Gas prices soaring nationwide


In an unexpected twist pump prices are soaring Nationwide this winter tonight drivers are once again fuming over more expensive fuel gas prices going up don't alarm me as much as food prices inflation cooled in December to 6.5 percent signaling some relief as prices of some goods are going down yet the average for a gallon of regular.

Currently hovering at around three dollars and fifty cents surging nearly 10 cents from a week ago and 40 cents from last month winner traditionally sees lower gas prices because of less drivers on the roads but an unusually mild winter season means the demand is high putting a strain on Supply experts laying blame on Refinery troubles and.

Booming oil prices the question is where's the supply going to come from and there's just not that many places around the world where lots of additional Supply can come quickly the U.S oil production is going to grow but Shale is not growing at the rate it was before Colorado is among one of 10 states seeing some of the steepest week.

To week increases the Centennial state left out a standstill after their sole Refinery run by Suncor Energy was paralyzed by extreme cold weather last December and subsequent fires that caused extensive damage at the facility and with China easing covid-19 restrictions worldwide demand is expected to Skyrocket combined with the.

Biden Administration not willing to tap further into the petroleum Reserve oil prices could climb to the hundred dollar a barrel mark But experts say drivers could see some relief soon U.S refining capacity is set to go up this year in addition there are new refiners coming online in Asia Africa and the Middle East.

George joins us now from Philadelphia where gas prices are well above the national average right what's the highest people can expect to pay George if this search continues that's right take analysts say that four dollar gallon of gas could be a reality by March and likely to stay there for a while a real blow just as inflation.

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  1. Of us bitch about gas prices but judge EVs dont exist. That you just would have the ability to per chance per chance per chance also price your automotive at house and most native drives by no plot wish to cease to refuel.

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