Chinese language spy balloon became bigger than the Statue of Liberty, Pentagon says


The defense department says the Chinese spy balloon shot down over the weekend was taller than the Statue of Liberty the Pentagon is now analyzing the debris from this manx of balloon which mainly fell into the Atlantic Ocean take a look at this video it appears to show remains recovered by the Navy the White House says at least three other surveillance.

Balloons flew over U.S territory during the Trump Administration that was discovered after former president Trump left the White House retired Air Force Colonel Scott Kane is with us now Colonel thanks for being here so talk to us about the meticulous process that the Navy has to go through now when recovering the remains of this balloon.

And what they're hoping to learn well first of all Elena thanks for having me on um this the process is is very like a a process where if we had a mishap with an aircraft and it it was uh it crashed in the ocean they would they would recover the aircraft in the same manner they would go through.

Every inch of the uh the debris field underneath and they would pick up every piece and you could more or less put it all back together uh generally we would put an airplane back together in a hangar and so that we could analyze all the pieces and parts and see what what went wrong with the the crash well in this case we know how why it was it was.

Shot down however the the process will allow you to configure the uh the balloon and the payload to see what's what was in it and what the different senses sensors available were so that we could analyze and get intelligence from it there were so many uh questions this entire incident raises with me and I'm curious what you wonder because it's not.

Just this single balloon apparently that has floated from China over the states there's a disclosure that this happened during the Trump Administration but for some reason it wasn't disclosed to members of Congress or to the public until after president Trump left the white house can you just give us some insight into how that could possibly be.

Accur ate that something so big um so obvious could go undetected or at least not be disclosed considering the stakes here well Errol that uh that's a an interesting question because when we uh we do uh surveillance generally we're looking for something and we know where we're.

Looking and we're knowing what we're looking for so if we have never had a balloon that we're trying to find before then it's we're not exactly looking for it it's kind of like the the find Waldo book where you're trying to find Waldo well if if you if you don't know what you're looking for then it's really hard to find it the radar cross section of.

That balloon is is quite small as I understand it so you know it's like looking for a bird out there and you're not even actually looking for the bird so you know you can see how um when your your sensors are looking for particular aircraft or speeds of aircraft or or different things in the sky and this is something you you don't.

Have in your wheelhouse to look for then it becomes it's easy to bypass the signals um and and so in this case I suspect that's what happened now certainly there's it raises a lot of questions with how we are looking for things and and what what the things we will we should be looking for in the future are.

And that's that's kind of the nature of warfare is that you're you you come up with a defense for for your adversary and then they they modify what they're going to do to attack you in the in this manner we're talking about Gathering and intelligence and how do they do it and so that my guess is the Chinese have have been testing this technique and to.

See how well it's going to work and they've discovered that that it actually worked fairly well until we just we've we found them and now we're going to modify our processes and procedures and to close that uh that domain Gap that General van Hur talks about and uh to ensure that we're looking for this kind of adversary Colonel when asked if the.

Balloon would impact U.S China relations President Biden said no is that a public diplomatic response that differs from what's actually going to be happening behind the scenes well I suspect it's uh it's a little of both you know the there's a back and forth with the Chinese you know as you know it's a it's an interesting.

Relationship the Chinese have thousands of years of history in a deep part of their history is deception and intelligence gathering and and the ability to negotiate uh based on what they what they know and what they they find and so um from that perspective it's really no different than in the past they they try.

To deceive us and then we figure out how to negotiate based on that deception um but on the other hand this is certainly a an event that has caused us distrust additional distrust and so it will probably um ice the relationship a little bit in the short term but then once again we will we will likely go back to the same.

Negotiating tactics that we have in the past all right Colonel Scott Kane thank you so much for joining us thank you Colonel thank you

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