Chinese language seek for balloon shot down by U.S. off the Carolina soar


Uh we're taking a look at images of the Chinese spy balloon that were spotted over the Carolina coast we have now learned just in the last uh 10 minutes or so that that spy balloon has in fact been shot down over the Carolina coast it seems as if in the Atlantic Ocean and we're getting word now from U.S officials.

That they are currently Gathering up that debris or attempting to gather up that debris and as I've had conversations with General Twitty along with Mark polymeropolis and our own dandeluz over the last hour or so the likelihood is for our own intelligence gathering to be happening here when it comes to that debris and what they can.

Really kind of glean from this Chinese spy balloon we're going to be learning more over the next couple of hours as we learn how this operation actually went down really and what China's intentions were and the timing of course of all this as we've talked about this diplomatic dance happening um overseas I want to bring back in if.

We can to the conversation Dan deluce um who is standing by for us and has been following this story Dan if you will kind of bring us up to date on what we've been learning so far now of course is breaking news at this spy balloon has in fact been shot down yeah so we've really seen uh the end of at least this this uh episode this.

Chapter of the episode since we learned that a Chinese surveillance balloon according to the Pentagon was spotted floating over U.S Aerospace uh we first learned about it when it was over in Montana it made its way uh through the continental U.S through the Heartland uh over Missouri ended up in North Carolina and South Carolina today then uh over.

The Atlantic Ocean the U.S has downed this uh balloon and as as you said they are now trying to recover whatever debris they can and to exploit whatever equipment they can retrieve Anthony blinken the Secretary of State postponed a really important significant visit to China yesterday after this whole balloon episode came about so it's obviously.

Aggravated tensions between the two countries we should add that according to China they say this was a harm endless weather a balloon and not a spy Airship the Pentagon rejects that characterization I think there's a really a one there are many questions here one of which is what we don't know about what the Chinese have been doing.

Prior to this are there other instances of similar balloons in and around North America the United States or possibly drones what have the Chinese been up to and maybe the intelligence Community knows but they haven't shared that with the public because it's classified so I think I think there's going to be a lot of activity around the Senate.

Intelligence Committee in coming days foreign

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