Fox News aspects out Trump officers by no methodology visited disclose derailment web sites


We're bringing thousands of bottle of water Trump water actually most of it uh some of it we had to go to a much lesser Quality Water you want to get those Trump bottles I think more than anybody else but we're bringing a lot of water thousands of bottles and we have it in trucks so we brought some on my plane today.

But to that end I'm pleased to announce that we've helped coordinate the delivery of the water and bottled water as well as the tractor Trail is full of it we have big tractor trailers full of water I think you're going to have plenty of water for a long time maybe the guy's just so gross he really is I mean you're talking about Trump water.

Branded Trump water uh and and by the way he's such a hypocrite too talking about attacking Joe Biden while Joe Biden is going you know risking his life fighting for Western democracy something he doesn't give a damn about something you know when you have a guy that talks about suspending the Constitution uh uh uh it's just absolutely.

And by the way where was that guy when there were were disasters when there were trained disasters when he was president of the United States exactly I never saw him out I never saw him out where was he why did he decide to go here well he did go throw paper towels at people at one point former president Donald Trump bringing Trump water with.

Him on a visit to East Palestine Ohio yesterday that's where the Norfolk Southern Train derailed and Spilled toxic chemicals Trump spent his time criticizing President Biden's handling of the crisis and said he had a stronger working relationship with FEMA when he was in power Trump also claimed without evidence that the Biden Administration.

Only directed more resources to East Palestine because Trump announced that he's just alive visiting the area FEMA said specifically this doesn't meet the criteria and that's horrible and somebody has to do something for those people I said back when I announced that I was coming they changed their tune it.

Was an amazing phenomena Transportation secretary Pete butter judge is set to visit East Palestine today this is his first trip to the area since the derailment happened nearly three weeks ago Buddha judge has received a lot of criticism for his handling of the disaster his spokesperson says he wanted to visit so.

He waited to visit so it would not detract from emergency response efforts while Trump was criticizing President Biden and transportation secretary Pete Buddha judge for not visiting East Palestine yet Fox News had this fact check last night take a look there is this political moment and.

There's been a lot of criticism of the transportation secretary Politico pointing out that Buddha judge secretary Buddha judge will visit there Ohio crash tomorrow uh quote he's also expected to meet with DOT officials who arrived on the ground within hours of the derailment they point out it's exceedingly rare for a transportation.

Secretary to visit the site of a trained derailment especially one that resulted in no fatalities and the reason they're pointing that out it's it's fair that's accurate and there were trained derailments in the Trump Administration that actually had fatalities that didn't have a visit by a transportation secretary Elaine Chao The key thing.

Always is what is what if anything is an Administration obliged to do when something like this happened and visits by officials are nice but they're essentially political gestures I mean I don't think the administration's policy and actions toward East Palestine would be any different if more officials had gone there the president's overseas I.

I'm completely reject the parallel has been drawn between his going to Ukraine and not going as so far at least to East Palestine let's remember this bread about these issues the federal government preeminently has the responsibility for our National Defense now he may ultimately go to East.

Palestine and Pete budigens probably would have done himself some good by going out there it might have made people feel better but substantively it doesn't make much difference you know and and it's very it's a very good point uh Willie that the president of the United States the commander-in-chief his preeminent uh.

Responsibility constitutionally uh you know to protect this country uh protect the country as commander-in-chief and uh you can do two things at once and it's as Brit Hume also said um just because officials show up to get their pictures taken uh it doesn't doesn't really mean anything the question is what policies are being put.

In place now listen could it could Pete Buda judge another uh officials at the Biden uh in the Bible Administration gone there Center yeah even be Buddha judge says he could have gone there sinner should have gone there sooner a lot of them should have gone there sooner but but it's just idiocy uh to to be attacking a president of the United.

States for risking his life going into a war zone uh to to to send a strong message pushing back against Russian tyranny and I just I mean hell do we do we go back and look at every time Ronald Reagan was going across the world to push back against communism to see what disaster was going on in America and criticize him because I didn't hear.

Republicans do that this is where reactionary partisanship lands you whatever the president is doing I have to find some way to criticize it even if I know it's an objectively good thing for the president to have shown his face inside of Kiev and to make that speech this week I've got to find some way to criticize him so.

I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that Donald Trump and some of the members of the Republican Party are conducting themselves this way but Brit Hume for example has been around for more than five minutes and understands the importance of Donald excuse me of Joe Biden's visit uh Jen saki to Eastern Europe and and to Ukraine and I suspect.

And you would understand the inner workings of this better than anyone on the panel that the president may make a visit but in a case like this to East Palestine he would send a cabinet official first and perhaps Buddha Jay should have been there sooner but the president May well go there to Ohio as well yeah that that's right Willie I.

Mean typically there's an order of events as you said here and it may have been that it was too early for him to go before the trip and there was a sequencing where certain cabinet officials should go first there's no question there it would have been a little bit easier for them optically if uh secretary Budaj had gone a little bit.

Earlier I believe the EPA administrator has been there and of course FEMA but what's also true and you know in moments like this it's a little bit of a case study as I was watching this all happened yesterday of what the White House is going to do and how they're going to handle it when Trump attacks Biden because they they don't want to.

Elevate Trump right they don't even know for sure he'll be the nominee even though I bet at this point he will be but what they did yesterday was kind of interesting because they didn't just ignore it they punched back substantively which that may not make a difference in the Ohio coverage of Trump's visit but they basically made.

The case that the Trump Administration they pushed for deregulation that made it so that faster breaks were not in place and the Republic Republicans in the house supported defunding cleanup so it is a substantive argument which is sometimes harder to break through but it was interesting to see that they didn't just.

Sit back and let it happen they punched back and we'll see how that kind of plays out as Trump does this more in the months ahead obviously Willie there's a lot of work to do in East Palestine and I think Trump's gesturing with his branding and his water aside the transportation secretary Pete Buda judge did make it.

Clear that he should have gone there sooner and let's just put put a pin on that he should have gone there sooner and the White House should have done a better job even though they were in a major transatlantic moment dealing with the future of the safety of the world the people of East Palestine need to feel seen and heard and I think that.

Pete butterjudge is taking it on board that he needs to go there and do that these are people who right now are very uncertain about their health and the future of their town and it is definitely a little bit of a bump for the White House to not make sure they shined a big light on what was happening there and hopefully in the weeks days.

And weeks to come they'll be able to do that because it's frightening for those people to see dead fish in the rivers and to not be able to run water I mean whether the EPA testing is coming back clean or not I mean I covered 911 and I covered the air after 9 11 and all the different things that happened down the road because of the air coming out of.

The pit you don't really know what's happening in in East Palestine you don't really understand what's happening and you won't for a long time we want for some time no I mean foreign

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