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JD's been here for four days I've been watching him every day JD Vance has been incredible to the people of East Palestine and to the nearby communities in Ohio and Pennsylvania we have told you loud and clear you are not forgotten you are not forgotten we stand with you we pray for you and we.

Will stay with you in your fight to help answer and the accountability that you deserve will have that accountability it'll all be out there very clearly I want to thank Senator J.D Vance for being here I want to thank Congressman Bill Johnson very special friends of mine they became really very good friends of mine I also want to recognize.

A man who has been working tirelessly for this community since the beginning of the Nightmare and uh Trent where is Trent he's very easy to find thank you your bear in addition let me express your tremendous respect and admiration for all of the police and firefighters and First Responders and all over the.

Country there's such Heroes but this was a great example of it because that was a very dangerous looking site so I want to thank you all thank you very much 19 days ago tragedy struck this wonderful Village and rocked the lives of people throughout this area along Beyond this area it's been weeks since Americans have been.

Inspired they've just watched us over the weeks they've been inspired by your strength and your courage and how you've come together to stand up for the families in your area and the families of this Village and Beyond we've seen the First Responders and railroad workers serving bravely in the line of duty the railroad Road workers have been.

Really incredible actually and they've gone way above the Call of Duty we've seen citizens speaking up at the town halls and we've seen organizations such as the East Palestine Community Foundation rising to the occasion to provide tremendous relief and help to the people that were so badly affected so I want to thank you all fantastic job.

Really great everybody's been watching we've all been watching on television and Beyond television we've been getting our news from the real news and from the fake news and the fake news we even believed in this case because if covered it very fairly over the past few weeks the community has shown the tough and resilient Heart of America and that's.

What it is this is really America right here we're standing in America unfortunately as you know in too many cases your goodness and perseverance who are met with indifference and betrayal in some cases Biden and FEMA said they would not send federal aid to East Palestine under any circumstance.

They're not going to send Aid I thought that was a strange statement because I've been working with FEMA for a long time four years and they were great with us with the tornadoes the hurricanes and things like this and it was a strange statement to come out and they were doing nothing for you they were intending to do absolutely nothing for.

You JD and I spoke and they said they're not coming they're not going to come and I said that's very strange FEMA said uh specifically this doesn't meet the criteria and that's horrible and somebody has to do something for those people I said back when I announced that I was coming they changed their tune it was an amazing phenomena the mayor and I.

Were discussing that it was quite amazing what happened and they said that we can't let this happen that was a big change of face JD that you ever see a change like that one that was a quick rapid change but we can't let this happen they said and we'll be there.

And we opened up the dam and we got them to move and they all came in and they're now pouring you and with help and I I will tell you I had a great uh a great relationship with FEMA I found FEMA to be incredible amazing in every way and we had tremendous luck with the tornadoes and all of the hurricanes and everything.

Else that we had and they were fantastic and now they're fantastic here they could have been a few two weeks earlier or at least a week earlier but they decided to do it this way and I guess it came from the top and so we have to understand that you know it reminds me a little bit I don't know if you remember when Ohio State.

Wasn't going to be playing football for another season they were going to sit back and watch with the China virus or covet whatever you want to call it and I called the head of the Big Ten Big Ten football I said you got to get this football open and they were great they responded and Ohio State played that season nobody.

Remembers that I think right does anybody know you got at least one at least one you couldn't be close but by now you still would be close probably but we got that open very early and you had a great season of football to put it mildly so that was a very great honor the Big Ten and that led to the NFL and it led to most of the rest.

Of football in the country but you led it through Ohio State in Big Ten and we got that done I did that very personally I called the commissioner and he did a good job what this community needs now are not excuses and uh all of the other things you've been hearing but answers and results and that's what I think you're.

Going to say say Norfolk Southern needs to fulfill its responsibilities and obligations and I see that they're starting to come here now too because they also were saying they're not coming but it means that the affected communities beyond the borders of East Palestine Palestine are going to be.

Taken care of and they've said so and they've said it loud and clear and I think they probably mean it I sincerely hope that when your representatives and all of the politicians get here including Biden they get back from touring Ukraine that he's got some money left over because we're now at 117 billion dollars.

And as you probably know Europe when you add it all up is that about 10 billion dollars that's a big difference wouldn't you say that's one of the things that gets me because they're at it again they're very good negotiators those people in Europe you know when you add it all up it's about the same size as the United States the economy of the.

Different European countries and they're at a very small number compared to us so you'll start working on that I guess when you get back I think JD will have that well into he's listened he heard that number but it's a massive difference it's a very small fraction of what we put up and it affects them more than us and they have to do what they.

Have to do but we're going to find time to come back if necessary if they don't come back and give you the treatment that you need we will be back at the Biden Administration should ensure that every family has the option of moving in homes and everything else until this thing is straightened out I do want to especially.

Thank some of the incredible people that helped us because we're bringing thousands of bottle of water Trump water actually most of it uh some of it we had to go to a much lesser Quality Water you want to get those Trump bottles I think more than anybody else but we're bringing a lot of water thousands of bottles and we have it in trucks so we.

Brought some on my plane today but to that end I'm pleased to announce that we've helped coordinate the delivery of the water and bottled water as uh well as the tractor Trail is full of it we have big tractor trailers full of water I think you're gonna have plenty of water for a long time maybe and I want to thank those of you that.

Helped John Rourke whose fantastic Blue Line moving uh is John here hello John good job got a lot of trucks coming up with water right that's true you're a fantastic guy a friend of my son Don who's also here where's Don good job did you get him to do that I think so huh yeah he does he's he's fantastic he.

Helps thank you very much John appreciate it uh Two Fellas moving company and I wanna thank the people within the Trump organization that helped us with all of the water we got it from all of our different hotels all of our different places and it was great they really came together also I want to thank Sandy.

Pensler and His Son Jonathan pensler from cortex in Michigan for donating thousands of gallons of cleaning supplies thousands and thousands of gallons where are you guys where are they are they here they're too busy putting it on the truck but but he get cortex if anybody knows the company it's a very good company big.

Company and they're they're giving tremendous amounts of cleaning supplies which is what you're going to need and again I want to thank Senator Vance and I want to ask JD to come up and say a few words and then mayor Conaway and uh Marty Grimm will come up and finish it off thank you all very much for being here it's a great honor it's an honor to.

Help and you're well on your way and that was a tragedy uh close to an unbelievable tragedy could have been really bad and thank goodness that didn't happen but you're gonna have tremendous help now and I know FEMA will do the job like nobody can do it like them thank you all very much thank you foreign.

Well first president Trump thanks so much for coming and Shining a light on this community I think the most important thing that we can take from this visit is that we can't forget about the people of East Palestine because there will be a rebuilding effort we need to finish the cleanup effort that's the most important thing but most of all.

We need to make sure that over the next six months over the next year over the next two years that we don't forget the people of East Palestine who have been affected by this tragedy you coming up here ensures that we do exactly that so thank you sir it's great to have you Don it's great to have you um I I just want to say that you know I.

I'm from Southern Ohio and I've got to know this community very well over the last couple of weeks

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