Dallas Weather: Icy stipulations stall traffic after 18-wheelers accumulate caught reach Texas Motor Speedway


There are of course icy conditions and they cause some major problems along Highway 114 this is near the Texas Motor Speedway yes that's icy for sure this was one of the areas hit the hardest by today's round of winter weather so parts of the highway were closed earlier this evening after several 18 wheelers got stuck you saw that one's.

Sliding backwards paint Jaeger is there right now Peyton nobody on the road nobody it's pretty quiet out here right now we're off 35 W in North Fort Worth and near 114 where we traveled East and West today where it was hit hard and we did see several semis who were stalled out especially during rush hour and it's.

Only supposed to get worse tomorrow Monday evening's Rush Hour came to a complete stop on 114 West in Roanoke when a pair of semis struggled to get up an icy Hill both trucks stuck in the middle of the road forcing vehicles to maneuver around or wait behind this attraction a lot but then it grabs right back also Monday night Vehicles.

Were seen at a standstill on an ice-covered stretch of highway 287. this is Northbound 287 near the border of Tarrant and wise counties two big rigs became stuck and no one could get around them off 35W near Texas Motor Speedway drivers pulled over to gas up and we spent three hours parked on Interstate 35. Richard.

Campbell and his wife are from Branson Missouri the couple is detouring to see family in Granbury before taking the van to Florida it's 80 degrees in Daytona Beach it was in the upper 20s in North Fort Worth with sheets of sleet covering the roads MedStar which provides Emergency Medical Services across Tarrant County reported more than 100.

Crashes by 2 pm Monday by the afternoon and evening fewer drivers were seen on the roads Monday afternoon sleet blanket at the Denton Tarrant County Line patchy freezing precipitation made icy bridges unpredictable and at a stoplight one semi was seen sliding and here is the heaviest ice I've seen yet you know compared to Arlington or Fort Worth.

Gerardo Gutierrez has been behind the wheel all day Monday as a ride share driver my arrival might be delayed due to the ice on the road once the sun went down sand trucks headed South on 35W continued their routes with round two expected Tuesday it's just a solid sheet of ice out there right now Richard here is headed home to North Richland Hills.

After a long day of work the postal worker says right now he's still set to work on Tuesday right now it's normal as normal business day as is that's what we're going to plan for but we'll see what they say in the morning and today as we were heading East on 114 you could really see Stephen Heather where that line of sleet started and.

Ended once we got to Trophy the roads were mostly wet and slushy but if you head back West on 114 where I am near Texas Motor Speedway it's completely covered in ice we did get some precipitation here in your Texas Motor Speedway of 35W about 35 minutes ago so right now we're going to see that through the night where it could be.

Unpredictable but definitely icy out here in North Tarrant County

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