Dwelling GOP puts Rep. Santos on exiguous enterprise, science committees 


We want to get to some developing news out here of Washington with house Speaker Kevin McCarthy confirming that Congressman George Santos has been seated on a couple of committees according to the reporting from our team here at NBC News he's getting seats on the small business committee and on the science space and Technology committee.

Not exactly like the top prestigious committees but like there you go and the reason why this is so newsworthy because like if you're sitting me Halle are you serious a member of congress's committees do I care remember this is the guy who acknowledged lying about his resume there were real concerns about should he get access to like.

Intelligence Secrets National Security Secrets would that be okay Ryan Nobles is joining us now it sounds like the answer is no he did not get access to that stuff he's on these other commit listen no no disrespect to any Congressional committee God bless science space and Technology you know what I mean but this there was.

Obviously a lot of um sort of machinations at play here well you know Hallie these are not the a committees which I think is what you're alluding to you know there is a special group of committees which you take the bulk of the most important policy uh challenges that face the Congress uh and most of that is funneled through those.

Uh a committees both of these committees the small business committee and the science space and Technology committees do not fall under that Banner but they still do very important work I mean a small business Committee in particular is something that you can go back to your constituents and show that you're actively involved in your community and.

You're helping people find jobs and build businesses so these are still significant uh contributions that uh he will be able to be a part of in Congress and there was some thought that he would not be assigned to any committees that that would be kind of the Line in the Sand that the Republican leaders would be able to draw as all these.

Investigations into George Santos play out Kevin McCarthy's chosen to take a different route uh when I just I just caught up with him a few minutes ago and asked him about the Santos committee assignments and he basically told me that this is standard protocol he is a sitting Republican member of the House of Representatives and that affords him.

The ability to sit on committees and if you're not on one of the eight committees you get two committees and these are the two committees that the steering committee has assigned him to uh you know you say about classified brief briefings you know that's not an impossibility with the space science and technology committees they do deal they.

Do deal with information that can often be sensitive so there is the possibility I mean every member of Congress on any level regardless of what a committee they sit on has the opportunity to be a part of classified briefing so that's where George Santos is right now and the simple fact of the matter is Halle have we've talked back and forth about his.

Future until one of these investigatory bodies adjudicates the situation in some way shape or form he is going to be an active member of Congress who's going to vote on important pieces of legislation and that process needs to play itself out before anything's going to change it's a good point Ryan Noble is live for us on the hill thank you sir.

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