Feds: 3 South Florida nursing colleges sold 7,600 faux levels for $15K each


And now to a prime Alert in Miami where Federal authorities announced more than two dozen arrests in a ring that sold fake nursing diplomas Nationwide and there are more arrests to come local 10's Roy Ramos is live with this developing story Roy Nicole this was a 114 million dollar scheme where nursing schools based right.

Here in South Florida sold those fake diplomas at fifteen thousand dollars a pop those students will then take that diploma and in some cases obtain nursing jobs without even having the proper training U.S attorney for the southern district McKenzie Lapointe surrounded by federal agents to announce the results of.

Operation Nightingale a scheme where fake diplomas and transcripts were sold to thousands of people across the country in order to work as registered nurses the last thing we want to learn is that the nurse is administering the medications the ones charged with carrying out doctor's order took shortcuts on their.

Clinical training and use fake nursing diplomas to get their licenses and jobs unfortunately thousands of people have taken this shortcut 7 600 that federal agents are aware of 30 percent of those who purchase the fifteen thousand dollar fake diplomas went on to sit for State exams even passing them use those fake.

Credentials to sit for state board examinations of tender nursing licenses and ultimately get jobs at hospitals we learned the three nursing schools selling the fake documents were based right here in South Florida one at the Palm Beach School of Nursing in West Palm Beach another at the Siena College of Health in Lauderhill and at Sacred.

Heart International Institute in Fort Lauderdale 25 individuals have been charged across multiple states with why fraud crimes including conspiracy while agents have already identified several facilities where people may be working as licensed nurses who obtain those jobs illegally the concern is the safety of the patients being treated by them to.

Date we have not learned of nor uncovered any evidence of patient harm stemming from these individuals so 21 arrests have already been made two more are expected over the next few days as a result agents have notified nursing boards across the country we're now in downtown Miami Roy Ramos local 10 News

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  1. Will we also roam after the hospitals for striking sufferers in hazard with immediate staffing? There are cases you might most tremendous gaze your affected person a few times a shift striking them in gigantic hazard!!

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