Chinese belief balloon shot down over the Atlantic Ocean


As we're watching this exclusive coverage of this Chinese spy balloon going down they are over Surfside Beach South Carolina if you could talk to us about what happened in terms of coordinating this to get to this point now General King well we've had all of our sensors watching this uh you know for some time.

And certainly our military capability that was going to be involved got alerted people have been planning it likely for a couple of days I'm assuming the president uh you know made a decision within the last 24 hours to take this out they they probably presented him with a number of options of where the best place to do it.

Certainly heading to the east coast which is considerably more populated than Montana was it was probably ruled out that they would do anything over land if they weren't willing to do it over Montana they're certainly not going to do it on the East coast of the United States or in transit to the east coast and they're taking advantage of.

Obviously doing this safely in terms of civilians and it's not a complicated operation I don't believe that for the United States military to to take a balloon moving at the speed it's moving at him and bring it down so the coordination to do that and the intelligence to bring all of that together is is not a major problem for.

Us at all it now can we recover the censor package that's going to be iffy uh given the size of this thing and how much it weighs but nonetheless we finally did what we should have done at the beginning remember this was approaching the United States over water it was approaching the Aleutian Islands.

Over water and we had plenty of opportunity to take it down then and that's when it should have happened we had to be tracking it from mainland China across the Pacific Ocean and we had plenty of warning to put together an operation that we are conducting now on the East Coast that should have been done there and by the way we have alert.

Aircraft in Alaska for the principal reasoning of a penetration coming largely from Russia and and that's why that aircraft are there and they would have been able to respond to this when it approached the United States and name of the Aleutian Islands now we're doing it on the back door when it's leaving the United States it's anti-climatic in.

That sense but it still sends a message to China uh that we're not gonna let you get away with this nonsense and hopefully uh when a diplomatic team gets back together uh with China we really put some cards on the table with them you said that collecting the data from this balloon will be tricky difficult.

Why do you say that well this is a very what's been described to us this is a very heavy object that's uh heading towards the ocean and obviously it's going to sink uh and the be able to recover it is problematic um but the the other point I'm trying to.

Make is is that we have got to look at how we're dealing with China short of conflict they're trying as an example in Taiwan they're trying to use persuasion to get the Taiwanese to to believe that uh reunification is inevitable they use an.

Intimidation and and coercion to get the Taiwanese to capitulate and what are we doing we're self-deterring ourselves from visiting uh the island properly from coordinating things properly from doing exercises with them on a comprehensive basis we've got to re-look that whole non-conflict strategy because I believe China is.

Winning the hybrid non-conflict strategy that they're using and we're not counterinted enough in a comprehensive way to make certain that the Chinese know you're going to pay a price for intimidation and coercion of Taiwan and this is just another step uh in the right direction for China that they were able to come over here and demonstrate.

To all of our allies and also our adversaries that they could actually fly a spy balloon across the entire swath of the United States and get away with it and be able to raise as they wanted to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch our nightly opens stories that are changing the world and changing your life from Tucker Carlson.


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  1. What if this balloon was as soon as spreading a virus? And the US didn't shoot it down till it crossed the US! China has accomplished it sooner than. COVID 2.2. All shot down above water. Chemical wrestle is frowned upon, nevertheless what are the guidelines for germ wrestle?

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