China’s population shrinks for the most foremost time for the explanation that 1960s


China's first population decline in 60 years is our money lead today. Newly released government data shows the birth rate at a record low The fewest babies born last year since the founding of communist China in 1949. This demographic data follows a U.N.

Report that shows India is set to surpass China as the world's most populous country this year. CNN's Richard Quest is at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. And Richard, this could have huge implications for China's economy.

Oh, for everyone's economy, Jake, because the first question we've got to ask is can we trust the numbers? And I don't mean have they understated them. I mean, has the Chinese population actually been falling.

For longer than they're prepared to admit now? Has this been going back for some years? And now you extrapolate out, you're talking about health, education, pensions, the ability of the Chinese to support an older population at a time when the working population.

Isn't an engine of economic growth. The ramifications of this because now you're also looking at other countries, how will they have to respond with their own labor force? So it's really increasingly important, which is why here at Davos today, the vice premier, Li, was here.

And he was putting on a very different show for him. It was all about China opening up quota. We must always promote around opening up through a kind of shifting order, given opening up as a basic state policy.

Guy, as a catalyst of reform and development in China, as a key driver of economic progress. You attack China's door to the outside world will only open wider Now you try and square that circle from what he just said. With the policies.

We've seen out of China, over the last 12 months, 24 months, and you realize that China is now starting to understand the economic pickle that they're in And Richard, changes in China's.

Economy, of course, have a global impact, as you noted. That's a big topic there in Davos this week. Absolutely. Because the difficulties that the global economy at the moment are facing are so enormous. They felt that people haven't come here.

To Davos to settle or solve anything. The big issues are underway. For instance, interest rates, the Fed's done its work. The medicines working through the patient, you look at Ukraine. More goods are being sent. More weapons are being sent.

The big issue of whether to send tanks and whether Germany will allow that and what the US will again. You talk about population, demographics, health, education, and you cannot ignore, Jake, the 1.4 billion people in China, all of whom as soon as the numbers get slower,.

Get lower, get more difficult. China has to work out what to do next. All right. Richard Quest in Davos, Switzerland, for us. Thank you so much.

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  1. Why destroy you continue to dispute lies. China’s inhabitants declined since the authorities killed that many. Why don’t you focus on relating to the Chinese language authorities in a unbiased manner. They are murdering thugs. Legend that for a metamorphosis.

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