Congress grills worn Twitter executives over Hunter Biden’s laptop | USA TODAY


Immediately followingthe story's publication, America witnessed a coordinatedcampaign by social media companies, mainstream news, and the intelligence communities tosuppress and de-legitimize the existence of Hunter Biden's laptop andits contents. That morning, Twitter and other social media companiestook extraordinary steps to suppress that story. Twitter immediately removed the storyand banned the New York Post account. On October 14th, 2020,.

The New York Post tweeted articles aboutHunter Biden's laptop with embedded images that looked like they may havebeen obtained through hacking. In 2018, we had developed a policy intended to be, to prevent Twitter from becoming adumping ground for hacked materials. We applied this policy to the New YorkPost tweets and block links to the articles embedding those sourcematerials. Over the course of that day, it became clear that Twitter had not fullyappreciated the impact of that policy on free press and others. As Mr. Dorsey testified beforeCongress on multiple occasions,.

Twitter changed its policy within 24hours and admitted its initial action was wrong. New York Post had this allegedinformation and was trying to publish it without any corroboration,without any backup information. They were trying to publish it toTwitter. Twitter did not let them, and now they were upset. I believe that political operativeswho sought to inject explosive disinformation with the WashingtonPost couldn't get away with it, and now they're livid and theywant the ability to do it again.

They want the abilityto inject this again, so they've dragged a socialmedia platform here in Congress. They're weaponizing the use of thiscommittee so that they can do it again.

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3 thoughts on “Congress grills worn Twitter executives over Hunter Biden’s laptop | USA TODAY

  1. Twitter censored a unswerving yarn to provide protection to the Bidens and it was once on the search data from of the Bidens/democRats. Hunter dilapidated his father’s impact to web money a long way and wide the sphere. He was once in ukraine, China and Kazakhstan to title a couple of. Seek on the three carat Diamond the Chinese language salvage to hunter, peek at his art work dealings, peek at him sitting on the burisma board. And 10% of all of it went to “the mountainous guy” Joe biden.

  2. AOC is the dumbest human being on the earth Earth in here is so one-sided for genuinely what genuinely went on in this trial it's unheard of how biased our media is we salvage no longer dwell in a free nation anymore

  3. It’s disappointing that of us like AOC salvage gotten more boring and reputedly incapable of analytical pondering or even comprehension .. is she genuinely competent to be in congress? Is she who persons are relying on to figure out strategies to legislate our nationwide vitality protection? She doesn’t even know after so a protracted time that the pc is precise???? We’re in anguish

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