Ex-Ukrainian president calls proposed armed forces relieve package a ‘recreation-changer’


So today, a definitive declaration from President Zelenskiy bluntly saying that he does believe Ukraine will retake Crim which, of course, was illegally by Russia, nearly a decade ago under the Obama administration.

President Obama was in office, I should say. Both Russia and Ukraine both claim ownership over Crimea has become the symbolic battleground in the war between Russia and Ukraine Speaking to the World Economic Forum, President Zelens said Crimea is, quote, our land.

And he urged Western allies to provide him with more weaponry to regain what is ours. And now President Biden may be willing to do just that, according to a new report from The New York Times this mor.

They say that despite the hard l that they've taken in the past from the United States refusing to provide Kiev with far reaching weapons. Now that line is starting to sof Of course,the United States has always mai that Crimea does belong to Ukraine,.

That it was illegally taken by R But this comes as the US is also set to announce one of the biggest military aid packages to Ukraine since the beginning of this war nearly a year ago. It is expected to be worth.

Two and a half billion dollars and the first time is going to include Stryker combat vehicles. CNN's Alex Marquardt is joining Alex, good morning. Tell us exactly what these Stryker vehicles mean to Ukraine and what it is.

Going to do for the forces there on the ground who so clearly need the help. Well, Caitlin, what is notable in this massive new package, expected to be around $2 billion say, is both.

What is new in it and what is not in it that the Ukrainians have been desperately asking for The new elements are these Stryk combat vehicles. They are armored vehicles that w Ukrainian troops to be carried across the battlefield,.

Giving the Ukrainians a significant new mechanized capability, particularly when combined with the Bradley fighting vehicl which were just committed to Ukraine by the United Nited S in the last aid package earlier this month, which was.

And is to this to date the biggest military aid Those two together will allow Uk to really go on the offensive to try to take back territory. Now, the Stryker is lighter and faster than the B But the two together really do give the Ukrainians.

A significant new mechanized cap And Alex, this also comes as there's this remarkable showdown happening between the United States and Ge It seems to be kind of percolati where there is.

This new German defense minister over the decision about sending tanks to Ukraine. What's the latest on that? Well, Caitlin, the U.S. does want Ukraine to get new Western tanks. They are not sending their own t American tanks,.

Because they're too logistically challenging the tank that most have settled That would be best for the Ukrainian fight is the leopard, too, which, as you say, is made by Ge In fact, the secretary of defense, Lloyd.

Austin, is in Germany as we speak in Berlin, meeting with his German counterpart to press the Germans to send this tank to Ukraine. Now, the Germans have said they don't want to go this alone They don't want to be the only country out there doing.

And other countries are saying we're ready to go with you. The Brits have committed a squad of their tanks. Other European countries saying they're ready to send their leopard tanks. If Germany gives the word, Germany has to give permission.

Because these are German tanks. Senior defense officials saying just yesterday they are very optimistic that they can get Germany to tha by the end of the week. All right.We'll see what Secretary Ashton Alex, thank you. Joining me now is the former pre.

Of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. Thank you so much, Mr. President, for the time today. So there you heard it. The U.S. had to deliver Stryker combat vehicles for the first time, an additional Bradley fighting v.

How significant will this new equipment be for the country for First of all, I want to thank the United States people, United States government and president for their great le You play in supporting Ukraine and in.

Protecting the free world against the Russian aggression. I can tell me that this is the game changer because armored vehicle from Canada, 200 armored vehicle from Great B And 50 from Sweden, some from th all together. We expect that that should be ab.

Personal care. And this is to really help us to stop the Russian offensive op and to provide the counter defensive operation already within two or three mont This is this I'm just returned back from a small.

We know exactly what is the situ on the east of our country. And this is extremely difficult because the Putin concentrated everything he can for the for this attack. And we are we and Putin plan. And we applaud the transatlantic leadership of the United States.

And we think that the everybody now understand that we are not only protecting and you are not only supporting and helping Ukraine, we together protect freedom, democracy of the whole free world. There appears to have been a change in strategy Mr.

President, in terms of how far t is willing to aid Ukraine agains prior to the last few days, the US was said on the February boundaries there in terms of whatever it would take to get to the negotiating table. Now, it seems that the United St.

Seems open for Ukraine to actually take bac or attempt to take back Crimea by providing with weaponry to at least attack that land bridge, connecting Rus to Crimea. Of course.

Crimea was illegally annexed by Russia in 2014. Ukraine has always been defiant that is your mission to take bac you say it is yours. I'm curious to get your response to what appears to be a shift in on the US's part to first of all.

Ukraine never have any doubts that we should release from Russian aggressor every single piece of Ukrainian and the only factor that we can and provide the territorial inte and sovereignty to your plane on all the territory in clothing that are owned by them.

Including the Crimea. And with that situation we I personally don't see any chang in Ukrainian policy and I don't practically changes in the American policy because me as a president all five years feels the strong.

And reliable support of United S including Crimea in question. We need the more support from the United In the other question, because I can confirm you that it would be impossible. The peace without Ukrainian membership in.

And with that situation, we really also expect the great leadership of the United States because Ukr already passed the most difficult exams for Floyd being the candidate in major maj Now, Ukraine,.

As much as Ukraine need me to. So really count on your support. Mr. President, if I could just get you to weigh as we conclude here on what your thoughts are, what your message would be to Ge Chancellor Schultz,.

Given that there appears to be a bit of a conundrum with regards to the other heavy weaponry that you need rig and that is tanks, the United States, as they are not going to be send Abrams tanks, but they are in favor of Germany.

Sending their leopard tanks ther About 2000 leopard tanks that have been distributed to other Naito allies. Germany at this point has said they will not do so and not even permit other countr.

To deliver tanks to Ukraine unless the United States delivers its own tanks. What do you think Germany is up and what is your message to Chancellor Schultz when he says that he won't bring you tanks now?.

Look, all Western world, the mainstream should learn unit You should learn how to speak one voice policy, Germany, United States and other member s a damned of the day. We can bring to this situation that Poland.

And other NATO member states will supply for us the tank without the permission of German It can be challenged from the United Kingdom, apart from Germany and others We definitely now need the tank. Without tank,.

It is impossible to provide the offensive operati And if we expect him that we sho through Russian aggressor away from Ukrainian territory. This is impossible without defen This is very difficult with our jet fighter and this is impossible without t.

All right. The sooner we do that, the bette And this is my message to Chancellor Schultz. I know the chancellor from the position of the Germany Now, it's strongly connected with the position of nature.

And in other messages that the whole European people support supply of Ukraine, the t All right. Well,the president may be paying significantly higher price than Well, President Petro Poroshenko we appreciate your time. We'll have to leave it there for.

Thank you so much for joining us Stay safe. Stay safe.

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