Extremely efficient frigid climate storm brings snow, frigid temperatures from fly to fly


We Begin our report with powerful winter storms now stretching Coast to Coast including a rare blizzard warning for Los Angeles where headline Riders are itching at least for a moment to call it the city of snow angels some areas more accustomed to winter storms like Minnesota Nebraska and The Dakotas could see two feet of snow the National.

Weather Service warns that travel will be difficult if not impossible in several parts of the country as of Wednesday evening more than 4 900 flights have been delayed and another 1500 plus outright canceled CBS News correspondent Christina raffini has the latest from Minneapolis a bone-crushing winter storm is putting Minnesota on ice.

And the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul are in its crosshairs by late afternoon a second round of snow kicked into high gear falling as much as two inches an hour we are bracing for what is likely to be one of the largest snowstorms in Minnesota wind chills made it feel like three degrees today gusts up to 45 miles per.

Hour produced whiteouts and nearly impossible driving conditions in some parts of the state the metro area could be buried under nearly 20 inches by the time the storm moves out tomorrow some residents went running others sprinted to the grocery store to stock up on supplies Ryan Bradley went to church getting his Ash Wednesday.

Blessing in before the city shuts down I did make it to mass had to make a mess it looks like it's coming in this afternoon so I had some time to run over there before it hits and a few Skeptics don't quite believe the hype I I mean it's Minnesota what do you expect to the West in Utah the storm dumped more than a foot of snow overnight and it's still.

Coming down yesterday the blizzard blasted drivers in Wyoming dash cam video captured the moment a highway patrol Trooper barely escaped a runaway semi and John as the back end of this storm moves in in the next 24 to 48 hours they're expecting the wind chill which is currently hovering at a meager three.

To drop below freezing and it could go below 30 or 40 degrees in other parts of the state Christina I hope you'll be inside by then what's it like to experience this though at the chilly temperatures it's at right now well you know you said in your intro things are little bananas I think if we.

Had one of those it would be kind of a solid frozen piece of fruit the people who seem to really be enjoying this storm are actually not humans they're the dogs we've seen a bunch of people out walking their dogs tonight and that's because the storm didn't come in quite as fiercely as we were expecting today so people we talked to have been.

Out running we've seen a lot of joggers it's um it's a choice it's very cold but they said look we're trying to get it in before we really get slammed and these roads get impassable you can see this big pile of snow behind me that's because the PLO the plows around here have been really busy there's about 800 that have been going around the city.

Pretty much non-stop trying to keep the roads drivable but the mayor has asked everyone to stay off the streets tonight that's because they're expecting the full front of this storm to really hit in the overnight hours now we've been driving around it's passable it is slippery we did um you know kind of skid through a stop sign or two where we.

Broke the car just didn't break with us and we kept going um but it's slow it's been safe most people seem to be off the roads most people are off the sidewalks the people who are out seem to be people who either want to break before that big storm comes in or we did talk to an Uber Eats driver oh no she was doordash who said.

You know what she's from Minnesota it's another storm she's not going to get off the roads until she really feels like she needs to so we'll have to see what happens they know how to handle it up there Christina raffini in Minneapolis thank you

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