we're still doing it.

His who doesn't go to Taiwan and it's pretty significant the Secretary of State the Secretary of Defense the National Security adviser the chairman of the Joint Chiefs even the military commander of the indo-pacific region doesn't go to Taiwan we self-deter ourselves and they all have very significant reasons to go there in terms.

Of being united on policy being united on military operations to be sure so we have to stop worrying about China getting upset over a visit that is something that we should be doing that would be irresponsible not to do and we've got to get on with it and stop cuddling the China's provocation threat as a means for as a reason for not going.

Yep for sure John need an hour to Howard Keane we so appreciate your time this morning thank you so much a lot to get to we'll see you soon General thank you

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  1. We would possibly per chance per chance merely no longer be ready for China nevertheless our sailors, soldiers and marines maintain never been higher trained to be inclusive, employ correct pronouns and they understand what every color of the LGBTQ+ABCDEFG…. flag record……So there’s that…….

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