CNN asks Fauci about Elon Musk’s name for him to be prosecuted


welcome back everybody Dr Anthony fauci who's lashing back kind of at Republicans and Elon Musk for calling on him to be prosecuted watch what he said over the weekend and there's no response to that craziness Jim I mean prosecute me for what what are they talking about I mean.

I wish I could figure out what the heck they were talking about I think they're just going off the deep end really here to react is Iowa congresswoman and member of the House coronavirus subcommittee marionette Miller Meeks congresswoman what are you talking about maybe prosecute is a little extreme but he sees no I he seems.

To have no idea why people seem to be upset with him well that's the craziness of all of it yeah it's not crazy to think that the American people think that he misled them that he knew more than he was willing to tell and certainly he withheld information from Congress and from the American people you know what's.

I think most striking is his lack of humility in his arrogance in the clip you played when he was talking to Jim Costa it reminded me of President Clinton and it depends on what the definition of is is um this may have not been bioterrorism or a bio weapon but certainly our oversight hearings have showed that the.

Virus emanated from a lab in the Wuhan Institute of virology we also know that it's possible he lied under oath especially with Senator Rand Paul when he said that there was no funding we know that uh from emails we have it thread we have receipts that there was indirect funding to the Wuhan Institute of virology from the NIH so it's.

Certainly not off the deep end that the American people want him held accountable and that's what our oversight hearings are going to do so yeah Robert Redfield say he was locked out of certain meetings as CDC director because he wouldn't March in lockstep with the people that thought the origins were from a uh from a bat now uh and uh.

Out in a wet Market he says that absolutely didn't occur and it's unfortunate that Robert Redfield said that really the other thing is here we go here is the Nuance of Anthony fauci he's saying okay I think it did I didn't say it came from a lab but I didn't say it didn't come from a lab but I do think it came from all these data shows him it.

Came from a natural occurrence mean a bat in a wet market now listen to what he's doing listen close a lab leak could be that someone was out in the wild maybe looking for different types of viruses and bats got infected went into a lab and was being studied in the lab and then it came out of the lab but if that's the definition of a lab.

Leak Jim then that still is a natural occurrence wow you see what he's doing he's doing the same thing as we've heard again and again and it's why he's mistrusted by the American people you know um in our hearing that we had last week it uh we have again the receipts that he was one of the authors and the.

Genesis for the uh proximal Origins uh and that you know he didn't take any uh ownership of that no authorship of that we know that from scientific journals I've been published in peer-reviewed journals they're supposed to be disclosure Financial disclosure any conflicts of interest but we know key pushed that along with Dr Collins in.

Order to off suitcase you know obscure and suppress that this came from a lab league so this is just nonsense and again it's extraordinarily important that we know the origins I said this after our first hearing that we had on Origins back in uh June of 2001 and the reason we need to know is that the International Community we need.

To know what kind of research is being done on gain a function research was prohibited then the NIH released their rescinded their prohibition uh you know do are they trying to hide this because there was indirect funding of gain and function research was there personal financial gain do they feel complicit uh that they allowed a type of research.

That may have laid uh led to the virus becoming more contagious and more easily transmitted in humans so we need to know about lab safety there was not proper oversight by NIH or by Eco health of this Laboratory um uh we there wasn't disclosure when they knew that the virus was contagious and there was human to human.

Transmission so we need to know those things and that's why it's important that we know the origins and why we have these oversight hearings to hold Dr fauci accountable right let's just call him he says he hasn't been called yet the other thing remember I didn't shut down schools really okay he didn't uh he didn't talk about masking he always has.

A way of getting out of things and hopefully held accountable eventually uh thanks so much congresswoman appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis

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  1. The virus used to be clearly manipulated by gleaming beings (perhaps no morals) however knows strategies to splice & dice cells, viruses, genetic & molecular presents. Is moreover selfishly wise enough to patient vaccines for the monsters they make. Yes sue the heck out of him

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