‘Fancy a canine’: Comic Matt Buddy delights with uncanny Trump & Sanders Impressions on ‘The Beat’


Oh Mr Melba it is clear to me that we are sick and tired of hearing the damn rap lyrics on the show we must come together and interview rappers not in the top tenth of one percent but much poorer representation matters.

So is it easier to impersonate someone who is probably more authentic themselves or doesn't matter you know I don't I've never really thought about it in terms of authenticity it's a really good question um I I just kind of try to there's certain voices and physical physical.

Things that these politicians I mean there's endless material the people running our country I was look watching the Kevin McCarthy this feels like a giant just a giant gift for someone like me they don't even seem real uh frankly the people leading this country I mean many on both sides honestly when you're live to do the politics ever interfere.

Or you find people can still laugh I think people can still laugh the way I'm approaching it in my stand-up uh it depends on the context of where like I if I start to go to some other different states I might have to change alter a little bit of the presentation of the comedy but I think for the most part people are laughing if they're coming.

Into a comedy club yeah I haven't been Will Smith I'll put it that way respect uh you're 24 so you might have a a great run ahead of you who knows well probably not at night we got to be optimistic right let's be with certainty on this we're already at melbour we're doing doing pretty well I have not had an in-person interview with the former.

President if I did I would ask him what would you ask look at this Mark what are you going to ask um did you know they were going to storm the capital and does that make you a party you see what he's doing do all these people watching and what you're doing is so disgusting and and you know that because there was no storming there.

Was no storming okay a lot of people were saying they're gonna go we're gonna send him home like a dog we're gonna send them home is you're saying we sent them there which totally is not true thank you very much China the thing about the job is you can say whatever you want honestly in that voice.

All right now we do your lightning round I'm ready as SNL called not to my knowledge would you take the call yeah of course I mean it's uh that would be the dream come true on a comedy hero uh Seth MacFarlane's a big one uh Bill Hader Tick Tock as a force for comedy is life-changing honestly I mean I don't know that I would be here right now I.

Graduated college in the pandemic the discoverability of it uh having people like you like this is the dream right now being on a show like this is unbelievable well trying to be cool well dream bigger oh my god dream bigger I don't know if you take requests I please a lot of DJs they don't like requests okay all right but I'm gonna go so slow.

So you can warm it up Donald Trump can't get enough of them using a song quote or rap lyric quote uh to make a point again that's Donald Trump using a song or lyric to make some kind of point I would say cold 45 and two zigzags baby that's all we need we can go to the park after dark and smoke that.

Tumbleweed and the beauty of that line is that the beauty of that line and it's on Crazy Rap by Afroman the reason I selected it is because you asked about this in the context of trump and what this accomplished is number one it made absolutely no sense and number two there was no context I never thought I would.

Say this at the end of an interview but can we get one more China okay China MSNBC this is what this stooping too okay the Mccarthy news cycle is slowed my friend on the beat thank you sir foreign.

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  1. I saw denise gough in London on stage sooner than she won her tony. It used to be so evident she would beget a enormous future sooner than her. Matt rings a bell in my memory of her as he throws himself into the mr trump, the outdated usa president. What are SNL waiting for

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