Gape why tensions are rising between US and China over Taiwan


He is going to blame someone other than himself for all of the investigations. We will see. >>> Meantime, the threat of Chinese invasion is playing into this, invasion of Taiwan is growing. If that happens the U.S. Has.

Vowed to fight in Taiwan's defense. A battle between China and the U.S. Over the self-governing island nation could result in devastating mutual losses which is one of the reasons Taiwan is a critical interest to both superpowers.

Will Ripley joins us with more. Hello, will Ripley from Taipei. Tensions rising across the Taiwan strait. Where do things stand between China and the U.S.? >> Reporter: Are the united States under former president trump and president Biden has.

Been selling Taiwan billions of dollars in weapons more than ever before, trying to get weapons into this island so it could defend itself potentially if China were to make a move. You heard the former president talking about he being able to prevent World War III while CNN.

With this submarine deal with Australia and the United Kingdom is hoping there will be deterrence in this region and underwater power to prevent China from making a move on Taiwan. >> Reporter: Chinese fighter jets streaming over the skies.

Military ships sailing off its coast. Daily occurrences for Taiwan. Living under the constant threat of a possible Chinese attack. Beijing's communist leader claims Taiwan as part of its territory despite having never ruled it.

Tensions rising across the Taiwan strait since Nancy Pelosi's visit in August, the first visit in 25 years. >> We will not abandon our commitment to Taiwan. >> Reporter: China's response, days of large-scale military drills encircling the island,.

Firing ballistic missiles over Taiwan. Analyst fear this may be repeated again next month. Taiwan's president Tsai ing-wen expected to meet U.S. House speaker Kevin Mccarthy. >> Are you saying that the United States would come to.

Taiwan's defense if — >> Yes. We have a commitment to do that. >> Reporter: The U.S. Has reasons to worry about a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Protecting valuable semiconductor chips. Taiwan is a global leader.

Tiny chips that power frefrg computers to stars. The island producing 70% of global supply. Defending democracy. Losing to communist China would shatter stability. Protecting U.S. Alliances. Asian countries would face a.

More powerful China with little freedom of speech. The stakes are high. But experts believe there is reason for optimism. >> Do you think the U.S. And China are headed in a positive optimistic direction? >> The idea that conflict.

Between the U.S. And China is inevitable I strongly disagree with that. >> Reporter: Meaningful channels of communication between the U.S. And the prc helps us minimize unknowns, minimize confusion and misunderstands and thes good for Taiwan.

U.s./china relations on a downward spiral since that suspected Chinese spy balloon bursting months of beijing/d.c. Diplomacy. The U.S. And Taiwan get even closer. Taiwan's president and the third in line to the U.S. Presidency.

Meeting on American soil. As tensions escalate, all eyes will be on China and where is this all headed. When you look at the U.S. Expanding its military presence in the Philippines, encouraging Japan to expand their role in the military.

This nuclear submarine deal, the United States feels deterrence in this part of the world is crucial. And China's rhetoric is really sharp. From XI jinping all the way down, China is blasting the United States and it's.

Apparently the external messaging matches what the tone is internally. They haven't reestablished lines of communication since the U.S. Shot down the spy balloon. >> No, they haven't. They haven't had those conversations.

We were just talking to Natasha about that earlier. And while we are seeing president Biden taught the submarine deal, it's not a surprise, they announced this 18 months ago, was a big deal then. Now that it's coming to fruition, this is happening with.

The background of what everyone in Washington was talking about this weekend China brokering this diplomatic deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia. >> Reporter: Yeah, you are seeing these power plays. The United States, you know, is supreme when can comes to.

Underwater power. So to have nuke submarines now rotating in Australia in 25 years, Australia can start producing their own nuclear snoouks changes the dynamic. China going to the Middle East which has been a stronghold of U.S. Diplomacy and brokering a.

Deal, not the first, obviously, between Saudi Arabia and Iran, but it is a message to the United States the fact that they were specific and clear that none of the language would be in English when they were doing the negotiations. So that goes to show China's.

Rising influence whether the negotiations will be successful, you know, it's also happening in Africa where China is making economic investments. So it's economic and diplomatic power and military power and you have the U.S. And allies and you have China and Russia and other.

Authoritarian countries gearing up for this showdown, both sides trying to outmatch the other. Will it be deterrence or could it evolve to something more and

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