Fourth U.S. Military shoot down of an unidentified object in per week


Good evening it has happened again for the third day in a row and the fourth time in just nine days the United States has shot down an unidentified high-flying object today it happened over Lake Huron between Michigan and Canada a senior Administration official telling NBC News the unmanned object was detected over Montana Wisconsin and.

Michigan and at the direction of President Biden it was shot down it was just yesterday afternoon that a U.S fighter jet took down another flying object over Northern Canada and the search is still on for what remains of whatever was shot down over Alaska on Friday the string of events raising so many questions are these all Spy.

Balloons similar to the Chinese balloon shot down off South Carolina last weekend are these a new threat or is the U.S just tracking them more closely now some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle demanding more information from the Biden Administration we have two reports tonight let's start with Monica Alba at the White House.

Tonight the U.S military shooting down another high altitude unidentified object this time over Lake Huron the Pentagon saying in a statement the object flew in proximity to sensitive DOD sites and assessed it was a safety flight Hazard and a threat due to its potential surveillance capabilities the FAA issuing a temporary flight.

Restriction over nearby Lake Michigan earlier Sunday afternoon citing Department of Defense activities coming just hours after airspace was restricted over Montana Saturday night for the same reason initially assessed as a radar anomaly I think it got dark last night so they couldn't fully check it out as new details emerge about the flying.

Object shot down by the U.S over Northern Canada Saturday an F-22 taking out a small cylindrical object first spotted in American airspace Friday a carefully coordinated Mission between the two countries this was the first time that a NORAD operation has has downed an aerial object the object was flying at an altitude of.

Approximately 40 000 feet had unlawfully entered Canadian airspace and posed a reasonable threat to the safety of Civilian flight we're always going to detect and we're always going to defend our airspace Saturday's military operation came just a day after the president authorized the U.S to take aim at another unidentified object off.

The coast of Alaska where those tasked with recovering debris are battling severe wind chill and limited daylight as a bipartisan call for transparency from the White House and Pentagon grows louder in the absence of information people's anxiety leads them into potentially destructive areas so I do hope that very soon the Administration.

Has a lot more information for all of us on what's going on I would prefer them to be trigger happy than to be permissive this shows some of the problems and gaps that we have we need to fill those as soon as possible because we certainly now ascertain there is a threat and Monica joins us now what else do we.

Know about the object shot down today well Kate President Biden authorized an F-16 fighter jet to take it out this afternoon and a U.S official tells me it appeared to be octagon shaped with strings hanging off of it Kate Monica Alba thank you let's get right to our Pentagon correspondent Courtney cubey she's been following all of this.

From the beginning Courtney what could these objects possibly be so we only know about the first one that that was a high altitude Chinese surveillance balloon the other three are smaller it's not clear who owns them and we don't even really know what they were doing whether it was surveillance or something else we do know that the US.

Would take a couple things into account when deciding whether to shoot them down one is whether they pose a threat to civilian or military Aviation the next is do they pose a threat to people on the ground and then finally do they post some sort of a general national security threat those would have been taken into consideration when deciding to take it.

Down and the biggest question everyone has is there some kind of increase in the number of flying objects right now or were they always there and the military is just finding them that's also not clear we know that the US military now is looking at a wider range of radar data so they may just be seeing more of these things than they.

Have in the past but it's not clear whether now recently they're moving more into U.S airspace and that's causing the concern or whether this is just an entirely new phenomenon just in the recent days Courtney Kuby thank you so much thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking.

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