Drone photos reveals scene at educate atomize that killed dozens in Greece


Rainfall, with the potential for flash flooding across the region. We'll keep a close eye on this, max. Back to you. >> Okay, thank you to Derek. It's just after 11 am in Greece, where crews are searching for.

Survivors after terrific train wreck. So far, more than three dozen people are confirmed dead after passing a train collided with a freight train near the city of laryssa. We learned moments ago that they were apparently traveling.

On the same track for quite awhile as well. Authorities are trying to identify the victims. CNN's Eleni giokos tracking this live for us from dubai. Eleni, first of all, what do we know about what happened here? I mean, it's very powerful for.

The pictures how bad it is. >> It is bad. And you have a cargo train traveling from thessaloniki, and the passenger train traveling from Athens but, head on collision. The first two carriages catching a light.

And you can see the devastation, mangled metal. You've got crane and you've got metal cutting machinery to try and cut through those two first carriages. And that's the fear, that more people are trapped. And the death toll rising now.

2:38. When I was last on air, it was 36. You've got 66 people that are injured. Seven of whom are currently in intensive care. You're seeing lines of people in Larissa waiting to donate.

Blood. So, the big question is, what happened here? How did they collide? The national broadcaster reporting that at some point, the passenger train changed lanes and was traveling for quite some time on the same.

Line as the cargo train. And then of course, that resulted in a collision. The question is, is it a technical fault? Is it a human error? Who is going to be taking responsibility for this? Investigations are currently.

Underway. We know that the prime minister, Mia talk is, is underway to the press area. But in the meantime, what we're hearing from the hospital is that parents family loved ones people traveling on the train have gathered to try and.

Identify the dead. The dish — the issue is it's difficult from what we hear from authorities to identify the people, because the injuries were absolutely so severe. We've also heard reports from some passengers that they were.

Being thrown around in the carriages. Also, as the fire broke out, some people were burned. So, we're talking about a very traumatic severe experience. And as we go through the search and rescue, it's almost 12 hours since the accident.

Occurred. You're seeing major response from the international communities, specifically Europeans. European commissioner coming out and extending condolences. So to the eu council president as well, various countries in.

Europe. But in the meantime, Greeks are waiting to see how this

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