Fox News scandal hits Hannity: Look anchor confronted on air for knowingly peddling MAGA lies


Andrew Weissman the former Mueller prosecutor and FBI general counsel his thoughts on Wu-Tang we may get to later in the interview but as for right now just thanks for being here nice to be here so this since we're talking about fictional things it's this is you know the story is greed is good is you know because you have him saying.

It's not blue and it's not red it's green that is one of the things that Murdoch testified to that is just the worst possible sentence for a jury to hear because they're going to be hearing um not just about sort of regular compensatory damages but they will if there is a trial they will be able to decide on punitive damages and that kind.

Of line is the kind of line that I think would make a jury quite upset uh and you would and you would know Andrew I mean you would know and this goes to how smart is Murdoch how on his a game is he I'm not taking anything away from him with regard to his efficacy we could talk about his his failures his ethics the endorsement of the lies but his.

Efficacy is he seems to think that he can push others out front and then he can back away and say it was just business you see limits to that how yeah so I think that might be a perfectly good strategy for the public but I don't see that working in any way in a court of law which you alluded to um you know the way the law works it.

Doesn't matter if it turns out that it's just incredibly powerful anchors who are doing this with malice or if it's the CEO who's doing this with malice it you know all of that gets imputed to the company and it's the company that is on trial um it also so in other words the fact that the very very top of the company is.

Not involved wouldn't be a defense now I also think that is a very hard factual thing based on the brief that we all read it's a very hard factual claim to make because you know everyone knows that fox is controlled by Murdoch and now Lachlan his son and they appear to be all over the reaction uh to what happened when they called Arizona for.

Biden and and the theory here is Dominion says because of that reaction you know all hell broke loose internally where the anchors realizing the stock was going to go down Tucker Carlson saying let's fire people who tell us that we should tell the truth because we really don't want to have our stock decline so I don't think factually it's.

Going to work and I don't think legally it works to say oh it's only sort of the person who reported to me right well legally responsible and legally that's what's fascinating because there are businesses that can run almost amorally and it's a defense to them doing business no one's suing Disney over Mickey Mouse and saying there's no.

Talking Mouse that's not a defamation claim because they deal in fiction the problem here is that what everyone thinks of Fox News and they've been caught lying they are on trial for knowing deliberate defamation and lying so saying hey we just put this out doesn't work on a defamation case which is different perhaps than some other.

Places where Murdoch might have tried these defenses I want to play for you have some of this is piercing the conservative bubble we've talked about whether people are hearing about this or not I've told viewers there's a lot of signs that this could be the straw that breaks the proverbial Liars back if you will here's some of what happened on.

Hannity's radio show you knew the election wasn't stolen from Trump and you guys lied about it anyway because you felt you had a good reason no if you listen to what I said on the air every day what did I talk about let me remind you many Americans do not believe that this election was fair I feel that way it's a corrupt and an.

Embarrassing disgrace I'm asking you if you all knew that the election wasn't stolen from Trump and yet no no no you're not listening to what I'm saying I said I had problems that there were Integrity issues our Dominion systems prone to human error 72 million Americans voted for Donald Trump all of them all of us deserve an answer.

Andrew my final question to you is not strictly courtroom legal but in the broader sense of the legal reasoning you've used about your quite considerable legal career to do fact-finding I mean that's part of what what your tools you used in the Mueller investigation in FBI when you see facts like this emerge do you think that writ.

Large over time whatever the resolution in this case um they can affect um the standing in the sense of how we categorize Fox News as a society does that matter yeah that is a great question the way I think about this is I think about disinformation outside of a courtroom.

Where we're all infected by politicians and unfortunately significant media Outlets where there doesn't seem to be any repercussion for that and what is going on in a court of law where as a judge said Amy Berman Jackson who was the judge over the manafort case she said you know this is a place where facts still matter and by and large the.

Judiciary has really fared very well because what we're seeing here is a place where facts matter and so Fox News the reason they're quote getting caught is because it's a place where what they have been doing is now being exposed in a place where facts actually matter so whatever spin they're doing in public and whatever they can get away with.

Um it'll be interesting to see whether what happens in court to your point really sort of seeps out and people react to it saying you know what we now see the reality and then very much the way that the January 6 committee tried to do that exact same thing which was to put out in public all of the facts about the plot that was going on and that you.

Have written about um about the various aspects of it so I think it's really similar yeah I don't thank you for what you said in the points you raise and I don't want to go too highbrow is still the beat Andrew would keep it real um but I am a little bit reminded of one of the things tocqueville said about the.

Good part of American culture which is that the the traditions of the courtroom Done Right facts and our peers as the backstop not not Elites not the the rich not a monarch our peers are the courtroom backstop in the jury and the facts are what we're all supposed to work on if people do that in good faith 12 very.

Different people can come together they'll be asked to do that if this case goes to trial uh and at a time with so many problems that might be uh some silver lining for us tonight thank you

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