Explosion causes huge house fire in San Francisco — VIDEO


Okay so here's what we know it's still not much information but we know from her that a lot of people felt this explosion we have confirmed it was some kind of an explosion blocks away she said as far as 20 blocks away uh we also learned that this explosion was so strong that it took the house off the foundation and it also.

Took off the the next the house next door off its foundation as well so it wasn't just this home that was impacted as you saw the damage to the home to the left and right both of them impacted by this explosion uh and you can see there as we get a closer look from Sky 7 exactly why we do know that they searched both of the.

Homes to the left and the right there were no victims so that's the latest information on that and in terms of the one injured victim that we know about as of right now Nicholson did not have additional information as to extent of that person's injuries we do know there were Burns involved but that is as much information as we know about that again.

We heard from Janine Nicholson there the San Francisco Fire Chief saying she hasn't seen something like this in 25 years and they do know that it was an explosion but they're fire investigators are on the scene the cause and the origin that's what they're going to try to figure out and she did say that will take time again as you're taking a live.

Look here at that home we can now confirm it was an explosion and you can see if you take a close look at that the whole front of that house is laying on the ground there you see the windows there and then you can see the other part of that home this is a home at 17 34 22nd there the walls caved in from that explosion.

And again she said the whole Foundation just came it was so strong the explosion took the house off the foundation and impacted the homes to the left and the right and this is a three alarm fire at this point you can see how many fire crews are on scene there just trying to put the fire out and do as much work as they can to protect the homes in the.

Area again this is in the Outer Sunset of the neighborhood

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