DeSantis slams Biden for China policy: ‘Not most tasty for US interests’


All right he's the man everyone's talking about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis now you might call him Governor turn around because it wasn't so many years ago that Democrats were bragging that they were on the verge of turning the Sunshine State blue but now after four years of DeSantis and his policies it's a reliable Republican.

Stronghold he won re-election by 20 points and with his success comes a lot of presidential Buzz joining me now is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis author of the brand new book I'm holding it my hand the courage to be free Florida's blueprint for America's Revival gov you've been doing the rounds man you tired yet.

Um it's good it's good to see you well so you know I really appreciate everybody uh chipping in well um we know that the buzz about you is because of your success in Florida and that's what everyone says and that's what people want to replicate on the national scale but there's criticism of your book that it's there's a lot of policy but there's.

Not enough you and there's a lot of success in Florida but they want to hear more about you you on China you on trade you on you know these substantive issues of foreign policy what of that well I mean Laura I actually do address some of that I mean of course I'm a governor so the the issues that I'm dealing with over the last four years.

Were things like covet education the economy and all the core things Governors deal with but what we have done in Florida is take on the CCP so we've eliminated things like Confucius institutes from universities and we're getting ready to enact in the law a ban on CCP linked businesses purchasing land in Florida and we've worked with the.

Taiwanese here in Florida to be able to advance that so we've been able to do stuff to make an impact on the state level but look at the end of the day what I was trying to do was identify kind of how we LED because I think there are certain principles of leadership that allowed us to get accomplished so much stuff but then also just show.

People it can be done nobody faced more resistance and attacks from the left in the media of any 50 state Governors than and me over the last four years not only were able to overcome that but we were actually able to win a historic Landslide reelection now Biden spoke at the house Democratic caucus tonight their issues conference and he made a.

Comment in you know about passing left-wing pet issues with help from the Republican Party the Maga Republicans are not going to get on board for most of these things but that leaves a lot of Republicans that are still left no by the way watch watch I predict watch Watch What Happens.

Republicans can help make a significant majority in some of these things yeah because seven trillion dollars in spending is not enough apparently now alarmingly Governor most Republican Senators and Leadership seem to be a lot closer to Liz Cheney than to perhaps you and and former president Trump on the issue so do you consider that a problem.

In a disconnect between the electorate and the leadership well it's a disconnect from the the base of the Republican Party in the conservative Grassroots but I think it's a disconnect with the majority of the public I mean the fact of the matter is Biden's policies have failed a clear majority of people believe they failed a.

Clear majority of people believe the country's on the wrong track so I think the proper posture is to fight back against Biden and then offer an alternative Vision that that vast majority of the public may want to sign up for so Illinois and Michigan governor pritzker governor Whitmer they're.

Oftentimes mentioned as possible future presidential candidates if Biden doesn't run or something like that now to a lot of us the fact that they were re-elected we get why you were re-elected but they were re-elected by healthy margins so what are the people of Michigan and Illinois missing that your voters seem to get in the analysis.

Well Laura I mean some of these races I mean you know you have the governor of Illinois he had unlimited resources our candidate didn't so I think there's some other factors there all I can tell you is you don't have very many people moving from Florida to Illinois and to Michigan but I run into people every day who've moved to Florida from Illinois.

And from Michigan and the way we govern the state and the principles that we uphold is a big reason why you look I know Illinois is hemorrhaged more people than just about any state other than California and New York over the last three or four years and there's a reason for that they're not keeping the streets safe they're taxing people too much.

They're trying to put indoctrination in the schools in Florida we stand on the opposite side of all those issues and the good thing about a federalist system with 50 states people can vote with their feet and they voted for the free state of Florida and Governor I know you and some other notable Republicans are speaking at a.

Club for Growth conference this weekend and apparently apparently that appearance is being used by Psalm including president Trump against you and he basically says failed former Congressman David McIntosh and his globalist friends at club for no growth who fought me all the way in 2016 and lost and then fought me again in 2020.

Are now threatening to spend money against me early because they're new you know it calls you boy Ron Des Sanctus um Governor I know you're not going to talk about whether you're going to run for president but the Club for Growth is known to be very pro-china trade very liberal on issues like immigration those key issues which are bread and butter.

For the America First more populous conservatives uh would you be someone who would be co-opted because they worry about from The Establishment forces well in Florida I came in and what one of the first things I did I got a ban on Sanctuary cities through the legislature of course I've transported illegal aliens to Martha's Vineyard we're now.

Working on mandatory e-verify in the State of Florida uh and also when I was in Congress we opposed the gang of Aid amnesty back in 2013 which would have been a disaster uh so no I mean I think my record is very very clear and we are going to be strong on immigration and we're going to be very strong against China and it's not just because that's.

What the base wants those are the proper policies given what we're facing in this country an open border and China that gets away with murder across our economic relationship they're flying a balloon to spy on Americans over the continental United States we need to be smarter we need to be stronger Governor that means you're not for the.

Trans-pacific partnership going back to that old horse are you no no I mean I think that what we need to do is we need to disaggregate the economic relationship with China we need to recapture Supply chains here in the United States I think there could be some economic benefits for people here at home but I think just as importantly.

This is a security issue uh they are in control of key things that our economy depends on and this has been something that's happened over a quarter Century I think starting with them going into the WTO but the reality is there's an imbalance in the relationship that's not good for U.S interests governor is destined to be number one I think.

It's the fastest selling book I understand of a sitting political figure and huge hit we wish you all the luck on the book tour and go teach those Club for Growth people something we appreciate you thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling.

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