Donald Trump May per chance presumably Be Attempting to Strategically Repair His Image By Making an Unexpected Transfer.


Donald Trump might be attempting to strategically fix his image by making an unexpected move that Joe Biden has been avoiding something we didn't have on our 2023 Bingo car was an actual train wreck that is reportedly causing so many health issues for Ohio resident Outreach is currently underway held president and most shockingly one of those people is.

Former president Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential election he's trying a new strategy do the opposite of what President Joe Biden is doing while President Biden hasn't made an announcement of if slash when he'll be going to East Palestine Trump seems to be taking an entirely different approach Trump is set to visit the town of East.

Palestine Ohio tomorrow Feb 22 to see those impacted by the derailment her Newsweek Donald Trump doesn't love that his likely GOP Presidential competitor Ron DeSantis is getting favorable media attention in case you missed it back on fed 3 a trained derailment in East Palace Ohio released highly toxic chemicals into the air water and ground.

Affecting both those in the community and neighboring towns since then authorities ended up blowing holes in five of the Train's 150 cars which caused a controlled burn that led to nearly five thousand people being told to evacuate there while the Environmental Protection Agency administra tor Michael Regan spoke to the.

Townspeople on behalf of the Biden and Men there's still anger particularly from Trent Conaway mayor of East Palestine Ohio who said the lack of a visit from Biden is a slap in the face Regan meanwhile said per NBC News let me be clear EPA will exercise our oversight and our enforcement Authority under the law to be sure we are getting the.

Results that the community deserved Biden's decision not to visit East Palestine yet does not seem to have hurt his ratings too much as of fed 21 but things could change I'll take your questions now what I saw at the Trump White House by Stephanie Grisham with the Fallout of the Trump president everyone involved in those four years.

Seems to be rehabilitating their Public Image in the most obvious way selling a book and spilling supposed secret everyone was ready to talk especially former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham the author of the Trump tell all I'll take your questions now what I saw in the Trump White House gives readers a first account of what.

The Trump president was like behind closed doors Russian's claims and allegations are serious enough to consider picking up this book and potentially never putting it down

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