Companies pledge to develop E.V. charging stations throughout U.S.


The White House's supercharging plans to Electrify American roads the goal is to make it a little less stressful when looking for a place to charge your electric cars on a road trip now right now the White House estimates there are a hundred and thirty thousand charging stations in the country and the aim is to grow that to a half a million by the.

End of the decade Biden wants to do it with billions of dollars from the bipartisan infrastructure deal passed the last year and to get that done the White House is working with automakers today Tesla committed to opening 7 500 Chargers to cars made by other companies and General Motors and Ford have also made similar promises now there are some.

States that already have a lot of this infrastructure in place here in California you can drive from San Francisco to San Diego and never have to worry about finding a charge but what about States like Texas NBC's technology correspondent Jake Ward took an EV road trip from Houston to Austin and about halfway through he nearly ran out of.

Juice our final option one random charger at this antique dealer's DIY Hotel oh man this is literally my last chance I do not have the mileage to get to Austin we just barely made it here and right now that is the story of driving an EV long distances across so much of America and joining us now is NBC correspondent.

Jake Ward so Jake what's your sense of where the country stands on these charges right now how much of the infrastructure is there and how much still needs to be done well you put the numbers up earlier Gotti and they are really pretty jarring right 130 000 is what we've got right now as I experienced a lot of those.

Don't actually work or work too slowly to be practical they need about five hundred thousand uh by 2030 according to the Biden administration's goals but here's the thing when we talk to private experts they say we need in this country especially in cities anywhere from 1.3 to 1.5 million of these if about 50 percent of the cars and trucks on the.

Road are really going to go electric which is another big goal to buy Administration so we are a long way from where we need to be is 7.5 billion dollars to to Electrify American roads exactly what are these companies going to get is that money to build uh some of these new charging stations is that money for some of the.

Charging stations that may already exist like in the case of Tesla well that's right I mean you're both looking at direct infusions of cash and also the sort of secondary effects that you'll get when more and more and more people are driving EVS when more and more Chargers are funded and put in it means that there's just going to be a.

Greater Market a bigger demand I mean you're talking about the likes of GM Ford and of course Tesla along with the charging makers companies like chargepoint that all stand a benefit I mean you have to think here Gotti right back in the day trying to turn the gasoline Supply into a real industry took generations and what we're looking.

At here is the byte Administration trying to take this and turn it into a viable industry more or less overnight and one of the things that a lot of people can empathize with if they have an EV is that that range anxiety that you get it's like your cell phone when your cell phone's at one percent uh what can you tell us about the requirements.

For these new Chargers do they need to be spaced at a specific uh mile apart or is this going to be something up to the automakers and up to the industry well what's so interesting is you know when we did that uh story and took that road trip across both California and Texas I got a lot of grief from people who said you know if you just drove a.

Tesla you wouldn't have that problem because Tesla has one of the most mature networks out there but the thing is you can't at the moment use a Tesla charger unless you drive a Tesla and that's why these new electric car charging standards are so interesting if you do receive or benefit from federally funded projects then you got to use a.

Standardized plug this may be dating me but right this is sort of the old you know Blu-ray DVD you know or beta VHS debate it's going to settle that once and for all they've all got to be a standard size and that is a very big deal they also have to have a minimum number of fast charges you can't have these slow Chargers out in the middle of.

Nowhere which is the kind that I was trying to get uh you know to Austin uh using and there's going to be all sorts of uh you know new standards around needing to be built in the United States and more so we're really seeing again a trying to sort of Fast Track what has been a very ad hoc process into an organized American infrastructure like.

We've never seen before next time I see you in person you'll have to ask me about the time I had a Tesla ran out of juice across the street from a Tesla dealership and had to get a a tow across the street it was horrible thanks so much Jake thanks for watching our YouTube channel follow today's top stories and breaking.

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  1. It’s restful Tesla Superchargers vs other EV chargers. It’s unprecedented more uncomplicated to favor an EV road time out in a tesla, because they’ve attain extra chargers, and they work extra in general than now not. It’s a straightforward bolt and payment system. EA after all must restful proceed to work on adapting this. I have faith it’s extra charging scare than fluctuate scare. You already know the scheme unprecedented fluctuate which that you just might perchance perhaps moreover possess, nonetheless can’t alway depend upon the chargers themselves.

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