Excessive winds, heavy snow | Grand winter storm hits San Diego County


foreign a winter storm hits San Diego County bringing cold powerful gusts of wind rain and snow to our local mountains good evening and thank you for joining us I'm Carlo chiceto and I'm Kirsten Holmes in for Marcella Lee that storm is also causing a lot of damage we've seen.

Downed trees and power lines leading to evacuations even displacing some families tonight we have Team coverage for you and your first micro climate forecast we start out with CBS 8's Brian White in the East County where some people are enjoying the winter weather well there's been plenty of snow here in Descanso literally a winter wonderland.

Out here and the locals they're smiling about it what better way to celebrate a Wednesday right Johnny Alvarez and Friends hopped in the car and drove out from Chula Vista to celebrate his 23rd birthday it's great I've never experienced the snow in first person like this so it's really nice to see the snow alive this.

Winter storm brought snowfall east of Alpine including here in Descanso where several flurries came down throughout the day it is cold and wet and a lot of snow but people love it you know they come up and check it out actually I'm all by myself up here Tim Hayes is a snowplow driver for Caltrans and he's been busy clearing Highway 79.

Making sure this Chain's required sign is visible and so how are the driving conditions not good you can't even see the yellow line in the middle of the road in La Mesa strong winds toppled this tree on Russell Road forcing a street closure as Crews worked to clear it out in Ramona people were bundled up for the.

Wind and cold temperatures the snow plows were out on Sunrise Highway where chains are required for drivers so snowing pretty hard and traction controls on you need chains can't get uh can't get past it got a little slippery meanwhile in Descanso locals enjoyed the snowfall we're welcoming it yeah yeah.

It's a good little snow it's not too much not like they get back East but we like it and plenty of people stopped in to warm up with a hot meal at the Descanso Junction restaurant we did have a breakfast crowd that definitely we wanted some coffee and some hot chocolate warm up a bit and surprisingly some fresh cinnamon rolls how's the.

Coffee delicious into scanso Brian White cbsc tides are high and wind gusts I say it's Ariana Cohen hit Del Mar Mission Beach and other spots along the coast to see what kind of damage the winds have caused in those areas there are still large breaking waves here at Mission Beach and strong onshore.

Winds which are blowing up to 30 miles per hour causing downed trees and power lines strong winds cause this large Torrey Pines Tree to fall through the roof of this couple's home in Del Mar overnight while they were asleep today crews are removing the tree and repairing the damages on the roof we talked to the.

Couple's son he says his parents are overwhelmed but he is grateful they are okay well mainly that they were okay you know they sent me some pictures with the inside of the house they had a couple branches come right through the roof down in the living room where they sit power outages were reported all across the county including in Del Mar Torrey.

Pines Claremont and Ocean Beach according to sdg E's power outage map high winds also forced this tree to crash into this pickup truck at Del Mar overnight being born and raised here this is not this is the first time I've ever seen seen anything like this before I talked to the wind was howling pretty loudly last.

Night I heard a loud crack came outside and uh got to come witness this about two o'clock in the morning it's been here for about two and a half years with no problems up until last night but I think I'm gonna have to take it all apart and uh put it back together piece by piece.

While the high winds cause problems for many other San diegans seem to enjoy it we absolutely love it it's fantastic great and why do you love it because it's so rare that it happens to be like this spectacular there's just there's just you'll love it the chilly windy weather isn't over yet more rain is expected this week Ariana Cohen CBS.

8. downed trees also cause problems and pose danger in other parts of the county a giant pine tree you see it there crashed into an apartment building in Bay Park earlier this morning the person who lives in the second floor unit that took the brunt of that damage they tell us it sounded like a truck was coming.

Through their home thankfully no one was hurt trees also blocked roadways you see that happening there and in South San Diego a tree actually fell on top of four cars a more welcome sight in our local mountains we're seeing fresh snow out there yeah our coverage continues with CBS 8's Regina you read it she's live in Julian for us tonight Regina.

You're live in what might be the first blast of what could be a heavy snowfall later this week yeah Kirsten and Carlo good evening it's freezing here and Julian we actually started with some snow sprinkles and then some snow flurries and at one point there was some slushies and and then at another point we just got caught in the.

Middle of that snowstorm but what's really bringing it to the next level are these gusts of winds it's just adding to the icy temperatures so check out what we're dealing with here in Julian you can sometimes witness some of the tree branches moving back and forth you can also see on the roads how the wind is just dragging some of that white powder.

And of course blankets and blankets of snow covering every inch of the ground but definitely these strong winds are what are is a lot of people dealing with around here so I want to show you what some of the video of the Town earlier today you can just see how much snow has fallen residents have already been preparing for what will be in early.

Night but an even heavier snowfall this weekend according to our meteorologist Carlene Chavez San Diego has forecasted snow accumulations of two to eight inches for tonight with heavier snow fall expected into the weekend that means we could be looking at two to nearly four feet of snow the heaviest is expected on Saturday travel will be.

Impossible and chains will be enforced we actually caught up with some of the Travelers earlier today looking to enjoy the snowfall take a listen my dear we were heading into a winter storm cold it's wet for your chains spring chains yeah we just planned on coming up for breakfast and heading back down.

Describe what you're seeing right now oh it's beautiful and it's and it's snowing now once again travel will be impossible this weekend but if you have to travel keep a flashlight extra food and water in case of emergency back here live we're still experiencing you know some sprinkles some and obviously some snow.

Sprinkles definitely those gusts of wind but a winter snowstorm will continue until 3 P.M Saturday reporting in Julian or I should say freezing in Julian I'm Regina yurita back to you guys he felt this chilly strong wind gusts all day we've also seen pockets of rain but uh it ain't over more is heading our.

Way absolutely chief meteorologist Carlene Chavis joins us now with a first look at that micro climate forecast and Regina just said it is cold in the mountains it's below 32 degrees she's doing a live shot in 27 degrees right now that's current temperatures so yeah it's really cold out there but we're talking about these blustery conditions.

For us here in San Diego County we are so not used to this but we're just getting started so we definitely had the winds picking up something to be mindful of I said this yesterday in past couple days this storm system that we just had rolled through this was more of the cold air being an emphasis as well as wind conditions we've had some spotty showers.

But for the most part we are not there when it comes to the heavier rainfall so we are looking at yet another system that's going to come through tonight through tomorrow morning that's going to present more shower activity you're seeing even heavier Pockets around rain around 6 15 tomorrow morning also seeing that snow falling Heavy Across the.

Mountain still seeing the rain west of the mountains around 10 50 tomorrow morning and then seeing more of an influx as we go into the afternoon hours about 405 and then we hit another little bit of a lull before we have some really heavy rainfall set to return and something more reminiscent of New Year's and we had that atmospheric river that.

Rolled through and also brought a lot of downpours so we'll go ahead and Advance this clock even more time it out and we'll take a look at all the alerts coming up back to you too

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