Chinese ‘gape balloon’ spotted flying over Missouri, Illinois


So the balloon is maneuverable clearly it's in it's violated U.S airspace uh and again we've communicated that fact to the PRC that controversial suspected Chinese spy balloon seen across the Bi-State this afternoon good evening I'm Brent Solomon China claims the balloon is a civilian Airship used for weather research that was blown off course the.

U.S Department of Defense says it is monitoring it closely tonight Robert Townsend with local reaction play what can we really do this is kind of strange strange or not the big suspected Chinese spy balloon now moving across the U.S has captivated the world and balloon Watchers across St Louis well I'd be a little concerned about it.

From South St Louis O'Fallon Missouri to Washington Missouri plenty of people snapped cell phone photos of China's balloon that's reportedly the size of three buses Chinese officials insisters civilian Airship is used for weather research blown off course and not a threat to the U.S yeah there's lots of things to be suspicious about but all we.

Could do is be our good little selves and carry on until we got something bigger to worry about I'm on the fence on that one I don't know that I really truly believe it several Missouri lawmakers also aren't buying all the Ballyhoo about China's big balloon Republican Josh Hawley tweeted shoot it down it's easy to shoot down it's a.

Weather balloon until we know a little bit bit more I wouldn't I wouldn't want to shoot it down what is clear U.S officials are debating what to do about the controversial balloon I made clear that the presence of this surveillance balloon in U.S airspace is a clear violation of U.S sovereignty and international law the Pentagon says it's.

Tracking the balloons every move oh nothing to worry about if the pentagon's all over it something's in the air we rode around on both sides of the river trying to keep an eye out for the Chinese balloon but the only bright white circular thing we saw on this Friday was this thing the moon Robert Townsend five on your side and tonight.

Noah says the suspected spy balloon is heading toward the Carolinas earlier the Pentagon reported a second Chinese surveillance balloon flying over Latin America

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  1. Biden could well per chance restful were charged with treason. The balloon could well per chance restful were shot down when entering US air space. Who knows it could per chance have contained lethal virus/chemical weapon. Biden as commander in chief is a failure & he’ll get us killed in the future.

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