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Four thousand it's a small Kentucky college has transformed into the epicenter for prayer and worship overwhelming the town of Wilmore for a modern day Revival an American Revival stem back to the mid 1700s when the first Great Awakening was held where people were searching for a spiritual breakthrough news nation's Nancy Liu.

Joins us live now in Wilmore Kentucky Nancy the Revival itself is over but the worship certainly is not not at all and it's hoped that more worshiping will happen elsewhere school officials here are trying to get things back to normal on campus after an extraordinary past two weeks however you can see Asbury Revival continues.

God never meant for us to hold this forever the sign of a Revival is that it spreads to the Nations and we're already seeing that as inspiration from Asbury continues to spread massive crowds have cleared from th is campus but the residual dilemmas that people keep coming from near and far we want them to.

Feel welcomed and loved and to be prayed for and to be able to worship together so we're working around the clock as we speak to to locate a place that's right here in the Central Kentucky area where people can come David Rouse rolled into Wilmore today after a 10-hour drive from North Carolina and he also his friends still on the way but as Berry only has.

One more public worship plan for tonight and it's just for young people under 25. I'm just excited for the young kids even if I can't get in the doors right there uh tonight uh it is what it is at the height of the 13 days of worship last week crowds swelled to at least twelve thousand that's about double the population of Wilmore where.

There's not a single hotel and it's few restaurants were running out of food I tell you it's just blessed everybody it was February of 1970 when another Asbury Revival stretched for an historic six days the religious revivals in America actually date back centuries revivals are in some ways the most unique dimension of American religion that you.

Could you could have historian Colin Hansen has been tracking revivals noting they can now be followed in real time due to technology and social media after Asbury there's New Hope in the ripple effect that's why they're called revivals otherwise they would just be regular meetings so it remains to be seen which sort of Direction the spirit.

Will blow here at Asbury and elsewhere around the world and this is the line for that upcoming gen Z service of course today is Fat Tuesday lent starts tomorrow and then there's a National Collegiate Day of Prayer on Thursday officials hear stress that finding faith and reconnecting does not require travel anywhere Nicole all.

Right Nancy Lou live in Kentucky thank you thank you for watching go to to find news Nation on your television provider and don't forget to click the red subscribe button below to get more of news nation's fact-driven unbiased coverage

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