F-22 took down ‘object’ over Alaska nowadays: Department of Defense


Uh great day to have you here with us with all your expertise on China what does just your your take on what happened with the the balloon from last week and this new device or new new uh contraption that was flying over Alaska well if you want me to give the bottom line uh up front our intelligence.

Community has a history of failure of underestimating China going back about 30 years and each time they apologize or they try to explain why the underestimated some particular Chinese in this case the Chinese intelligence collection program it looks like they're trying to say this happened under Trump but it was only put together after Trump.

Left office so it's giving us an image that the Chinese have a worldwide aggressive intelligence collection program The Divide the administration now knows about but what they're not telling us yet is what they intend to do about it there's a number of options a Heritage Foundation next month Sean and Deegan is going to put out a.

Comprehensive package of ideas to deal with China but so far the by the administration doesn't seem to Galvanize this is really a new challenge from China that we hadn't known that they could do this before so if they've been picking up self phone calls and a whole series of things around our ICBM silos on this pass-through from Montana to.

South Carolina it's really quite scary for some people who still think of China as a friendly Cooperative place where they should invest money so I see a big issue I see here is a kind of paralysis about what to do about a specific Chinese move that a lot of us know including the two of you that this is just part of a much bigger Chinese.

Challenge to replace America as the number one superpower they don't want to do it next year they're talking about 5 10 20 years but that's the plan and this intelligence collection program seems to me to be part of the plan and Michael we were talking about our debt and more than four trillion dollars added to the debt in just the last two years but also.

We are we're near record imports from China in the last year they've gone up more than six percent we as a nation because of the trade relation we have because of corporate America in part are paying for our own demise we're paying for China's Ascent to number one status on the world stage.

I think that's right Deegan I think it's also conscious the people involved know what they're doing if you look carefully at Janet yellen's speeches just to focus on her for a second she is not saying we have to deny the reserve currency status of the Chinese you're in she's saying kind of like the opposite she has a lot of meetings with the Chinese Finance.

Community this sends a sort of a green light to Wall Street to invest in China is still a good thing it's still improved by still approved by the U.S treasury Department and that's what's happening we're increasing our investment in China now maybe there'll be an executive order to block certain sectors but even that is under.

Discussion and I've noticed some newspaper stories Sean that the treasury Department is saying no we can't be too tough on China you know there are a financial partner so the trend is not good under the Biden Administration but that that I agree with that that had been happening and maybe things are changing because we're seeing bipartisan.

Outrage over the the Chinese spycraft take a listen yes did we know what they're trying to collect yes or no yes sir we understand that this is a broader part of a broader Suite of operations that China is undertaking so we we knew what they were looking for is sir we I I think we should talk about.

This uh more explicitly in the classified session we're just perceived as very weak Across the Nation across the world everything uh everything I learned today confirms that the administration made the right decision as an Alaskan I am so angry.

Michael good sign that Americans and its politicians are starting to wake up to this threat yes I'm paying attention Sean to the three mics and the one Mark Mike Turner Mike Rogers Mike McCall Mark Greene each chair is a key committee they are the ones that put together this 419-0 resolution yesterday that's really.

Shocked the Chinese and the Chinese media today they're surprised so many Democrats are going along but there was a price they had to take out in the first draft they were going to condemn Biden for not shooting the thing down earlier but they removed that but still they got 419-0 so we can we can focus on the optimistic outcome here that maybe.

Even Maxine Waters did you see her statement Maxine Waters is now saying we shouldn't be investing in China in ways that helps their military so we got to be optimistic I guess that we're going to save our role as number one power in the world but frankly I'm a little bit worried so am I Michael Pillsbury thank you I appreciate it.

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  1. All these “artificially created tensions” between US and China, or US and the enviornment, have successfully distracted American folks from social unjust and financial stagnation at home. Further, these self created tensions permit Military Complex to further seek data from a long way more resources from American folks, siphoning away resources critical for training, health care and infrastructure. Unfortunately, many folk, acting delight in minute bobbleheads, honest educate no matter the navy and media characterize us and react accordingly. Wake up!

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